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Gary Huston : That hill must have cost thousands in collective repair bills!

THELIFEOFPRICE : Freaking insane the beatings they're taking!

ostacruiser : Wow!!!! What an epic hill!!! Hats off to all those who hit it wfo!!! Great vid bud!

Peetey : Peep the idiot lady who almost got hit at the end because she was trying to Finnish a text while the rzr plummeted towards her 😂

japhethwar : Title should be How to lose 100k in 5 minutes. Awesome vid. What a bunch of idiots.

Casey Weaver : More money than brains club.

nitrosport5 : polaris should sponsor these events. seems like a good business plan, get a bunch of crazy dudes to break parts at your events, and buy new parts on monday!

ian_ pnw : Buy a dirt bike, go right up.

Nameless : So these hill climbs are basically "bring your expensive toys and break them"

K30 Krawler : AT 1:00  it reminds me of Ace Ventura Pet Detective rolling the land rover into the parking spot hahaha

KarasCyborg : Hill climb challenge sponsored by "Off Road Repair Shop"

Nathan Hoernis : these people give Trump supporters a bad name

Everythingisgoingtobealright : A Nissan GT-R could have made it.

Dave Shepherd : more evidence of how gutless and incapable these machines really are

Brady Stanga : I could watch this for hours

James K : Idiots!

GL gaming/team vered : is the point the first person to reah the top or the first person to have a high bill for repairs???

Jared Funneman : I own a razr, and this is hard to watch

Chuck Pinter : I knew I made a smart decision when my buddy invited me to Moab Utah and I said no. This is the kind of things going through my mind that I visualized

justin beamon : that crash at 1 minute is some scary shit right there

sicc dogg : looks super fun. but i think i would rent a rzr instead if using mine.

Farmer J : So basically people pay upwards of $20,000 to just destroy what they bought. I go mudding all the time cause it's fun and all it cost you is gas, but this is outright stupid and a waste of money

ragdump : Learn to ride a motorcycle

CADEN JACKSON : is every one ok

Kent Little : they want to throw away money they can throw it my way lol!!!!

gkc mgk : 3rd atv came back faster than it gone ! :))))

booger man : 1.09and 5.59. ffs, same chick nearly hit twice. oooooh pretty bouncy metal oooooooh

OOFFAA Gang : I would not take my rzr up it to risky

MASTERHUNTER666 : Unlimited belief in their own abilities, not to repeal the laws of physics.

Chief Sartain : The carnage!

autz gaming : I don't think one did not flip

Captain : "We gotta backflipper, everyone outa the way" :)

FknDmn : You should make a score of how many dollars this hill has cost overall.

Ian Turney : 2:15 was just not that guys day

Jj De : Trees always got your back 😂

mg1223 : A "crash course" on PHYSICS!!!

AG A : The guy at 1:00 managed to park it back in place 😂

Elvis Paquette : destroy!!

Re Wadena : The title should be how to wreck a razor in 30 seconds or less!!

2 5 : Why don't they just walk up the hill instead of driving ?

Jack Caldwell : I am shocked Tim camron wasn't able , he normally climbs anything

tonylwright : Testosterone is a helluva drug.

james dean : Hey ya'll. I got a concrete wall ya'll can climb up. See 90 degree's but if you drink enough beer and your man'll get up her

Racemenace : Slow and steady guys, slow and steady lol jk

K S : RZR service departments love this hill.

Travis Mcelhny : 1:00. I love it!!!

chimp3376 : We should do this in reverse.  Find a nice cliff with a road out at the base.  Now we should just drive all our cars and see who is the family man who lands the car.

Nemo Nemo : GOD i want to live there 😍😍

convex : Crunch Crunch

Dodge Rider : My favorite is the dirt at 5:29. That's the best dirt ever. Thanks cameraman. ;-)