MINECRAFT FAIL, A Minecraft Parody

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YaBoyBumbus : ah I remember watching this when I was nine, and having no fucking clue what was happening

Sans : ._.

Jaykob Paris : I watched this when I was like 8 and didn't know what it meant I randomly thought about the video watched it again and was suprised

Alcotras : 2019?

Dell X : just straight up rape

turlle3 gaming turlle3 gaming : 1 like=one prayer.

Davi Carneiro : Pesadão

Димон Андроид : Dont kill creeper!

Gengar Idk : Holy frick I remember watching this when I was 9 I was petrified

Danielle lafond : 🤤😍😍😋

69 or 420 : *Every year 1000+ creepers get* *abused we can stop this know by* *donatimg a dollar to our cause*

Onion Gaming : This is so dark

The Raptor Lord : Poor creeps

Tactical Taco : 1 like = 1 unmolested creeper

Ƙηιgнтʍαɾε159 On уσυтυвє ! : I saw this video on Porn Hub

Unkel Mo : Back in the 4th grade when this came out, I cried for the creeper #freebillcosby

Stoned Turkey : Poor creeper

Pikachu Gamer : 1:18 when i remember i have homework

канал _FrAksSs_ : 2019

Noah Johnson : This is so messed up. I hate creepers with a passion, but this is just wrong

Kim jong un : Epic gamer moment

THEWESTWALL : Why just why?

Jazz Cat : I remember watching this few years bak and i didnt even know wat happened

Jazz Cat : Not even funny tbh just weird

C’estlavie123 : Damn... I can’t believe I watched this shit a few years ago. I’m going through my old likes and this is disappointing yet kind of funny😂

Elegy — : The creeper is me when i played multiplayer PvP in minecraft for first time in shellnut

Creeper Gaming : Flip idiot do you ever try not to put bad words in

i like to be alone a lot : 0:16 I can feel the saliva on my face

Mr. Shotgunz : WTF DID I WATCH

Michael Gore : Rest in creeper butt wait he doesn't have a butt

Erwin : Top 10 anime betrayal.

robert standlee : 😊😊😊😊Back to my roots

Rinzaru Chaos : Feels bad man😷😭

Ugandan Knuckles ! : Stop offending A creeper

Jr Say : Steve came quick.

DUCKY MOOMOO : My early childhood is ruined

Gaming & Fun : i used to not get this

DOPE-MONSTER -212 : Wtf is this

bbbuster : Rape-O'clock

John Wick From Fortnite : Sadder than emergence

Naruto Uzumaki : 1:16 even Gaaaaaaayer

John Wick From Fortnite : Hehe

Veva destroyer 2 : Me in Minecraft after one hour of building xd xd xd

BIG Nehem! : 1:13 the face you make when your get all f's.


Why so serious ? : 1:07 that face omg i'm dying 😂😂😂

Clayton Streeter : Funny but stupid

ShiningQuasar13 : wow looking at it now, this is effed up. I guess its age-restricted but i dont think it was 6 years ago because I totally watched it.

AjBoi : Wtf did I just watch

One Biker In Phoenix : In all my videos watched on YouTube... I have never seen a video where the Age-Resteiction was requested by the owner.