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SUPER ATV RCV AXLES Check out More Awesome Action here: The STR8UP SxS Series picked out one of the nastiest SxS bounty hills I have seen in a long time. Several guys tried but nobody was able to make it. Lots of carnage took place.

Comments from Youtube

Casey Weaver : More money than brains club.

nitrosport5 : polaris should sponsor these events. seems like a good business plan, get a bunch of crazy dudes to break parts at your events, and buy new parts on monday!

2 5 : Why don't they just walk up the hill instead of driving ?

KarasCyborg : Hill climb challenge sponsored by "Off Road Repair Shop"

THELIFEOFPRICE : Freaking insane the beatings they're taking!

Johnny : LOL. I love the guys that try, don't make it, and get down safe. Then say "Fuck, I can do this!", try again and total their ride.

soldado ss : algem br e em 2019

Gary Huston : That hill must have cost thousands in collective repair bills!

Chief Sartain : The carnage!

Crni Sin : Hill - 12 Rednecks - 0

james dean : Hey ya'll. I got a concrete wall ya'll can climb up. See 90 degree's but if you drink enough beer and your man'll get up her

chubala imti : Honey..where's my SHERP??:P

Peetey : Peep the idiot lady who almost got hit at the end because she was trying to Finnish a text while the rzr plummeted towards her πŸ˜‚

K30 Krawler : AT 1:00Β  it reminds me of Ace Ventura Pet Detective rolling the land rover into the parking spot hahaha

Charlesdinning : 5:55 u see how the bubby lands back were it started when the crowd flees there is one girl in green stuck behind the rear wheel of the other buggy already parked and the buggy that flips and lands next to the already parked one almost hits the girl

GL gaming/team vered : is the point the first person to reah the top or the first person to have a high bill for repairs???

Antony the gamer : My RC car climbs that xd πŸ˜‚

Captain : "We gotta backflipper, everyone outa the way" :)

Elvis Paquette : destroy!!

Can I get 1k subs for no reason ? : The lady in the light blue is always about to get hitπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

ragdump : Hey MadRam11 notice most of the posts are making fun of this , why not just drive them off a cliff for a really good rush !!!!

Shawn P : Rumor has it that the insurance company adjuster stands at the top of the Hill letting them know that their policy is no longer active

Kent Little : insane!!!!

2005RavenR6 : Surprised the disposable income level here is so high, with an obviously low IQ.

Andrew Young : Women screaming, you want equality, get out and have a go

Reese McGee : I own a Rzr and love all kinds of offroading, but stuff like this I just don't get lol. Seems way too easy to tear up a ton of stuff.

Jake Zenert : More money than brains! ha ha

J : That hill sat that rzr back in his parking spot Lmfaoo

iron thunder : S.o.b Balls of steel, now these are my peeps πŸ‘πŸ˜Š

jacinth avinash : It's not possible to climb that. Next guy: chill, m gon do it man. 10 secs later. Its not possible to climb that. Next guy: chill, m gon do it man. Continue...

jay day : If you made it up you did something wrong. the point of this was clearly to see how may inversions one could achieve while careening down the hill.

KCG : 20k down the drain

Peter J : lmao dude at 0:55 ends up right back where he started

Kent Little : destroy it and let the repo man come and haul it off!!!!

Stephanie Puckett : I thought dirt bike racing was expensive πŸ˜”

Jade TV : I just use my 2 feets to clim to that hill Ez

Mahir Numanović : 1:08 parked it perfectly

Population Control Airsoft : this is the second whitest thing ive seen

Ryan Ritchings : Future business plan: open a SXS repairs shop next to this place.

ian_ pnw : Buy a dirt bike, go right up.

Donald Williamson : 0:54 that hill so bad it put him back in his place. :p

Unknown Zzz : How white ppl spend their free time driving up hills πŸ˜‚

jim jones : LMFAO"we got a back flipper, everybody look out now" wtfπŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜”

Patrick swayze : and believe me those are the smartest rednecks on the planet

jason hisey : what is the objective drive half way up and roll down causing as much damage as possible

David's Garage : This channel should be called 'We totall it so you don't have to'

Steve Houghton : One way to get up...many very creative ways to get back down

Ferma Olga : This hill is "unclimbable" because there are 2 steps that have between them about the same distance as the wheelbase of these machines.

Kevin Oliver : "lightly used RZR for sale"