Is Desmond Is Amazing Being Drugged?

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E. Buzz Miller : If progressives had their way, every kid would be a Desmond...this is the end result of their philosophy.

zeranzeran : His parents need to be put in Prison and he needs to be put with a new family.

Badman : Man...the demons are working full hours lateley.

knedit : Had a friend addicted to Xanax for a while, this kid is pilled out. Someone report this place.

Rocky Desert Flower : The music doesn't make it any more scary

Romantis Anon : Things will only get worse. Watch. This kind of behavior will very slowly start to leak out into the open.

Ness Earthbound : Desmond need help.

calo10able : Someone definitely take this kid away from his parents and get him physically and mentally healthy again and get checked for abuse of all kinds

Chris Hutchings : Michael you're done, you just don't know it yet...

preternatural : The print on his website doesn't form those letters, hell the font is significantly different. In this video, the font is the same as the image of the full word that is pulled up. The video section that is shown has a fixed camera, so it would be very easy to edit. If someone could point me to the source of the original video, I would great appreciate it

Team America : Holy shit. Hang the parents in Public

Sam Archer : Heart wrenching, that poor kid.

Red Mob : who the hell would let their child get so cozy with a guy that murdered and dismembered another human being?

Willie Gilligan : it only took me 50 seconds to figure this one out, look at his dad. And let me get this right, I can lose custody of my kid for letting him ride in the bed of a pickup but this kid getting a prescription for PrEP should be just fine. This is beyond sick & disgusting. Next he will be the posterboy for NAMBLA

Nathan Boyer : there is no question this child is being drugged. the antichrist spirit is stronger than ever. stay vigilant

Michael Haney : We tried to warn you about this stuff for decades but you laughed at us and called us Conspiracy Theorists. Well, you aren't laughing now, are you! This video *sickens* you? It should, but this is nothing compared to what's going to be disclosed. You cannot imagine the levels of depravity people like this are capable of and you will be disgusted and enraged at who else is involved in things like this. We're talking big names, important people in Hollywood, Wall Street, and Washington, DC. You should have listened.

Yesica Gomez : Where tf are his parents !!!

Hope : ROHYPN... (art on wall?) doesn't take much to see that the adults should be investigated. Youtube will spend more time looking for Q than for child exploitation

blue bird : Drugged child. Arrest these perverts, lock em up. The one on the left, Michael Alig, is a convicted killer.

George Washington : we're supposed to support the lgbt lads come on

P Sher : The Pizzagate pedos (and Podesta) were also obsessed with bizarre "art". I think it serves both as an advertisement to other perverts of their sick proclivities as well as a front for money laundering.

Frederik Pedersen : No, but he most likely being molested since homosexuals are very overrepresented in child predators statistics

FrozenExplosion : desmond might think he is amazing, but mark my words, there will be no future for this poor "club" kid, by the time he is 18 he will have had a lifetimes worth of abuse and drug addiction, all kinds of monsters will flock with so called good intentions and offers of stardom, with only one real motive.... and his parents are offering this poor kid on a silver platter, i mean come on, the person in this video has chopped up a body for starters!! why put your kid in the same vicinity as this monster with his rohypnol painting in the background.....?

John Oliver : That kid is more doped-up than Stormy Daniels was! Those eyes... my god! Then they admitted to it too! I noticed the kid's eyes when he didn't have makeup on... Brown sockets... sleep deprived from drugs... His parents are feeding him this shit! They need to be reported!

James Dicus : That guy on the left is named Allen, he was convicted of murdering a kid in 2001, a drag Queen kid no less. The parents obviously don't care enough to do any homework, it took me less than 2min to find out. They will enjoy the attention when he turns up missing, no doubt, this is not about some brainwashed kid, it's about them and the spotlight.

Loam Slice : These people should be arrested and shot.

Hud Maughan : This Is A Criminal Offence. When Will Charges Be Laid On These Sick Perverted Genetic malfunctioning Pedophiles . The International Court Of Crimes Will Be Notified. Why Does You Tube Promote And Support These Sick criminals and their disgusting crimes.

legin777 : So gotta say, this whole thimg is pretty goddamned weird. But i watched the actual interview and i think its the eylashes that are pulling his eyes down. Amd he answers a lot of questions pretty coherently. So while i definitely don't think his parents are in their right mind having these 2 around their kid. I don't think he's drugged.

Dabunny Rabbit : Woa I just read up on MA and Desmond shouldn't be anywhere near him. I fully support Desmond for his art, but not this.

Socratease : Desmond is the victim of PUBLIC CHILD GROOMING. They're attempting to set a precedent that it's okay to publicly abuse kids who "identify as X." All parties involved with this sick operation need to be put on trial.

Art Lady : Disgusting to bring a child into something that’s for adults . I have no problem with the adults doing what they want as long as they do their shit behind their doors but to pervert a child is disposable . His parents should have never had kids . I wouldn’t allow my ten year old daughter to wear a face full of makeup let alone go to a gay pride parade where most people shouldn’t go .

Annie P * Beauty Defying Age : l love Desmond

Lowlander 2004 : He looks kinda sedated/drugged in this grooming session...ops sorry I meant interview, this is so wrong and scary.....why are they being allowed to get away with this????

C. Kennedy : I've seen plenty of documentaries and excerpts pertaining to Alig: how any one would let a young child around him is incomprehensible. Pair that with his art work that was shown and this video becomes a major red flag..WTF!

Calvin Boole : WTF?

BobdW. : Cut this adults the balls off! Disgusting.

Ivan The Dude : in another clip on youtube mistitled "lactatia discusses ketamine" you will see this desmond kid make overt drug references mimicing doing bumps of k off youre hand. hes definitly around drugs.

eric miller : illuminati

Kathy Candelaria : DISQUSTING

Callie Gonads : This poor child.

eviltreemonster : This is child abuse. The parents need to be investigated by the police and by social services.

Trigg Clark : DAY OF THE ROPE? WHEN?

guarddog22 : I'm a gay man in the NYC area and I think the police needt o investigate this, seriously. Including investigating this kid's parents. So wrong in so many ways.

Adamguy2003 : @ 0:55- 0:58, "The pure"? The only way the word "Pure" could be applied to Michael Alig and his ilk would be to point out that they are pure evil. Desmond's parents are absolutely despicable to allow their son within 500 feet of this amoral monster.

Nova Lee : Wtf!? How can we help him!?

Iahel Cathartes Aura : YES! Desmond is clearly very drugged as heck. And we see the name of the date rape drug behind them!! And I speculate that the giant eyelashes he is wearing are simply there to cover up the Panda eyes effect that children get when they are forcibly sodomized, the pain is so excruciating the tiny blood vessels around their eyes burst and they get Panda eyes. That is what pedophiles love pandas, at least it's one reason. It is also sickeningly unspeakably horrifyingly sad.

intheshitter : Great parenting, letting their child hang out with a murderer and junkie...

Michelle Stevenson : There drugging that little boy right in front of us in the tea watch carefully please send this to FBI the host is a convicted murderer

Astro Girl Arts : Heartbreaking!! Poor child... 😢😢 his criminal parents deserve to lose custody of Desmond, they are obviously unfit to be parents!!

Austin Empower : Yall realize who that is on the left right? This guy is a convicted murderer.