Dogs Eating Watermelon Is The Latest Internet Trend

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Swayanshi Patra : Wow.....This is the cutest thing ..... 😍 Btw only clicked to see the dogs 💕


Gavin : 2011 YouTube-style

Obi-Wan Kenobi : Never trust an edited comment

Lil' Nap : I wonder if me eating watermelon would go viral?

Aron The Pokemon : *This is definitely better than fidget spinners* (Edit) Jeez ma weez, i never had 81 likes before , thank you!!! I hope your evening goes well everyday

TheBabyOtter : Try spotting a bad dog, Thats right, you cant, because all of them are good bois, or maybe good girls

D. A. : This was never a trend. Tricking your dog by using a blanket and making them think you disappeared, now that was a trend.

lava lupus : wow a reupload? on a lie too damn dont claim something is the "latest internet trend" when you are the one saying so without any research on the fact its not a trend AT ALL

praneetha madala : They posted the same video again

Lolhypop Stake : I can't.... It's just so CUUTTEEE *DIED OF CUTENESS*

bobsbugsbegone ok : 1:17 Me when I see food

Can we get 7000 subscribers without Any videos? : Hi random people scrolling through the comments 😀. Have a good day!!

Xyber YT : Next up - Dogs eating owner's brains is a new thing?

Jamila Abdoul Hamid : Reuploded

SweetTeaX : this is not news.. edit: oh its not a news channel, sorry 😂

joshua Dickison : I found this video 1 minute after it was posted?

Set Snail : Good boyes also Justin Y isn't here yet

Vighnesh Vighnesh : Pretty sure that I have watched this video b4.

eat me bitch : next trend: *people eating food infront of dogs*

Domino's family : And some birds eat water melon

Zoran Chen : ehhh why??? ppl are too easily impressed these days.

David Peter Peterson : k

anonymous : Reupload

Muhammad Hassan : This is a reupload

S F : I only come here only seeing thumbnail..,😂 who else give like

CharChar Animations : What about cats munching bananas 😼

Dr. Sweaty nuts : Those are some weird foxes

londyn o : Reupload

spicy worm : no thats a bear enjoying an avacado

Justin Parke : I love chicken

A Random M8 : Am I having deja vu, or did I see this on insider's channel already???

joshua Dickison : Hi

7Lawaneeena : Reupload?

Fennec CheLyWolf : Watermelon is lyfe Edit: edited huh?

Amazingespeon LTG : *Nom Nom Nom*

Minion Poop : Omfg this is literally the cutest thing ever 😍😍😍

- : upper lip OMG (death here)

Mehek Khanna : *yells at dad to buy a watermelon from the store and grabs her dog*

Emilia Varas : OMG the cutest thing ever 😍😍😍😍😍😍

SilentSky : This should’ve been a dog eating watermelon asmr compilation if it didn’t have this music.

Nyle Cori : This was posted 8 hours ago and it said that they do it to celebrate summer but tomorrow is the first day of school!😭

Ilsunny Lo : Can you imagine the diarrhea?

EverythingJames : I can finally die happy.

Senura Kaduwela : Lol 😂 Insider sure took their time finding this challenge 🤣

Clark m.o.c : i wish my dog could do that


Justin Eats : Re-uploaded 500 times or what?

BTS IS LIGITNESS ARMY : They did this already ....

Mochi the octoling Slime : Pugs love water melon