MetalTrump - Holy Wars

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HT O : Holy Walls

Rudy Ayoub : "It was this video officer, this video right here"

Peter Banjoo : wow dave really look different when e cut his hair

a810l2VvVy1i974e2749 notBot1st17zBi273 : Donald Trump the best voice of the thrash metal...

sickb2200 : MAMA - Make America Metal Again!

Jack Jones : Symphony of Immigration Juan sells.. But who's buying? Tornado of Gringo ... ... Alright that's enough lol x)

HULK HOGAN : 0:43 "ISSSreAL!!!"

Cine Silenziosa : Peace Sells... But He's Lying

EMB 59932 : Dave Mustaine for President 2020 🇺🇸 👑

Savatanica : This is why i pay for internet

Bazzyg : Metal Trump 2020!!!!

MAGNUM : The best president ever in all history of united states of america.

David Nwokoye : Holy Trump Trump Wars Dave Trumpstaine

Crowbar1115 : MAGADETH! Hahaha

Juan Correa : Holy Walls...Deportation Due

thenewyorkpauls : Killing is My Business... And Business Was Doing Better in Q2 of 2014


TheCrazyCanuck420 : Finally something about Trump I like :)

kkiinnoo sixsix : Upon my podium, as the Know it all scholar Down in my seat of judgement Gavel's bang, uphold the law Up on my soapbox, a leader Out to change the world Down in my pulpit as the holier Than-thou-could-be-messenger of God!!!!!

Fiat Obscuritas : We will make USA Metal again xD

Lagged : We need a full version.

nemonucliosis : Do peace sells.. Trump 2020

Francisco Marcelo : Trumpdeth- China Wars

Mitchell Drummer : It’s a masterpiece


Red Pilled : That probably took a long time you did a good job!

Michael Brown : Still winning, not tired yet. MAGA!

Витька : Das ist wunderschön. 😂😂🤘🤘

Dogfucker123 : Probably one of the best vids you've done Lars Von Retriever

dani- forc3 : Sir..xd Donal trump.. next megadeth vocalist xddd

Michael Canada : We will make america metal again😂

ad : i love trump MAGA

Jerry Gomez Jr : The only bad thing of this video is that it's too short .add more 👍👍

Miller Theory : Lol. Go Trump!

Benjy Portnoy : Wow...incredibly well done. I'm just sorry you had to spend so much time poring over Trump footage to do it.

Arnulfo Zamora : Megadet. Ja ja js se salieron ja ja ja se sacaron. Otro 10. Ja ja jaaaaaaa

alex bautista : who would give this a thumbs down?? .... maybe cuz it was too short....HOLY WARS!!!!!!

Dane Weir : MAGADETH

Noel López : If there is a better use for the internet I haven't found it.

Meiriane Silva : Masterpiece! hahahaha

Nick Lemaster : wow.... the more and more i watch this the more similarities i notice between trump and mustaine.... for real i mean both have red/strawberry blonde hair, similar facial features, no bullshit cut to the chase boss attitudes, total control freaks over their business/public media persona, they both look like a real deal frontman that belongs center stage.... somebody call maury cuz 1 of their daddys have got some explaining to do here.

solcito Ballester : Jajajjaja me encanta estos videos xD buen trabajo!

Daniel Ortiz Ruiz : El mejor video que has hecho lars ;D

THOR nado : i like that you try to get people in to metal by this if i understand right

Min Park : Trump : Holy Warnings Kim jong un : Holy Uraniums

Andreas Hassiotis : Better voice than Dave

Swigzs : Deus vult

David M.Ch. : Best parts: hahaha 0:01....0:13...0:41....Holyy wOooordsss!! 0:48


EmoTi.on.s : **HEAD BANGING**