Joaquin Phoenix on set as the Joker
Joaquin Phoenix on set as the Joker

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Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker is on the move in this awesome new set video!


Panacaptic : The way he looks and moved just screams joker

The Tenth Planet : His outfit looks like the one from the Adam West TV series. Seriously look it up it's the exact same bright shades and all. The more I see, the more I'm having some hope about this movie

Batman : damn he really lost a damn weight to play joker.. he’s determined to play the joker. im excited.

OffScript : Stop comparing Joker's it's pointless. Your only gonna be disappointed

THEY CALL ME BIG JIM : Finally a dc movie I will pay to watch let's hope they don't have any CGI like justice League lmao

Calavera Comedy : at this point, we are going to see the whole movie before it's filmed lmao

Robert_6- _ : Give me a dark knight vibe and jack nicholas vibe dont ya think. The way he walks out like dark knight and his wierd make up like jack

John : As a auctioneer says.... sold

J F*ckingWAR : Cool... For sure this isn't his final look... They wouldn't show this too soon... And the character can't just loose his imagery... Purple suite green hair white face red lips.. Thats it

Adam Turner : He brings that joker energy for sure .... best joker on its way?

Wade Wilson : Looking badass....

Victor Matthius Rivera : Awesome! He's got on the old school Joker look from The Batman series of the 60s.

Muhammad Zakuan Musa : Plot twist: this is actual footage of Clown Riot on Gotham city, US.

Lazy Wizard : Mmm, it is a little heath ledger though. Bank robbery scene comes to mind.

Hunter N : Wtf is with all these leaks, this could potentially be the greatest comic book film in years and people are just casually puttinf this stuff out

Josh Combs : So it's going to be a silent film?

Chris Galarza : Looks better than Jared Leto joker at least

Dean Russo : This is gonna be a sick movie.

wampus cat : Was having my doubts... This looks Amazing

MrJreed1000 : I like the makeup… 1st I thought it was lanlme.. But its really growing on me

Spider Comics : Okay joker I see u

Alex Burks : I wasn't really on board with Joaquin Phoenix as the joker....then I saw this. Super hyped.

Sean Markey : Another leak?! It's not out until Halloween 2019 and I've already seen too much.

Speek No Evil : Its a Cezar Romero suit and a John Wayne Gacy looking type clown face. Yep. Definately scary. The 2019 Christmas pack's of Different Batman & Jokers from 60's up to 2019. "And here we go"

Elijah La Crue : Chills! I hope thats what his Joker look will stay as! It looks original and Awsome! This looks like its gonna be good ladies and gentlemen!

TOM : Thanks for pointing him out or otherwise I would've completely missed him and wondered where he was. Much appreciated. 10/10.

ichdichhasserwasser : He walks exactly like Willem Dafoe as the gay cop in Boondock Saints

StillAtMyMoms : Takes place in the 70s...John Wayne Gacy inspired facepaint. This is going to be dark. I was hoping for at least some "normal" Joker facepaint, though.

Mixey : He's gonna be a great joker!

Rodan Gizzardcrusher : He's a better Joker in 24 seconds of B-Roll than Jared Leto will be in all the Harley Quinn spinoffs put together.

Kommissar : I was hoping he would be more of a serial killer than a terrorist. This looks like he is attacking infrastructure instead of JW Gacying it.

James Paz : Joker's back! And it ain't about laugh matter

Sir Kilday : Love Joaquin Phoenix as an actor. This should be fun to watch.

Ellie Phoenix : I was convinced that nobody can even possibly be close to what Heath has done. But Joaquin! I think we have a hit

Michael D : Looks like Ronald McDonald's evil brother

ESSA KHAN : Tf jaoquin phoenix is way good then i imagined in jokers role

Muhammed Bilal Yousaf : Different joker flims will have different stories

Paul Allen : Stop comparing to Heath Ledger. Every actor who has played the Joker has played the character different. Looks great 👍.

Esdras Lopez : God, he’s perfect for this its unbelievable

TheOtherWhiteBread0 : Hands down favorite actor of all time.

Master BloodWolf : This is gunna b an amazing joker, i can tell

adam ortega : Untill I saw this I wasn't sure how I felt but I want to see it now for some reason

lefr33man : I see they are going for the Cesar Romero look. Me likey.

Saifor : The face of joker looks like Kefka from Final Fantasy VI.

Col. R : I know they say we shouldn't compare but the outfit looks amazing, hoping its like the comics

Pizzapocalypse : I cant wait for this movie man its gonna be amazing!

Jack Dolah : Now this is a real joker! Look. At how he walks!! Love it

Arbaiah Seman : like heath...good luck brother

JN Woodard : They took it old school 🤘🏼