Smokehouse, pizza oven, bread oven, garden grill - DIY project - stop motion/timelapse

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DIY projects - step by step : Here You can watch how it works

TheDrunkenDwarf : if it were up to me i would have kept the old fash brick look to it, just think it would look better that way

Roger Smith : This is exactly how mine is designed. It looks almost just like this except on the right side of mine is a grill where yours is flat and inclosed. Nice smoker you have there. :)

Freddie Darden : do you have a list of supplies u used and the size of this etc I like this set up a lot

Howard Abraham : Can you get your pizza over to 700 degrees or more?

Misanthropic Magnate : Would have looked so much better with out the plaster.

Deyab Taiwan : First of all i would like to say great job! Well done! I dont have much experience with brick laying ( this is my first year in general DIY and building industry we managed to turn a couple of abandonned WW1 era storage bungalows into houses), i have a bit of experience with cutting wood , tiles , a bit of brick laying and what not. Do you think i should give it a go? Your piece pf work looks like the kind of thing i need ( I love BBQing looking to build something with a grill , smoker , oven and what not so i can cook all sorts.) how long did it take you to finish your project and how much did it cost? Also generally when building a BBQ like that does it have to be far from a building ? Our house already has a bit of concrete base around the outside walls is it viable to build bbq on the house’s outside wall? ( the building is made of bricks.)I apologise for the long tedious wall of text!Thank you for your time and your video!

Omar Cisneros : How many bricks did you use to build it? Is the bottom latch to place the firewood? I'm having a hard time visualizing what the other latches are for.

Mark Symons : I dont understand where the pizza is cooked. Looks like the cooking surface is closed off. Anyone know?

J. Cram : Nice vid but the music is annoying and ruins video so it sucks