MINECRAFT FAIL, A Minecraft Parody
Minecraft Fail A Minecraft Parody

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Animated music videos Official : Long time ago I watched this Now that I grew up *w h a t t h e f u c k*

x a n t h e : Ok I remembered this video very differently, i always used to be so sad for the creeper because I thought Steve impales him with a sword... BUT HE IMPALED HIM WITH HIS COCK!?!

xFilthyHandsx : You were going to blow my house...Now I'm gonna blow up your *p r o s t a t e.*

Blue_Panda : I watched this as a 11 year old.......I had no clue what this video was about....now I rewatch it 4 years later....holy shit....

Christian Sarmiento : No body: YouTube Recommendations: No seriously wtf

soggydoggymason 15 : 1:12 *insert law and order meme here*


Amroosha : Holy shit i watched this when i was 10 years old and i had no clue it was like this. 5 years later i knew steve was gay with creepers lol.

Pecan Palace : I watched this as a 8 year old, I should be ashamed.

killerbota : im trying to blow up sssssssteve's house but im dummy thicc and the clap of my asssssscheeks are alerting him

lost Carbon : I come back after 6 years just to rewatch this

tr3mayn : 0:47 The moment this parody became traumatic.

LordThunderCxck : My mans just clapped them creeper cheeks

Zanemob : I laughed a lot harder than I'm proud to admit...

Devon Young : I feel bad for the creeper when he says I don't mean no harm

Judah Todd : Well this is forever burned in my memory

Steevey Bob : Me: This looks fine. 0:32 Me: *F U C K Y O U S T E V E H O W C O U L D Y O U*

Knightmare Gaming : I saw this video on Porn Hub

The Jakuzen : Nobody: JK Rowling be like: Steve is actually gender fluid and he likes creepers

Mr. Stealyourmeme : bro I was looking for a minecraft song

Polish Boi : Now...after watching this video...I will never gonna kill creeper again... :( R.I.P. CREEPER 2010-2012

redspaghetti2006 : WHAT THE CREEPER GOT *_F E C K E D_* *_WHAT THE FRACK_*

Crow_ Bro_CB24 : I watched this a long time ago and when he got raped I didn't know what was going on

Chinito Oppah : Just rewatching my favorite hentai. I love watching this when i was a kid

Crackachu : This is the most messed up and disturbing thing I've ever seen on YouTube

Kenyon Brown : I love this because I hate creepers

Insanious : Wow, there's a bunch of pathetic Tumbler moms commenting on this video.

Michael Coombs : This is mildly disturbing

Camspammalamb : A lot of comments here about being a scarred 10 year old because of this

Liam Curran : I saw this at far too young an age lol

who the Horton : What an explosive ending to a very flammable situation


【Kirb】 【Wave】 : When I was young, I watched this not knowing what was going on.

Alfie James : Wow I was 8 years old when I watched this and now watching it now I've realised what happens to the creeper


MultiMonica4 : B R I N G M E T H A T A S S

Dammitimmad : Basically 13 reasons why

Spongeman Icecone : top 10, sad anime revenge. edit: man this minecraft video was when i watched in the year 2014. The Era of minecraft

Stonestream Dubs : I was promised house building. I got no such thing.

micheuu : How it feels to chew 5 gum

Unsafermirror2 : Me:*few years ago* What?... Me:*Now* Oh wow, And that this video is age restricted

3D Cassi : It's great to know that even after 7 years this video is simontainesly the best and worse video I have ever watched still remains more suprising each time I watch it every year

Jord : *all of the comments* I watched this 5 years ago but I’m still a child I’ll pretend I’m mature tho thanks bye

Patrick's loot : Rip: creeper Day of birth: 1 night ago Day of death:1 day later of his birth

Cruz Pacheco : Me: “aw man a classic Minecraft video!” Me 1 minute later: 😳😨😰

Pothead Pikachu : Thanks for creating such great childhood memories, Gonzo. <3

Dream core : Golden age of YouTube

mario mtn gaming : 1:16 when i try to run GTA 5

Vladimir Putin : Not gonna lie this is totally me when I see that dummy thicc creeper