Wyoming's Tom Lucas Making Sheep Horn Bows

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chapiit08 : The only thing I don't like about this video is that it's too short. I could have watched and listened to this man for two hours without even noticing the time passing.

darkmagic gaming : am I the only one who thinks he should make his own YouTube channel

Roman Hamm : 3:06 "anybody want an ice cream sandwitch"

Walter Johnson : His explanation as an expert is probably the same as you would receive from a master Bow maker of a thousand years ago. When he talks you hear history and truth

Rockster969 : Old school. You can't buy that. Ya gotta learn it by living it. What an artisan, a national trasure.

Stephen O'Brien : Wow, ..""Without the past were would I be?""....Simple and profound way to sum up a story. Good stuff! TY

Dan Carman : The son is missing his pointer finger and the father is missing part of his ring finger.... These guys are hardcore!

Charli’s Channel : I don't hunt or shoot bows but I'll be damned if I don't take a moment to learn what a master has to say, no matter his specialty.

P1STOL P. : beautiful bow..i love when old timers tell stories like this one..

HighHammer • : The future will appreciate this video way more than we do right now, Thanks for sharing your flawless knowledge.

iLove Boxing and Baseball#16 : Love listening to the Knowledge the old possesses.

Big Dog : Good luck to that chap. He is the kind that lifted us out of the cave. .

Harry Ballzac : that's awesome, the sinew part reminds me of fiber glassing, the old school way. lol

Justin Cameron : with what happened to the Native Americans I just think it's beautiful that this man wanted to recreate what they had

Rodney Wroten : I think that is the most awesome thing I ever saw. did not know it even was such a thing. can you think how long a native would take to do this. thanks

Ben Splittstoesser : as a fellow bow making I'm inspired by this.

Robert Garcia : you sir, are a magnificent artist! thanks for the knowledge!

SupBro Vang : He is smart! Using animal hide to make glue cool

dean garbutt : Thank you for bringing me back to a time when my granddad would tell me things like this on the porch or our family cottage in northern ontario. May i ask what it would cost to buy an average horn bow?

Steve Cunningham : what a wonderful gentleman to watch a lost art should be passed on

Last glance : I would love to see a complete how to video from this man before he is lost to time

CDH : Keeping our history alive is what it's about!

star lover : Did anyone else notice how his hands were bleeding while tillering the bow???

SirLobsterman : back sinew aka striploin silverskin

Bob Mangal : This was such a good production of exchange your knowledge for generations to come

Aven 15 : anti vegan bow :D

Watson Watson : maybe it was the genocide of First Nations and destruction of their culture that caused this technique to be lost...

James McDonald : "Without the past, where would I be?"

Bert sanchez : You sir are magnificent. I could watch videos of you blessing us with awesome knowledge. Thank you good sir.

Ulaaka Gerlee : Great video! These guys should come to Mongolia.... We making horn bow for centuries

Logan M. : Cool bows but as a bowyer and archer myself, his comment about horn being the superior material that gives you the most speed per arrow is simply not true. There are all sorts of different woods and materials that are just as strong and will give you the same draw weight and speed.

Snow Man : Amazing, Like him I also do not like where the world is heading, Hats off to him for doing his part in preserving history.

Andrew Williams : When he sais native Americans he specifically means the Lemhi Shoshone. Traditionally they soaked the horns and wrapped them to a piece of elk horn to connect them. Stories tell of putting an arrow through 10 inch tree trunks and having pull back of 150+ lbs.

Ankur Baruah : And now we have human beings sharing pictures of what they had for lunch and eating Tide pods. From there to here. Wow.

so steve : great history thanks for sharing

Mitra Bandoo : how much for the bow send a link for purchase

Krayzie Killah : The coolest bow I ever saw!!! Wow!!

Its ya boi : "If it ain't white it ain't right"

mwillblade : Leave the bow stored and forgotten then small beetles will start eating holes in it. It happened to my horn handled pocket knives!

crgaillee : Thank you sir for the wonderful glimpse into the past. Just thins one video you have taught me good deal. That's why the Lord makes sure we respect our elders. they have the experience that we can learn from. it can go a long way if the right person hears it.

jaqjaques : I cant believe 386 people have disliked this?

Paul Correia : Absoultly beautiful, I would buy one, just to look at, awsome art work, congrats.!!!

rAdiant Jet : I love this!! That bow is a work of art that is a functioning tool!

Frank Leipner : Great stuff, thanks for sharing!

Adam Hastings : that was a great video what a gorgeous bow

joe cristie : thats cool i wash i could have one of thoughs.

Roger Limoseth : would they have used the sinew for the string also?


Anony-moose Fish : Good lord, he's not lying when he says that thing shoots fast, you can't even see the darn string move, the arrow just disappears!

Travonous : As a novice bow carver, This video has inspired me to take on the challenge of crafting a horn bow. Thanks for sharing.