Man brings pizza to teen’s house, meets Chris Hansen instead
Child predator gets caught offers pizza to authorities

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A Boston man drives two and a half hours to Connecticut to bring pizza to a 13-year-old girl, and meets Chris Hansen instead.


Scottie Sippen : Boi eating that pizza because he knows that jail food ain’t gonna be the same

Way Waters : Nobody: Chris hansen: You said u want to blank your blank all over her blanking blink

StrenuousOrb : Imagine being that actress having to smile and giggle at this pervert 🤮

Ricky Hadou : wHy Is ThAt sO HaRd tO bElIve ? BECAUSE YOU’RE 44

Daniel : He started eating the pizza because he knew it might be his last slice for a longggg time

FrequencyOo : The fact that he’s eating his pizza triggers Chris so hard 😂😂😂

Raymond McGinnis : That dude should goto jail for pairing pizza with orange juice.

Pistachiio :3 : This guy chewing aloud should be enough to give him the death sentence

Tamala Kakusa : He takes stress eating to a whole new level😹

Daniel Ivan : Not only did he get exposed for being a child predator but now everyone know he got small meat😂

Alana Castañeda-Moats : 90% of comments: OMG THE PIZZA LOOKS SOO GOOD!!!! 9% of comments: WOW ITS JIMMY KIMMEL! 1% of comments: HE DESERVES TO BE IN JAIL.

Buddyd : I wish once Chris would walk out and be like "surprise motha-fucka"

Perennial : goes in for the hug Girl dodges it *DESTRUCTION 100*

M Loftin : Do u have pretty feet? Lol. Yeah I don't have homeless feet.

Dirty Wash : Are you her dad? Boy you would be dead before you got to eat your pizza

Eatmy Soap_69 : Mum can we have a Jimmy Kimmel Mum: we have a Jimmy Kimmel at home Jimmy Kimmel at home:

Spark Space : He should've said "it was a prank bro"

GamingBuzz1 : I swear I come back to watch this episode a couple times a year lmaooo

Devan Burkhart : The arrogance of this man is honestly frustrating and that pizza looks absolutely delicious Plot twist he was found not guilty but the pizza was taken in for questioning

Deadpool : "I wasn't planning on having sex." X - DOUBT

Brunette Tn : Legend says he is still eating that Pizza to this day

paris : she’s so nervous ugh i cant believe she had to smile at this rat

teemspeek : "Sokol probably should've brought napkins"

SpeedySnake : 90% of the comments: *This pizza looking hella good.* The other 10%: *Jimmy Kimmel didn't age well.*

MIa Johnson : Just his hairline alone deserves a life sentence

ken wesaw : Do I seem like a dirty dishonest person - HELL YEAH !

TheIceLurker : "And you were going to marry a 12 year old girl?" "Officer, she was 14...."

Keys Nurys : Sokol is late because "his pipes sprung a leak". Right 🤣🤣😭

Chris Ramirez : He looks like a broke Jimmy Kimmel

PandemicArt : All my attention is focused on the pizza..... wondering how’s the cheese, the temperature, and where to get one in 1 am......

Bryan Bradley : When you look up Planet Pizza in Fairfield CT, Jeff’s pic is on there. Epic. 🤣

dylhan flores : Once the police the left the house the camera crew crush the pizza and wings.

Cordale Smith : Chris Hansen: *Gets pulled over for speeding* Cop: Do you have any idea what you were doing? Step out the Car. Chris Hansen: I wanna know a little bit about you first. Step inside. Cop: *:O*

Émilie Lamarsaude : “and guess what jeff? you showed up.” BOOM

Rowley Jefferson : ah damn. her smile was so nice, little did he know HE WAS GOING TO PRISONNNNN

Barry 98 : Yes the pizza looks good Yes he looks like Kimmel Moving on......

Deeveeaar : "the pizza was put in the trunk" in dieing xD

Nathanael R : Every time you feel bad about yourself just know you’re not this guy

Lydia Lerma : OMG that 19-year old does look like a teenager! I'm glad she's using her youthfulness to catch these disgusting beasts.

Jesse Jesse : Never trust a guy who eats pizza in half like that 😂

Bitcoin Master : Guy actually sounds pissed that Chris cockblocked him. WTF???????

JTundra : The comments are all about where the pizza came from LMAO im done

Vitex : This new lyft commercial is weird

Jordan Gladney : "do I look like a dirty dishonest person to you?" "......yes, mfr, you do!"

Corpse Bride : “Are you her dad?” Boi you’re so lucky it isn’t her real dad. If it was my dad, this perv would be bleeding out on the floor😂

ozz : This guy us a true predator and should be locked up and watched for life. Hes dangerous

mark villio : You know you're a failure when you go to college for a degree in management.

seaseatv : Just once I want Chris to say” why are you in my house messing with my daughter? and then laugh and say just kidding you’re going to jail.

Pump Too Brazy : He built like that neighbor across the street that always wears socks and sandal with a visor