2019 Audi A8 - INTERIOR

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GommeBlog.it: Car & Performance : Like The Audi A8 's Interior?

BlackPanda 777 : You will be mine baby 2050 price 1000€

zow seif : You need to stop a car so as to concentrate on switching something on.

LOPEZplayz : We all know what’s coming... *INTENSE WALMART GROCERY SHOPPING*

Cinci Hoca Tuncer Ve Palu Ailesi : Türkler burdamı 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

Deepika Sweety : I want to own this Company 👊👊👊

nice lady : too damn fancy for me!!!! i feel like if the internet was down you wouldnt be able to drive that computer.

SILA ERGAN : En güzel arac

BJ JR : ...but can it fly tho? 🤔

꧁HENRIQUE꧂ : Esse dai nem o felipe neto vai poder comprar

sharedremedy : “It’s just so ORGANIC” what are you even saying!?

Alpha - Vader1 : 1:53 when the passenger annoys you. Just tap the " snap the neck button".

ChiChi : I don't even want to know how much it costs

STO Gaming : Like the dream come true ❤

borsuk adam : You will probably call me a lier...but I have that Audi...and I like it a lot.

d kch : Можливо і в Україні, почнуть виробляти круті тачки! Хочаб щоб їздили

Ahmad Rasheed : Where is the bedroom and bathroom in it ?

LBL MUSIC : Bizim Allahımız var

milind mane : Iske baal safed Ho Gaye karidne keliye🤣🤣😂

komal singh : Nice

Abdul Naved : Tell me price of Audi A8

YouTube Police : Why do I watch these knowing I'll never afford them?..

Boozer2002 : Cool features, but unnecessary. We all know that most of us will not take advantage of these features or use them, just like smartphones.

Babita Sharma : Osm the car is very nice

F A W A D S W A T I : 14,056,590 Pkr Are You Kidding 😱

Dennis Vu : Rather get a Corolla thug Life

juan luis Valenciaga : When you finally learn to use all the functions well....the car is out of fashion.

Joel Guerrero : Viendolo ese audi tu ve un orgasmo

LIFE LINE : Malayalikal illatha sthalamilla athukondu choikkyaa ....ARE YOU MALAYALI?☺☺👍👍

Martin Arellano : Alguien me puede decir que es lo del 2:57 gracias

TUX- -TER : M-Musze je miec 😨😨😨 👍👍👍

Abdullah Ahmed : you forgot the cup holder

Rayyan Al-Dosari : A lot of unnecessary mechanism

Kabita Agarwal : We can play pubg on it

David King CT RIAL G4 : Prefiero a los Mercedes Benz

Jack Tester : Für A8 zu billig!

Mx Mre : Great, now you can waste thousands of dollars on a crappy touchscreen..... I prefer a car without electronics and then attach my iPad. I can always update my iPad. Those electronics are already sluggish and old

King of the Desert : 4:03 after 4 months it won’t

Game user : 華而不實的設計一大堆,這是專為殘障人士設計的嗎? 手機主控權才是主流, 不是車裡面的人機介面, 懂嗎?

The Techno Killer : Is this official? Or Fan-made?

narzan q : Nothing special seriously! just the camera that scan the street, allll these accessories not useful at all..

Avongard : That's not even a car anymore.

Efrain LOPES-CARABALLO : At least i can say i drove one.

The Leaguer Yi : *Intelligent Car* *Soon Smart cars*

Tommy Robinson : What about the low spec???

Sergio Moreno : Excellent!!!

Song Hong : It’s only good when it works. Too much electronic touch screen. I don’t like it .

Asanka Asanka : It's a dream.

Truc Linh Vo : I love Audi 🤑🤑🤑

LASERBLAST 1978 : ich kann niemals kaufen 😔 aber ich kann gucken 😁, ein echt Kool Auto 😎. danke 👊