What it's like to be on a canal boat during a storm

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Ever wondered what it's like to live on a narrowboat, stuck in a wind trap in the middle of a storm? Probably not, but I decided to capture this one on camera - using my wind-but-not-storm-proof microphone - to try and share the experience with you. Enjoy?! https://crankit.onuniverse.com


darren slater : i bet if you had gotten any footage of the locals walking about one or two of them may have had their big coat on.

London Boat Girl : I'm almost disappointed I was away for most of it. Fun fact: I was born during the '87 storm

Hayden Harris : I stay up all night hoping for some blowing oh and I love the wig. Xxx

Capt Larry - : try swinging at anchor riding 10 foot swells, in even higher winds in an 70 year old wooden boat... and then review this.

Lee Designer : Cheers Robbie, these are the kind of videos I need to take note of for when I finally have my own boat.

Peter Moring : Hey Robbie. You need to be a bit wary of copywrite laws. I'm sure I saw an episode of #Balimory like this one ;-)

Gary Arnold : Bout time, you Narrowboaters and your calm, peaceful, travelling around in the countryside type lifestyles with endless blue skies and green fields. LOL Well done for filming it!

sal blatch : Another interesting video Robbie👍tell me, have you ever had a sea sick feeling aboard? i have had it bad before and am concerned when we finally get on this barging holiday that it may strike ,especially in bad weather. The brownie in me is being prepared... thanks !

Peter Rutter : well done you have beaten Doris stay safe

984francis : I sometimes get an amber warning of wind during the night but it's got nothing to do with the weather😬

Bob Cannon : Cheeky Doris came a knockin'.

steve1978ger : Maybe you could hitch a ride on a sailboat going to sea for a few days. After that, the waves on the canal probably won't bother you any more.

Patty Farghaly : I'm glad your ok.

ozwzrd : Preparation is 110% of the job...

sean lee : I'm always blowing off feel for ya buddy

Harry Limes : I was watching a lady who had just brought a pram cover for the stern. She never fitted it right and that night it rained...alot. The Pram roof was directly pouring the rain water into her boat. Unfortunately she woke up to find half her boat had sunk. Pleasant dreams Robbie.... :)

Sam Sitar : that wind is very destructive.

Gary Souza : From a sailors perspective, be glad you were tied up to a dock/land, and not hanging on a hook in the middle of a bay, with swells. Done it and that'll tighten your pucker. Would have loved to get off the boat and had a few cold ones...

flat5sharp11 : That canal was getting quite a swell on at one point. Must have been getting on for 3 & 1/2 inches crest to trough. Savage.

Harry Stevens : You would have been no use at the battle of Trafalgar.

david butler : Brilliant👏👏😁👍

Jacob Shaw : hey man I hope your okay, and I have an idea for a future video, standage tunnel, it's the highest, longest and deepest tunnel in the UK!

Let's Explore ... : One for the experience book!

Alessandra_sea_witch : you are cute xx

Linux Email : Live on coast in Florida on Gulf Of Mexico. Glad you made it. Hurricanes are a spot of bother all summer between June and November. Been through many, damage and rebuilding.

cyberi4a : I hate when it's windy and I live on land. And it's only at night when the winds are  bad and you lay in bed hearing things crashing around and you don't know what it is.

William Jordan : Went through a hurricane once...... but I was in the USS LONG BEACH CGN-9, it was nuclear powered and the Captain said just point it into the wind and let her run........ we were smashing through waves that were spraying the Bridge windows 9 Levels above the surface of the sea..... yeah lots of fun.... Cheers

USA Freedom : Is that what u call a storm lol

avroflier : I was out on 70 footer in it bringing some users back last Thursday.

goinghomesomeday1 : Hello Robbie - Heck that was a blustery one. Been there in a sort of way while living in a mobile home in a field at the top of a hill facing SW. several nights during very strong South Westerlies I lay awake watching the roof rise and fall as the wind rattled the rafters so as to speak. Great video - well done.

MrJimbaloid : Oh rob mate it's a bit like being a trucker all day people are awful to you and then it's beddy time in a tin box that's hammered with rain and no sleep cos you are so worried about your truck/boat.

Donkeee : Can't get worse than that? you should have been around for the great storm of '88. No warning so all woke up to 100mph+ winds that tore down 200ft high 3m diameter trees and lifted over cars!! The good ole days!! We even had that twat Michal fish (weather guy) laughing and some old biddy who had heard that "a storm was coming" the patronising little prick!!!

Stephen Mundane : Glad you survived Doris Day (and night) Robbie. A bit more of Ms. Kappelhoff's "Que Sera Sera" attitude always helps in times of crisis. Man, that's a strained pop culture reference even for me ;-)

granjero luna brillo : haha if you don't like that don't go to Gloucester canal the waters like that most of the time and that's not including the ships and tour boats going up and down.

John Brookes : Hey great footage I have never seen spray come off a canal before. Its funny how you can hear banging, when your inside, but difficult to find when you go looking outside.

Current Batches : Well, if you live in a house, you also have to worry if stuff is going to blow off the roof.

MapTrotting : The storm is Cumming...

Norman Hughedicko : I live in a custom bumb boat for nearly 6 months with my wife and kids now..We rent out our 3 room apartment for extra cash..We sold our 2nd car and keep the family minivan and my trusty 600cc motorcycle for work.

Elizabeth Mullins : Question; can you purchase land next to the canal? Was thinking that you could build yourself a nice port for the storms...

Graeme Collin : And, apparently, hot on the heels of Doris, we've now got Storm Ewan ... One thing that I'm always curious abut in these scenarios - wind turbine generators (on boats, obviously) ... how well do they fair? Are they happy to simply sit there, generating more current than they ever dreamed possible, or are they at risk, and need to be taken down for safety?

L Wolter : What a nightmare, did you get any sleep at all? The double tree hotel looks promising.

bobie gale : Whiny little pom

Dan on the cut : Mate we had It bad here, spent my days off helping clear my local bit of Stratford Canal. Trees and allsorts of stuff in the cut. Glad you survived without damage etc, quite a few boats were bashed. Love the new found hair:)

Steve Hart : Hi Robbie. In the high winds or moored near a railway I make like an ostrich and go to bed with earplugs. They cut out enough noise to let you get into a deep enough sleep before they fall out.

Matt Allen : Tad blustery then? At least next time you'll nail down anything that moves on the roof!

Jesiah Mac : I literally never realised that 'red eye' could happen in videos, and not just stills.

alethia Nicola : I love the canals and was wondering how people cope in the bad weather, particularly Storm Doris last week. I really enjoyed watching this, very interesting. Thanks for sharing. I'm new to your channel so will have a look at your other videos. Here's hoping there's no more strong winds for a while :)

Crash Box : I've experienced winds of around 140mph which damaged the roof on my house, and I feared the conservatory was going to let go and end up in Norway, but thankfully survived. That's life living in Shetland, but it could be much, much worse. The anemometer at Saxa Vord Hill, on Unst, recorded a gust of 197mph just before the wind blew it away during the now infamous New Year's Storm of 1990/1991.

John B : A wind like that has been known to lift a boat , turn it over and sink it in just an instant. DO NOT SLEEP , BE VIGILANT !!