Pete sings Despacito and then reads the lyrics in English!
Pete sings Despacito and then reads the lyrics in English

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Kadz : This guy sings better than Luis Fonsi homself

MEMES NEVER DIE , MEMES ARE LEGENDS : Its not just any kind of Despacito Its an EPIC Despacito

Kipzo : While Despacito is playing: If you want this epic song to continue, all you need is give your credit card number!

espriminati : Pewds:I will win the Youtubes first place T-Series:No I Pete:guys I already took the *EPIC VICTORY ROYALE ON YOUTUBE*

Jesus Christ : Never hide that talent under a bushel Pete! Love the hell out of you!

redditdition : *I want to trespass your danger zone*

The Memester Gangster : I just need your credit card numbercito

ThinBlueOperators : *l e t m e t r e s p a s s y o u r d a n g e r z o n e*

Amjad Alshaar : his son is the luckiest son on earth.

Versaucey : *Breaking News : Voiceoverpete is in the studio with Luis Fonsi and Thanos to record Despacito 2*

Kadz : *_Top ten anime remixes_*

Y : send me pics of your labyrinth in your danger zone

Reptiiles : *Don’t torture Pete with dead memes.*

Neutral Bruh : Is there any limit to this mans talents?

Werdna : If pete hearts this I will eat a block of cheese.

iAmClickBait : I can’t wait to see his reaction when he hears Despacito 2

Humans Are Retarded Creatures : I see a cross Makes memes Sings Despacito *_Adopt me_*

Rare Item : Despacito 76 by VoiceoverPete (feat. Ninja, Logic, Rick and Morty)

John Calacanis : Yes. This is just... yes. I love it when you get to see Pete being family man right before he gets into uniform and sings about intercourse with his wife while their son is in the room spectating.

10,000 subscribers with one video : Everyone's talking about Pewdiepie vs. T.Series but everyone needs to look out for VoiceoverPete

ThatFun Fox : People say that this will never be the original It is the original

Dan : Luis Fonsi is in great danger due to Voice Over Pete's wonderful cover of Despacito. We must help Luis Fonsi break free from the *danger zone* so he can secure that epic victory royale!

N E C R ഠ ക : *S L O W L Y INTENSIFIES* .....your content is good as always ma man pete . :)

Flower : Attention all gamers we have ascended from MINECRAFTCITO to PETECITO

Lemoney : This is the one that deserves the 5,700,000,000 views. This is the one I will not like but *LOVE*

radarpinki : woah dude be careful you might get demonetized for a cover of despacito, which happened to pewdiepie

J-V P : Should’ve done this for Valentines Day

Kousthub Venkitesh : i want to like this video slowly

Cyviathic : Someone should animate this just saying that would be epic😎🤔🤔

Quahntasy - Animating Universe : Despacito all I need is your credit card numberito.

Safir : God he’s such a good dad.

TheReckless1 : I want to show you... *my mouth*

Izaak : *_beautiful; I am in tears right now, they are trickling down my cheeks_*

KrisTube : This is so sad, Pepe, play Despacito

Doggo Hecks : boys have deppression, men have wives *Legends sing despacito*

Mr. Cheemps : D E S P A P E T E O

Dr. Royalty : Anyone else feel like he was singing to his wife and only his wife? :)

MeryMemes : "MUSIC IN THIS VIDEO: DESPACITO" how touchy can content ID get?

Kommando 39 : This is just pure awesomeness

Jacob Martinez : *Let me trespass your d a n g e r z o n e*

FiveGreenBottles : this is actually good

grzmot suka : Ok this is epic

Anaberu : Teacher: Right class, who is your inspiration for when you're older? Me:

Shailesh Rana : "I want to breathe on your neck Slowly..."


László Bíró : DEEEEESPAAACITOOO. All I need is a good buritto

suicidal stick : experimental with a hint of terror

Craig Kinch : Let Me Trespass Your D A N G E R Z O N E

WingofTech : "Let me trespass your danger zone." ‼️