HOW TO AVOID SLEEPOVERS (Kids On: S2, Episode 1)

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Chase Holfelder : "Maybe anober time, or.... neber?" Adorable.

Bordje : This is like Kids React but well produced, thought out and not run by creepy alien looking dudes.

Davison Video : I find disclosing that I have a kid works wonders.

Brandon Hall : hahah the blonde kid on the lifejacket "today is not the day"

dja : wink! *closes both eyes*

Jason Hamborg : Pretty funny! And beautiful composition of each scene!

nudl3Zz : "sleepovers are a thing where you can get married". This is gold :-D

anastasia46 : is the kid on the bench a meditation master ??? I want to adopt him. I bet he's a veggie.


Johnny Killjoy : maybe not today... today is not the day

Stef S : This is awesome.

SpaceCorgi : Yay! New season :D Great to see the interviewer guy bringing out a bit more personality, love watching these, thank you for making them :)

Julez Jay : What's with the grading? Did you convert the footage? Or is that on purpose?

Frisbee Girl : The blonde girl made me laugh so hard because sometimes I struggle with saying 'no' to almost anything. If you are still single, I hope you are fine with it. You seem like a great person and being single can be a wonderful state of being. Please keep making great art; the world needs it!

Laura Allen : kids are hilarious , they just say what the mean!!! Love it!!!!!

Paolo : are you kidding?! This is friggen great. When you were hanging with the little kid with the blue helmet, starting cracking up. I love how genuine it is. So good. THANKS!

Diyan Agung : this channel need more subscriber :))

Molotovoff : I agree with the last kid.

33Stefek : That was cool video, guys! Definitely gonna check out more of your stuff : )

Clo Vincent : I love how kids can give such wonderful perspective on life, it's so pure and unfiltered - they're a great bunch of kids :D

David Mountain : Sorry I can't I got a bunch of sports tournaments today... I'm gonna use that one.

deedoyday : Step 1. perform adult task with children and edit it with music for it to be cute. Step 2. Get Girlfriend after they see this video Step 3. I didn't get this far in my head. Step 4. uhhhhh Step 5. Ask children for more advice.

fizzle mygrizzle : Lol that kid needs to work on his winking skills

The Bear Element : These guys really need more subscribers. Very well polished videos!

Sprise X : I'm so in love with this

AFriendlyGhost : You guys deserve to get big, wish you the best in the future ;).

Sean Graf : This is adorable ;)

Brendan Roberts : I missed you guys

Daniel Dshagot : I somehow feel uncomfortable when this older guy is sitting with childs alone anywhere. TRIGGERED

#Smile Gaming : Season 2 !! Yeah buddy!

M K : I'd like to see what adults have to say about sleep overs, if you discredit me i'll sue you =)

Buettner Burritt : It's simple, Just go to woodprix page - and enter the Wood World.

anastasia46 : that little kid hanging in the mountain climbing harness is on the marriage track. I hope he stays that way.

Giovani Fabiano : Dont you think You owe us to introduce them?

Phuck Phat : yeah show em the dinky face, that'll make em leave.

Jona W. : My Friend is triggered now, ty...

flarixsable : Lol karaoke he loves karaoke.

Luke Frazier : I am so happy to have this back in my life.

Console Settings : "My mum said no"

Bucky Roberts : You need to get out of my house now ;-)

Chad Stambaugh : LOL "There's the door!"

PsychoCalamander : I want that chubby kid. That's like psychology 101 mastered at such a young age.

yahee122 : Love this! Y'all deserve to have like a million subscribers.

Kris Kuran : awesome...

afiqluqman : i can watch this when im stressed out. cool. please make more.

Sarah Brown : LOVE this!!

thedudeman1900 : funny

Nikjay : I find it interesting how you keep the raw footage raw. Have you guys ever considered a colorist?