"Weird Al" Yankovic - Don't Download This Song

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Torch21 : Do what you want cause a pirate is free. YOU ARE A PIRATE!

McDumDum : This is a great song, but the subtlety tends to fly over people's heads. The message in the song is that downloading a song illegally is not really as taboo as some people (namely other artists) make it out to be. The whole song is riddled with sarcasm, like of course you won't prosecute an old lady just because she burns a cd. In fact, Weird Al made this song free to download on his website as part of the joke.

Von Ithipathachai : "Don't take away money from artists just like me. How else can I afford another solid-gold Humvee?" Truer words have never been said.

OrionoftheStar : When I downloaded a song, I woke up the next morning to find that I had been strangling puppies in my sleep. Please, think of the puppies.

Jonny Nelson : When I first downloaded Napster back in 1999 or 2000 I signed up with a disposable email address. A couple of months later, I recieved a form letter from Metallica stating they would SUE ME if I dared download a single song!! I wasn't even that into Metallica, but I downloaded every damn album in complete form via Napster. Hell... I was hoping for some notoriety. "Local Dumbass Sued by Metallica for $250 Million!" on the front page. The bitches never sued :'(

Chris Vellner : WAIT A MINUTE!!! Did Anyone notice ?? That KID Has a Guitar that Sounds like a PIANO!!!

ladambell : I love that back when he first released this song, he offered it as a free download on his MySpace page. Ask your parents what MySpace was, kids.

Alex Engle TDR : i feel like downloading this song for some reason

AWSOMNES24 : If I download this song that tells me not to download this song, will I get a virus alert?


phoebejl : "Don't take away money from artists just like me how else can I afford another solid gold humvee" XD

Greenmossbag : It would be funny if he put a download link in the description

Richard Aasa : Way too many people that missed the message of the video - the message for ignorant is: "Go ahead and download, the institute is crazy for overly strict copyright laws".

Christian Duncan : Remember kids, buy Weird Al's CD's or you will be shot by the government.

Fallout Pewterschmidt : In a video that clearly shows a little kid being shot at, electrocuted, and later burned to death for pirating music, the part that MTV wanted censored was the names of file sharing websites...

Stabbity Joe : With YouTube Red I can download this song.

MomoTheBellyDancer : I don't download mp3s. I download FLACs.

Zdank Zdale : *opens new YouTube to MP3 tab while listening*

Jaice Terry : From downloading songs on the internet to running people over and selling crack? Well, that escalated quickly.

Miss Pettigrew : This video's art style is pretty darn good.

ChromatiKosm : Even Lars Ulrich knows it's wrong

Grand Star! : So like... Is this a parody of We Are The World?

Wyr3d : Limewire? More like "don't download this virus"

SuperNate234 : Where's the download link?

Vanellope'sArchives : It would've be funny if he'd put the download link in the description.

Cinema Jacket Productions : I don't download illegally... I just rip the mp3 off the official video

ekaiLo : The most inspirational song I've heard in a long time.

Mac MashPotato : I feel like downloading this song for the sake of irony.

Bakorafanboy13 : The irony of Weird al singing about copyright law escaped me until today

PANDORASBOXRELEASE : *proceeds to tear video from youtube with mp3 converter

Aero : this was the first song I ever pirated.. Good times.

bbomg02 : Kazaa and Limewire? haha So 2006.

jcrowley1985 : The modern youtube version is "Don't Adblock this Song"

CJ Zárate : "Even Lars Ulrich knows it's wrong"

Spaz Lol : ** Insert unoriginal joke about download like here **

TelvanniGuard : "The song was released exclusively on August 21, 2006 as a digital download." BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

SGNRyan : Interesting fact: All 4 P2P services at the start of the video were shut down

Sono : We need to start a kickstarter to get Weird Al the solid gold humvee he deserves.

Keldon Yahne : "The song was released exclusively on August 21, 2006 as a digital download" Downloaded BTW

MrSasunaru101 : Don't care I'll still download the song.

Suddenly8symmetry : Me: downloads songs off youtube to edit with Also me: killing people bc i downloaded songs off youtube

JMD Nelson : IMO I find that the only problem with buying CD's is that you get a few songs that you actually like and the majority of the rest usually suck. But I'll buy a Weird Al CD any day!!

An Australian Bush Man : Just incase people don't get it, weird al is making fun of copyright laws and people who don't want people pirating their music. Plus, this song you can download for free of Al's website.

Camp Fortson : "You'll burn in hell before too long!!!!" "And you deserve it!"

supremesnake21 : Where's the Download link at? ;)

Luke Benson : I love Weird Al but come on this song does not hold up one bit 😂

Buzzy913 : This is is one of the only Weird Al songs _not_ on my mp3 player. Because, well, you know.

Tomtenisse Powercool : In alot of ways this reminds me of "We are the world"

Grey Summers : This song is right, once I downloaded a song now I eat children

In Circulo Ustus : Damn those cops are bad shots.