Man brings pizza to teen’s house, meets Chris Hansen instead

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TheLoverboyy : Never expected this from Jimmy Kimmel...

Chris Christopher : I'm going to start pretending to be a 13 yr old girl just so I can get creepy pervs to bring pizza and other treats. Doubt they'll wanna stick around long once they find out my name is Chris.

Queen Fettuccine : Wow mukbang videos are getting dramatic these days

negroamigo99 : If we being honest, that pizza looks REALLY good.

J McC : Love how the dude is giggling, eating a pizza, thinking he's untouchable......and then goes to jail ahhahahaha, now your gettin touched pedo

Flossy Carter : How Chris didn't eat a slice of pizza is the level of self control I wish to obtain.

Wild Joy : The guy eat that pizza cos he knew it was the last time he was going to have it lol.

Un Known : Do I seem like a dirty, dishonest honest person to you?! Yes

Andreas Giulio : "Does size matter?" "The small pizza is almost as big as the large one"

matti maranda : "We talked about having sex but that doesn't mean I was going to...tonight..." HA!!!

Tacomaholic : Can we get an update on what happened to the rest of that pizza?

ArSalaN : He was worried of a 13 year old judging his penis size!! “I’m not that big but I kno how to satisfy a girl” 😂😂😂😂

Silent Wolves-Thenu2004 *_* : Lol, I wonder why these adults think we use "lol" all the time

Janet Snakehole : “Jeff thought he was going to eat pizza with a 13 year old girl. But it turns out, he had a different kind of ‘topping’ in mind” CHRIS YOU DIDN’T

Joseph Hughes : Watching this whole video has made me feel hungry for pizza now!!

Chris Fuller : He didn’t bring condoms Chris! He was gonna raw dog it

Dizzy Dellz : Girl untouched while the pizza got fondled.

Mario Beltran : Why does that pizza interestes me more than that video 😂

OG NP : He looks like Jimmy Kimmel and Laurence Fishburne fused together

C’est Moi : Lmao when Hansen walked out, he thought it was a threesome 😂😂😂

Terrance S : Shit I'm 31 and I own that shirt, and I like Pizza. FML.

Faded : I do indeed trim my *&^%?.

Grayson Malone : If he was black, he’d be Laurence Fishburne

Thought Frankly : his gappy teeth make him look goofy. he eats the pizza because he's hungry been driving for hours

Leighton Lee : This man is doing it right, he folding the pizza

Beige Frequency : The cringe when he went for the hug was too strong. I pulled away from my computer.

Marc-andre Lavictoire : That pizza looks good, full of cheese

Person A : ‘Should’ve brought napkins’ They don’t help

Wasi Haider : The guy looks like jimmy kimmle

Glenn Mcgollie : They need to do a show on female teachers banging lil boys but I forgot folks don’t take that seriously smh

Invading Minds : I don't have homeless feet 😂

LegionSlaughter : Lmao they threw lyft under the bus by admitting the guy worked with them. Pretty scary since my gf sometimes uses uber/lyft

Cynthia Meirah Voormeij : And the smuck keeps eating and drinking as if it's all fine/normal. One should just kill these bastards on the spot!

Astro Project : I bet he started to eat the pizza because a couple slices were laced with something. So he knew he better eat that shit fast

Ike Schlesinger : Nobody: Everyone in the comment section: damn that pizza tho

ya Boy Jonez : *13 year old has left the chat* "Hi I'm Chris Hansen." lol

ColdplayFan360 RollerCoasterFreak : This guy Chris Hansen is talking to is a creep

porridgesilt : “I don’t have homeless feet.” Daaaaaaamn, why you gotta kick them while they’re down?

William Fife : He make the pizza look bomb though

Bowen Zientek : What's this "19 year old theater student" getting out of this? "I'm Chris Hansen, and you can work for me, for exposure."

Big Daddy Toyota Corola : if you're driving 3 hours, you might as well go straight to the police station

BritishRunner : Long story short don’t spend money on a degree.

yz yzyzyz : shes got her bullet proof vest on!!!!!! REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

wdsd sds : 0:56 he looks like a homeless Robert Downey Jr

Jose Morales : Dang... Jimmy Kimmel really let him self go.

Mariam Ahmed : Wow Jimmy Kimmel did not age well 😂

Janet Snakehole : The sheer brazenness of that guy. He’s confronted about his plans to groom and sexually abuse a 13 year old ... but he just shrugs and starts pounding some ‘Za

Nikeita Misner : I just love how 9.5k ppl gave this a thumbs down....makes u wonder if they'd do the same thing or are on the sexual offender registry list already...!!!

Penguin Community : The decoys don’t just seem nervous - they seem terrified. Is it any wonder the predators get suspicious?

mmodnao : With his enormous gut, Hansen must have craved that pizza.