In Your Feelings | Real Life Peter Griffin

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SnoopSponge : Why isn't this viral?

SnoopSponge : You should do a 1 for 1 reenactment of the running home scene where peter falls on his knee. I would pay to see that xD

Zackster : This needs to be animated.

Jackle Craft : That damn chicken 😂😂

Wolki ? : Dude this is the stuff that the new Youtube is missing.

Underground Tech : Best one I've seen 😂

technology productions 2018 : This is amazing this is my probably the only in my feelings video that isn't cringey.

hundio88 : Damn chicken. Hope you kick his ass some more Real life Peter!!

John Dipir : Why doesn't this guy do weekly videos. Hes amazing!

AlarmmClock : I seen the notification at the top of my phone and I says to myself, I says, “I just gotta see this.”

Your Neighbour : This deserves more views lpl

Random Gameplay : That chicken😮😮😮

MrRedeyedJedi : Make longer vids!

young.t.c t.c : family.... Peter is the funny one

Instinct Gaming : DRAKE

hmm yes interesting. : What does Lois think of this??

Mark Maldonado : 😂😂😂

Armageddon 32 : You know what grinds my gears battlefield 4

Big Joker : We need to get this guy more famous he is awesome

BaronvonPiano : Great work as usual although constructive criticism. Have a little bit of a pause between each hiss and groan, and then one between each set of hiss and groan. It would look a little more believable. But other than that, great job, I loved every second of it! Also, please do buttscratcher

Phantom Bunny Bun Animation's : My dad posted this video on Facebook and he just gotten lots of views and likes, But don't Peter he credited you 😊

Austin Pohl : You deserve more views and subscribers my dude

Captain Everything : They don't have a love button to click on. So you will just have to get a Like.

Pepskittle III : Too good, too little attention

Commander Wheelz : N O T A G A I N

Zef Shkreli : Top 10 anime songs

Jaycee voZüri : Why i didnt see this on the news

Edgy Ryan. : Is this god?

Greatest_nightmare ; : I love you petter

superdavidbrothers : That stupid butt chicken, why did he have to slice you on the leg like that? I mean that was unnecessary.

John Bradley : a nutritious!!

Existential Silence : Roadhouse.

iraqi atheist : Lmfaooo

Normal Man : Y e s

super ren : He is like Peter griffen 👍

John Horaneck : Friccin you

CoolManZay 20 : LOL

storm shade79 : 😂😂😂😂😂

JunDead : Top 10 realistic anime fight

marlon green : Do more Peter Griffin

butrscoch : This is more underrated than me.

DUDES, TUNES, AND BREWS OFFICIAL : Go accuse some bar ruffians of being Richard Simmons. Or even Richard Simmons best friend Richard Simmons. That'd be pretty good.

Scott Winfrey : May this man live forever...

Phil Collins : Has Seth McFarlane called to get you to replace him with you as the voice of Peter Griffin yet? You are Amazing. Your impersonation of Peter Griffin is spot on! Good job!

JoDa GOAT : LMFAOOO 😭😭😭 omg 😭😭😭💀💀💀 this bouta be my fav channel

Albino Andyington : golden

VALENTINEproductions : Damn this should be viral

Draven : Shut up Meg!

Liam Evans : Absolute stroke of genius! xD

Jarowit Petryk : no one expects the spanish inquisition