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japhethwar : Title should be How to lose 100k in 5 minutes. Awesome vid. What a bunch of idiots.

Gary Huston : That hill must have cost thousands in collective repair bills!

THELIFEOFPRICE : Freaking insane the beatings they're taking!

Casey Weaver : More money than brains club.

Nameless : So these hill climbs are basically "bring your expensive toys and break them"

Peetey : Peep the idiot lady who almost got hit at the end because she was trying to Finnish a text while the rzr plummeted towards her 😂

nitrosport5 : polaris should sponsor these events. seems like a good business plan, get a bunch of crazy dudes to break parts at your events, and buy new parts on monday!

2 5 : Why don't they just walk up the hill instead of driving ?

K30 Krawler : AT 1:00  it reminds me of Ace Ventura Pet Detective rolling the land rover into the parking spot hahaha


ian_ pnw : Buy a dirt bike, go right up.

KarasCyborg : Hill climb challenge sponsored by "Off Road Repair Shop"

james dean : Hey ya'll. I got a concrete wall ya'll can climb up. See 90 degree's but if you drink enough beer and your man'll get up her

Nic zn : That is very dangerous man . The people could severely ingured 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

ostacruiser : Wow!!!! What an epic hill!!! Hats off to all those who hit it wfo!!! Great vid bud!

Crni Sin : Hill - 12 Rednecks - 0

GL gaming/team vered : is the point the first person to reah the top or the first person to have a high bill for repairs???

Peter Cho : lmao dude at 0:55 ends up right back where he started

Sherrie Kaufman : Crazy vido I like it so much

Brady Stanga : I could watch this for hours

Chief Sartain : The carnage!

Jared Funneman : I own a razr, and this is hard to watch

chimp3376 : We should do this in reverse.  Find a nice cliff with a road out at the base.  Now we should just drive all our cars and see who is the family man who lands the car.

itsjustav6 sotheythot : 1:02 just keep flipping just keep flipping

Everythingisgoingtobealright : A Nissan GT-R could have made it.

Kent Little : they want to throw away money they can throw it my way lol!!!!

OOFFAA GANG : I would not take my rzr up it to risky

K S : RZR service departments love this hill.

FknDmn : You should make a score of how many dollars this hill has cost overall.

سوسو الطائي : تنحثع

Jj De : Trees always got your back 😂

engine adrenaline : Big balls and big wallets 😂

Ian Turney : 2:15 was just not that guys day

ihategoogle : The chiropractors nearby must make a mint.

Ali Mohyudin : Savage camera man! :D

Russian Rebel : 1:03 Now That Is How You Park Like A Boss

Nathan Hoernis : these people give Trump supporters a bad name

David's Garage : This channel should be called 'We totall it so you don't have to'

Captain : "We gotta backflipper, everyone outa the way" :)

Dave Shepherd : more evidence of how gutless and incapable these machines really are

david smith : This is some yeehaw shit lol

Chuck Pinter : I knew I made a smart decision when my buddy invited me to Moab Utah and I said no. This is the kind of things going through my mind that I visualized

Bryon Shively : 2:35 he's good. LOL

Jake's World : I would take way better care of my RZR

Ferma Olga : This hill is "unclimbable" because there are 2 steps that have between them about the same distance as the wheelbase of these machines.

Travis Mcelhny : 1:00. I love it!!!

Resoles Masak : Wow...... Good

Logan Vaughn : My kobalt razor could climb that no problem

AZ Dave : Rzr 1000 Turbo / cost upwards of $21,000 + New (Even more when you add all the other goodies!) Awesome way to keep the economy rolling along (for Polaris anyway) with all those repair bills and help the medical community with the healthcare costs to help fix any bodily injuries! That is If they're lucky to not get hurt or Killed! Wow - I guess stupid is as stupid does they say. I own a Rzr and would never even think of trying this stupidity, even if they gave me one for free!

sicc dogg : looks super fun. but i think i would rent a rzr instead if using mine.