Wyoming's Tom Lucas Making Sheep Horn Bows
Crafting sheep horn bows in the style of American Indians

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For over forty years Tom Lucas of Dubois, Wyoming has been making bows from the horns of mountain sheep. In this video he describes the process and his life philosophies. He received a 2014 Wyoming Governor's Arts Award for his work. In 2016, he mentored his son, Travis Lucas and in 2012 he mentored Richard Singer through the Wyoming Arts Council's Folk and Traditional Arts Mentoring Project grants program. WyomingArtsCouncil.org


chapiit08 : The only thing I don't like about this video is that it's too short. I could have watched and listened to this man for two hours without even noticing the time passing.

Charli’s Channel : I don't hunt or shoot bows but I'll be damned if I don't take a moment to learn what a master has to say, no matter his specialty.

Roman Hamm : 3:06 "anybody want an ice cream sandwitch"

P1STOL P. : beautiful bow..i love when old timers tell stories like this one..

Rockster969 : Old school. You can't buy that. Ya gotta learn it by living it. What an artisan, a national trasure.

Dan Carman : The son is missing his pointer finger and the father is missing part of his ring finger.... These guys are hardcore!

Stephen O'Brien : Wow, ..""Without the past were would I be?""....Simple and profound way to sum up a story. Good stuff! TY

Walter Johnson : His explanation as an expert is probably the same as you would receive from a master Bow maker of a thousand years ago. When he talks you hear history and truth

iLove Boxing and Baseball#16 : Love listening to the Knowledge the old possesses.

Aven 15 : anti vegan bow :D

Black Prince : Thanks Old timer, thanks for the life skills and your time..

Harry Ballzac : that's awesome, the sinew part reminds me of fiber glassing, the old school way. lol

Big Dog : Good luck to that chap. He is the kind that lifted us out of the cave. .

Wyo Drifter : This man is pure Wyoming. Something I feel is sacred

Robert Garcia : you sir, are a magnificent artist! thanks for the knowledge!

SirLobsterman : back sinew aka striploin silverskin

klown mittenz : Great video. very informative. Liked and subscribed. One question, how much do you charge for one?

Austin Jordan : Great video, keep up the sweet bow making 🏹

Luiz Paulo 01846 : That's amazing job old man ! Foda para caralho !! 🤘🏼

Mark McDonald : As a kid I bagged his groceries in town and he always took time to talk to others. He is very kind, patient and a genuine man. He sells himself short on his talents. You are a good man Tom.

Mo Hamlin : Watching this great man doing just a fantastic job and his son making this video is awe inspiring.Fantastic

terry oneill : awesome ,thanks for sharing

jim walker : 200 fps?......that's pretty d**n good. never had a horn and tendon bow, best bow i ever had was a mechbow what makes one of those worth having is energy-over-time restitution, expressed as e/t. the higher the ratio, the faster the arrow flies. i had to use clothyard shafts because anything less would snap on release.

Steve Cunningham : what a wonderful gentleman to watch a lost art should be passed on

Mojoman57 : I have a basic store-bought recurve bow and thoroughly enjoy target shooting with it. This type of craftsmanship is awesome to see.

Allen Powlus : How much too make me one I love recurves

Bert sanchez : You sir are magnificent. I could watch videos of you blessing us with awesome knowledge. Thank you good sir.

Travonous : As a novice bow carver, This video has inspired me to take on the challenge of crafting a horn bow. Thanks for sharing.

Ben Splittstoesser : as a fellow bow making I'm inspired by this.

israel is bad mkay tribal warfare is bad mkay : I hope the wyoming arts council offered his teaching skills to any tribes nearby who want to learn. this would only be fair

Bob Doodle : Beautiful bow, Where can I buy one and how much with shipping?

Niels Heinzinger : Sir, you are for sure a one of a kind perfect craftsman AND also very interesting to watch and listen. Thank you!

Bob Mangal : This was such a good production of exchange your knowledge for generations to come

Deca Namwob : A most excellent and educational experience, I feel honoured to have been able to have seen this. Thank you for this uplifting video.

rAdiant Jet : I love this!! That bow is a work of art that is a functioning tool!

Alexander Candole : "there's a snake in my boot"

Last glance : I would love to see a complete how to video from this man before he is lost to time

John Grenfell : This man is fantastic, the work put in to the bow was great to watch an excellent video I would love to have one of the bows he made

bipola telly : beautiful bow. we've lost so much.

Thomas D Harrell : Dear Mr Thomas Lucas. Thank you sir for the lesson of life. It will be minded well. I wish you a long and prosperous life.

Tyrone Biggums : 7:01 You can use Buffalo you're al-qaeda :) (in subtitle mode)

Sir Jhonson : I seen a man dry fire a compound bow ,It cut his head wide open

Adam Hastings : that was a great video what a gorgeous bow

HighHammer • : The future will appreciate this video way more than we do right now, Thanks for sharing your flawless knowledge.

Frank Leipner : Great stuff, thanks for sharing!

Retpwnzyalol : I really enjoyed him talking, he has a very lovable voice. I adore the craftsmanship as well.

tedc7891 : What a lovely gentle man. Full of wisdom and knowledge with not a shred of arrogance or pride. Thank you Sir, you are an exellent example and inspiration. God bless you and yours.

Big Daddy : A lot of knowledge here. Thank you.

Jason Pettit : THANKS for the vid old timer,LOVE what your doing,amazing craftsmanship, appreciate your knowledge,and sharing it,now,I want one,ya got any for sale