Man brings pizza to teen’s house, meets Chris Hansen instead

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Larry Becker Jr : they should do this show with older women.There are a ton of these teachers banging young boys....

DreDaGuy _ : Not even gone lie I woulda got a slice of pizza 😂

Sarah Jackson : Is this to catch a preditor or a pizza ad cuz that shit was looking right!!!

Evie Hart : That's what i call stress eating lol

Rob's Relics : Jimmy Kimmel's scummy brother!

TheLoverboyy : Never expected this from Jimmy Kimmel...

Bob Smith : WoW pizza ads are getting really elaborate nowadays

Justin Smith : That pizza looks delicious

Luwam Kidane : When he was 30 yrs old, she was not even born .... how creepy

frick you : You can see the fear coming from the girl. She looks actually terrified.

ya Boy Jonez : *13 year old has left the chat* "Hi I'm Chris Hansen." lol

mrlovestospooge86 : I’d be eating as much of that pizza as I could. He paid for it....

Slurpasaurus : we even put a microphone UNDER a leaf. We need more people like Chris Hansen in the world

Andrew Vidal : My mans looks like Jimmy Kimmel on crack

ItsFatima : “Do I seem like a dishonest dirty person?” Yes, yes you do

Chris Fuller : He didn’t bring condoms Chris! He was gonna raw dog it

woody Bunz : Damn Chris , did you really have to blast his viagra prescription 😂

Fabiola lopez de llergo : He ates the pizza cause he knew was going to be the last decent meal in a while

Samzterr : I dont blame him, she’s mad cute Someone is knocking on my door, hold up...

SHOOKETHNESS : I think Hansen is low key touched that someone offered him pizza lol

Invading Minds : I don't have homeless feet 😂

Yaboichris S : You know he’s eating that pizza like that cause he knows he’s boutta get locked up for life so he gettin them last bites in

PunkNDisorderlyGamer : Pedo: Has joined the chat Little girl: Has left the chat Chris Hanson: Has joined the chat Camera crew: Has joined the chat Police: Has joined the chat Pedo: Has left the chat

BrianHdez RandomVideos : i know he’s a sicko man but at least he didn’t get the pizza with pineapple🙌🏻

Secarah : 16:35 LOL The cops put his pizza in the trunk! Book the pizza!

Big Daddy Toyota Corola : if you're driving 3 hours, you might as well go straight to the police station

pasta in a mug : Half the comments are about jimmy kimmel and the other half are about the pizza

Steve Arce : Damn near 2019 and these Idiots do NOT know WHO Chris Hansen is?!

star dj : That poor pizza is now thrown into an interrogation room and shouted at by 3 officals. And after 2 hours the cop shouts....SAY SOMETHING!!!!

matt8863 : Imagine a woman (adult aged) finding this creep on a dating app now, and deciding to pursue him. Then finding this on her smartphone while waiting at a coffee shop to meet him. Lol.

Tacomaholic : Can we get an update on what happened to the rest of that pizza?

MrBlitzRD - : *plot twist:* Chris is actually the pedo and he’s framing them so he has all the *13 year olds* to *himself*

Dead Kennedy : Can i eat first? Lmao

Eric Mojica : It’s a good thing they told us they put the pizza in the trunk. Don’t forget about the most important piece of evidence.16:40

A'Bre House : I’m sorry I was laughing the whole time after Chris came out 😂😂😂

NameBran : lmao. "Sokol probably should have brought napkins". Thanks Chris.

JayIsCra : My mans is about to get the brain beat out of him if he goes to prison and the prisoners find out what he did R.I.P This Man

Jayden Pire : That pizza looks God damn delicious

Burger_Boi 752 : Im craving pizza now.

Brenjjrrjrjfy HDndhdhhrjrjrjrnbfhf : This is awkward asf

Versaucey : The title is something I would see in PornHub.

thisaintitchief : Damn, Jimmy Kimmel be wildin these days

j g : “Do I seem like a dishonest, dirty person?” Well...

Jeni Fierce : How do u not know who CHRIS HANSEN is bruh??

Lucas Petry : He is disgusting and that shirt is way too tight. Watching him eat the pizza made me want to vomit.

Mariam Ahmed : Wow Jimmy Kimmel did not age well 😂

RADIUM CLOCK : They should start using Black, Asian and Middle Eastern decoy's and watch the perv meter hit the max.

Xion Temoc : Probably the first pedo that can actually be hired for TV/movie roles for his character and calmness

splitshot71 : Why don’t they go after some of these lesbian predators they or abundant and praying on kids. Double standard.

RADIUM CLOCK : One of these days the decoy is going to have to accept the hug, and as careful and crafty as he was, he still got caught. The pipe situation was reality giving him a hint to stay home and break off contact with her.