Well, sometimes you don't fake it.
How to survive on the streets according to Cricket

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Cricket talks about being raped on the streets


Kevin Lazaro : because it's so good...

beckmanator69 : sometimes you don't fake it... because it's so.. good

John Doe : watched this 9 times, laughed each time.

Nysarius Rexx : every episode with cricket in it is a good episode

Sideway8 : Cricket kinda looks like hermit Luke Skywalker in this

daboodeef179 : and it just ends...naturally.....

Pouya Mohebbi : The O's

D. Dalb : I would not be able to keep it together if I was on this show lol

Anthony T : I will appreciate always sunny forever, for all the laughter this show has brought me. The show is pure gold and the cast is incredibly undervalued in terms of their comedic genius and chemistry. The jokes, subtle cues, mannerisms, its timeless

Arden Vida : Rob is sitting there at the end just in awe of this dude's improve chops and trying not to die laughing lmaoooo

1 Bad Jesus : "...sometimes you DON'T fake it...and it just ends." ...LOL!!

Boat Knight : I read somewhere that Cricket is Married to Emily Deschanel, Hes a Lucky man

wherearemybones2 : hahaha 0:48 "you got to"....I want to chill with cricket so bad and just puff some crack and drink sixers of coors light

Ricky G : Clricket is definitely enlightened

mike m : I love how Charlie taps Mac at the end

Kebo Kev : Funniest blooper ever

cvt cvt : I wish they could have controlled themselves for more of this to be included

dwd ded : Cricket is THE funniest character

crzy1gs : Love Charlie's little finger roll, trying to prevent laughing.

Bic Flair : The O's hahaha

Keenan T : Best episode ever

Kitana Kojima : Those are the guys that don’t survive

Sherol Stewart : "You got to"

the 400 lbs chilean windsurfer : crics is the 2nd best always sunny character

Brometheus 322 : “Those are the guys that don’t survive, so I fake”

Brometheus 322 : ..so I fake

joshioaz85 : So fkn funny. Brilliant stuff..

DreamEvil121 : 1:07 Mac doesn't even try to be serious because he knows it is pointless

Hugh James-Berry : episode guys?

Cara Celeste : I thought it was going to be sunny

katlyn lanni : Every time he is on screen it’s fuckn gold!

thehomiealan : rip sarah jones

Master Oshi : here for my daily view

Crystal Beth : Two observations re: takes ruined by laughter. 1. often the bloopers are funnier than the take they used 2. sometimes you can fully see someone breaking in a take they DID use, which I guess gives answer to all the people who say ‘how did they keep it together for this show?’ - poorly 😂 but that’s what makes this show great. Both written and performed by hilarious people.

Goose : I might get a lot of backlash from this but I wasn’t very impressed with this last season.

RogelioDelaToro : Why didnt they put this in the show xD i guess they couldn't get a good take withiut them dying

Applesand pears : sometimes you don't fake it

Colin Vowell : I just remembered that Mac was on the show Lost

Crazy56U : ...is this a blooper?