The Ancient Art of Forging Japanese Knives

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Killatunga : That's a wise guy right there. You can learn anything and everything, except how to think.

DrX427 : For once, a video about a craft being kept alive instead of dying out!

UNLEASHING POTENTIAL - PSYCHOLOGY VIDEOS : Japanese knives are beautiful just like the people.

Machia Wallace : That bridge at 1:14

The Stig : Anyone notice the bridge at 1:14 has no railings?

Gerson Bryan : They look a like saibara "the old blacksmith" and grey "the apprentice that wear the same thing" in game Harvest Moon 🤔

ItchyKneeSon : I've been in Japan for over 8 years driving the narrow streets in my tiny Honda Today, but I had to rewind to 1:14 a couple times and pause just to make sure there was a car (a newer Suzuki Swift, if I'm not mistaken) driving over a narrow bridge that had no guardrails or anything to prevent a car from falling to its demise. Dass crayzee. By the way, I have many 'nata' of varying sizes and shapes. They're pretty gnarly hatchets. You should see Japanese weed wackers, or 'kusa kariki'. Basically, the weed wacker you know, but the nylon string is replaced by the blade from a circular saw.

Jeffrey Koelewijn : Blacksmithing is awesome !

Drew Fodor : That bridge at 1:14. Uh, no thank you.

Ava Garcia-Blacker : I love these videos they are so amazing and I learn so much from these videos and now I know so much stuff from this Channel these videos 😊

Nic Sander : I bet you 50 bucks, this is going to have anime adaptation

THE FOOD : *Buzzfeed* We learn to make swords

matthew stewart : Amazing, I'm always in awe at how you even find these small, interesting stories, and make it feel so important. Best channel on here, you guys give me hope for the future of YouTube

Niblet : Did everyone just instantly stop the video when they saw that bridge

Doug Palumbo : Any link to purchasing a blade from him?

Matt TheDestroyer 2 : Love these videos!

Sophia Haefke : That looks so cool and also hard work :D

Noah Nguyen : please do a video about nha nhac in vietnam, the classical court music of hue

1,000,000 VIEW's : -WATASHI WA TAMAGO-

Masta Grenadine : "It will Kill!" God, where is Doug Marcaida when you need him?

LolGuy : 1:15 that is one scary bridge to drive on.

Zack L : First

quito787 : Whoa that bridge with no railings... I dunno if I have the guts to drive down something that narrow without guard rails!!!

Spongebob SquarePants : Give one to Jason Voorhees

JustYourAverageGirl : True....but there are just some things the Internet can help you with that someone who has had years of experience in the field can.

krossball Animations : You know what? Not first *BOOM!*

I hate todays generation : Coochie,Japan

Ethan Robert : *Wow you can bold text*

Matthew Chow : The best thing is to get a healthy diet and workout

Bonsai CHANNEL : Thank you

Donald Duck : Nice vid boys

Icantcome Upwithaname : Mystical

How many subs can I get without posting any vids : Not first

Aaron Obyonek : Not first

iNoahthatkid 28 : First comment

ObiWahn Onryō : Who gives bad Rating and why. Well there must be people who have an IQ of a " Boxfish " (Ostraciidae)

Fernando Ortiz : MADA MADA

Phil eMotion : Subarashi desu !

War Mac88 : Cool

Trx Patel 354 O : Oof

Adi Yusuf Kurniadi : Internet can't give life experience. And you can't just learn without doin'. If you want to learn, read, and do it all over again, find the way out, solve the problem you face, meet someone that good at specific things. Dive! Deeper!

Hugh M. : Amazing. 💚

joshua wang : 979th like

fernandez : respect man

lukthere2 : Awesome

Oanh Dang : He cool I dent

fireaza : When the video started and he referred to his father as "oyaji" ("my old man") I knew this old guy was going to be pretty interesting!

MrMelloMan 1603008 : Noice 🔪

Ebb Flow : Glorious Nippon Steel!

Beatorama : 1:13 THAT IS A RISKY BRIDGE