"Weird Al" Yankovic - Don't Download This Song
Every so often I need to remind myself of the genius that is Weird Al Yankovic

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Music video by Weird Al Yankovic performing Don't Download This Song. YouTube view counts pre-VEVO: 58,251. (C) 2006 Volcano Entertainment III, LLC


Christian Duncan : Remember kids, buy Weird Al's CD's or you will be shot by the government.

Chris Vellner : WAIT A MINUTE!!! Did Anyone notice ?? That KID Has a Guitar that Sounds like a PIANO!!!

McDumDum : This is a great song, but the subtlety tends to fly over people's heads. The message in the song is that downloading a song illegally is not really as taboo as some people (namely other artists) make it out to be. The whole song is riddled with sarcasm, like of course you won't prosecute an old lady just because she burns a cd. In fact, Weird Al made this song free to download on his website as part of the joke.

SuperNate234 : Where's the download link?

phoebejl : "Don't take away money from artists just like me how else can I afford another solid gold humvee" XD

Alex Engle TDR : i feel like downloading this song for some reason

Jonny Nelson : When I first downloaded Napster back in 1999 or 2000 I signed up with a disposable email address. A couple of months later, I recieved a form letter from Metallica stating they would SUE ME if I dared download a single song!! I wasn't even that into Metallica, but I downloaded every damn album in complete form via Napster. Hell... I was hoping for some notoriety. "Local Dumbass Sued by Metallica for $250 Million!" on the front page. The bitches never sued :'(

Grey Summers : This song is right, once I downloaded a song now I eat children

Fallout Pewterschmidt : In a video that clearly shows a little kid being shot at, electrocuted, and later burned to death for pirating music, the part that MTV wanted censored was the names of file sharing websites...

AWSOMNES24 : If I download this song that tells me not to download this song, will I get a virus alert?

TelvanniGuard : "The song was released exclusively on August 21, 2006 as a digital download." BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

ladambell : I love that back when he first released this song, he offered it as a free download on his MySpace page. Ask your parents what MySpace was, kids.

Miss Pettigrew : This video's art style is pretty darn good.

Zdank Zdale : *opens new YouTube to MP3 tab while listening*

Jaice Terry : From downloading songs on the internet to running people over and selling crack? Well, that escalated quickly.

Felafnir Elek : Damn those cops are bad shots.

Richard Aasa : Way too many people that missed the message of the video - the message for ignorant is: "Go ahead and download, the institute is crazy for overly strict copyright laws".

Von Ithipathachai : "Don't take away money from artists just like me. How else can I afford another solid-gold Humvee?" Truer words have never been said.

ChromatiKosm : Even Lars Ulrich knows it's wrong

Camp Fortson : "You'll burn in hell before too long!!!!" "And you deserve it!"

Chaogamer : me: download this song fbi: fbi open up me: oh no

Hank The Tank : Article 13's National Anthem

Steven Gordon : 743 people DID download this song.

ekaiLo : The most inspirational song I've heard in a long time.

Shannon Shaw : You start out stealing songs, then you rob liquor stores, sell crack and run over school kids with your car. That's the best lyric, cause every problem he describes gets worse as it progresses.

Oleh HL : youtube: 2009 = Nah 2010 = nah etc 2018 = nah 2019 = WOW, LET'S PUT THIS IN RECOMANDED

PANDORASBOXRELEASE : *proceeds to tear video from youtube with mp3 converter

Mecha Knuckles 2001 : I downloaded this... Legally. On Amazon Music. It's free with the Prime membership. Hey, it's a great song!

Bakorafanboy13 : The irony of Weird al singing about copyright law escaped me until today

chungus : i pirated a song 7 years ago. now im a drug-addicted serial murderer-terrorist. piracy is a gateway crime


Bright Shadow : Remember Tommy!

Buzzy913 : This is is one of the only Weird Al songs _not_ on my mp3 player. Because, well, you know.

Suddenly8symmetry : Me: downloads songs off youtube to edit with Also me: killing people bc i downloaded songs off youtube

Nefertiti LeFlore : Downloads song Gets email with the subject of... S T I N K Y C H E E S E

Sono : We need to start a kickstarter to get Weird Al the solid gold humvee he deserves.

supremesnake21 : Where's the Download link at? ;)

Guilherme Dias : Weird Al should have done a music video like "We Are The World" for this song

Dustin Nunn : "Weird Al" Yankovic is my number one favorite parodist.

Daniel Knapp : it would be great if at the end they had just the image of "this video was taken down due to copyright violation" for the last 20 or so seconds.

An Australian Bush Man : Just incase people don't get it, weird al is making fun of copyright laws and people who don't want people pirating their music. Plus, this song you can download for free of Al's website.

Will Marsden : Man this clip got real dark, real quick.

nerosonic : 2:26 how else can i afford another solid gold humvee and diamond studded swimming pools? these things don't grow on trees!

WolfkinNorthclaw : The dancing great white sharks are awesome.

moltzer : brb downloading

Torch21 : Do what you want cause a pirate is free. YOU ARE A PIRATE!

CK's channel. : Morpheus.... Now that's a name I've not heard in a long time.... A loonnnngggg time.....

Rocskatu : Joke's on you, weird al I can buy youtube red and download this video for future offline viewing MWUAHAHHAHAH

Joshua Mckenzie : I love the anti-anti-piracy message here, as a poor person I've pirated a lot, it's nice knowing that one of your favourite artists agree with you.