2019 Audi A8 - INTERIOR

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GommeBlog.it: Car & Performance : Like The Audi A8 's Interior?

juan luis Valenciaga : When you finally learn to use all the functions well....the car is out of fashion.

Abdullah Ahmed : you forgot the cup holder

nice lady : too damn fancy for me!!!! i feel like if the internet was down you wouldnt be able to drive that computer.

YouTube Police : Why do I watch these knowing I'll never afford them?..

BlackPanda 777 : You will be mine baby 2050 price 1000€

Alpha - Vader1 : 1:53 when the passenger annoys you. Just tap the " snap the neck button".

Ahmad Rasheed : Where is the bedroom and bathroom in it ?

Avongard : That's not even a car anymore.

Schnitzel : Yo I got 40 bucks Audi, is that enough?

shubham yadav : Is der any toilet in the car?

Unknown One : I hope that car is water proof

Bill Kendich : This level of automation and electronics makes modern cars practically unserviceable after warranty expires.

ChiChi : I don't even want to know how much it costs

Instagram Funnies : Stop making people lazy

Clockmak3r publictruth : German engineering. ❤️👏 Love when electronics and mechanical engineering come together... The future looks comfortable.

Mike Dune a : La Fiat è morta!

Charles M. : The input lag on the map navigation though

helenevienna : Audi, your cars can't even play music from a USB stick correctly. Why would I trust all this new technology in a damn car? It is very distracting by the way, all those buttons, especially when something doesn't work.

Song Hong : It’s only good when it works. Too much electronic touch screen. I don’t like it .

Jordan Nim : The back looks like shit, I like how theirs technology build in with it but what happens if your stranded on the middle of nowhere with bad connection and your car is computer built, you will probably end up breaking a leg getting a tow truck because if something goes wrong the whole car needs to be reset, and it will not turn on. You take battery out you have to reset and while it needs that u need to go dealship and none near by and everything turns in a problem.

God Vegito : I’ll buy it in 5 years for less that half of what it costs today.

Bobby Green : I still prefer most of physical buttons instead touch.. It's easy to control anything while driving.. Avoid accident collision..touch screen offers you necessary to take a look controlling system if you properly ordered

Paul Scotsman : Audi bringt halt die Zukunft in Serie

Nicholas Orr : 4:30 dude teeth is jacked up.

NADA _M : 1:56 when the passenger is very annoying 🌝

Mark Wassy : Probability of something in that car breaking? HUGE! Too much electronics, screens, devices, mechanisms... Shocking fact: the person buying this car will not have time at all to try all the fancy crazy things.

BJ JR : ...but can it fly tho? 🤔

Metin Erol : İnsan bir segi yapacagi zaman en iyisini yap mali bunun gibi

William Fenna : This is mind blowing! 🤯

Gregory Wright : Nice asf no drinks in the car type of deal

Jeremy Bui : Lol maintenance recalled every two months

vierijuve : Hemen bizim mersolari satalim milletvekillerine bakanlara bundan alalim ayak masaji onemli

Mx Mre : Great, now you can waste thousands of dollars on a crappy touchscreen..... I prefer a car without electronics and then attach my iPad. I can always update my iPad. Those electronics are already sluggish and old

Anahi Garcia : What's that song/ instrumental called, when it starts?

a n u nah : Five years an electrical disaster

AdrianJayeOnline : so when the car is in an accident you can snap your leg's when your stretched out, it's not an AIRPLANE, it's a car

helenevienna : More screens... more useless crap... but no built in dashcams front and back? What is the point of all this technology in the car then?

Ara Tieties : Audi is up there with the rest CAR OF THE YEAR

Dennis : The new Mafia car👌👑

travel360 dot blog : impresive car for long dinstances ! what do you think ?

Martyn Dyson : What are the odds they put that fragrance gadget in there in case your boss has got smelly feet when he's getting his sweaty feet massaged 3 feet from the drivers nose! God help the driver if his boss has trench foot because a couple of sprays of summer ain't gonna do jack shit!!!

Ludson Play : Um carro completo nada é d+ nem d- parabéns Audi

Justice Egwabor : Funny tin is.... The people who can afford these cars dont watch dese videos......

Faizan Rais : I don't like cars I will buy helicopter...

Pally Crawler : Remember that party we were at where you jerked those two dudes off like crazy? Dude, you were wasted...

Mohammad Arsad : Nice Audi car

Sam Spade : Too much electronic gear.. distraction for drivers... A motorway pile up waiting to happen Declutter the instrument panel and put real knobs and buttons too

GlassBox : All the negative comments ignore this: this car is not intended for the owner to drive it. It's for important executives laying in the back with a professional driver on control. You're not intended to drive it nor understand it. If you or your company but this car for you, you just don't care how it works. You have better things to do. You probably do drive a more standard A6 or a Q7.

LASERBLAST 1978 : ich kann niemals kaufen 😔 aber ich kann gucken 😁, ein echt Kool Auto 😎. danke 👊