MINECRAFT FAIL, A Minecraft Parody

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Murillo Ferreira : Everyone talking about rape when its obvious he was slapping his butt so he can lear a lesson

Dammitimmad : Basically 13 reasons why

Pizamo Gaming : Tf did I just watch ? 😂

Here Mate : Greatest video of all time.

HI 5 : 2018?!

vlad morozov : I seen this almost 6 years ago in 8th grade English class and the worst part my friend unplugged my headphones so all my class heard was bring me that ass on full volume

thug studio's : Every single like helps save a creeper from rape

Foxy Waffle : 1 like = 1 abused creeper

Cake Mix : I watched this when I was 12 and I actualy fapped to this.. true story.. now 5 years later I see wtf I fapped to Edit: WHY DOES THIS HAVE 300+ LIKES WHY DID I EVEN SAY THAT IN THE FIRST PLACE

エヴァンダー・ローレンス・アルバラド : TAGS: yaoi,creampie,impregnation,vanilla xD

Spazzy : It's been 6 years... why is this still funny?

LordFuckwad : 0:47 You got to admit...thats a nice ass

Mundito Martinez : i feel bad for the creeper like if you did

LemonOVA : Hentai in a nutshell

Ricky Spanish : 14 year old me felt very disturbed :v

A Handsome Chicken : When I first saw this I thought he was punching the creeper off-screen. Oh how wrong I was.

Nova Overboard : I feel bad for the creeper

Gabtube252 : I used to find that shit so funny back then, wtf was wrong with me

Geo Boy : Guys anyine here in 2018!!?.....?? Guys

Malware X20 : 0:47 you know we all came here for this

Oofer : Minecraft fandoms in a nutshell

NANI!? : to this day after 4 years I still feel bad for the creeper

Boomin! : Sad Creeper Hours

EnZo 5386 : Still 2018 and it still not deleted

NyriZZle06 : How did this video never get demonized 💀💀💀💀

Cipri Ro : Lol cant belive is saw this 6 years ago and im back at it now

mangagod123 : top ten anime plot twists

WARDENOFSWEG : This made me to sad when I was a little kid

Santa Claus : Rape is a fun game for the whole family children!

LoneWolf Xdash : Boy was are taste of humor sure wierd in middle school

HammysaurusRex : "You blew up my house, now im gonna blow up your prostate!"

Micheal Pena : Steve= Bryce and creeper= hannah

petit poney du 77 : And that's why i'm not playing minecraft anymore ...

Gide Makk : 2018?!

Raine Bierman : Why am I watching this again

Blue_Panda : I watched this as a 11 year old.......I had no clue what this video was about....now I rewatch it 4 years later....holy shit....

Powercrack : Poor crepeer's asss :(

Dick Long : I remember when i 7 my big brother showed this to me...

Koji : Best Hentai I’ve ever fapped to

Clan Star : R.I.P steve (1337-2012)

Javale fralop : People complaining about rape sure are a bit "butthurt" hehe

ShowYaFriends : I'm gonna guess whoever made this doesn't know anyone who's been raped

TeamOreoTV : 1:01 love it

xXHishamXx : Noooo creeper 😢

Tyler play's : There should be a part 2

Penguin Von Otakar : I cant decide to laugh or like be sad...

K00shGaming : When someone deletes all your game saves

Rev : I remember watching this when I was younger and was into Minecraft, this shit left a scar on me, I used to get goosebumps thinking of this video

core 25 : *I didn't mean no h A r M*