Jonah Hill Got Directing Advice From Martin Scorsese
Jonah Hill Got Directing Advice From Martin Scorsese

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After working together on “The Wolf of Wall Street,” Jonah Hill went to film icon Martin Scorsese for advice on directing his own film, “Mid90s.” Watch more on the SiriusXM app: SUBSCRIBE for more videos: Want to know what's going on with Howard Stern in the future? Follow us on Twitter: On Facebook: On Instagram: For more great content from the Howard Stern Show visit our official website: Hear more Howard Stern by signing up for a free SiriusXM trial:


Rinky Dink : Omg let him talk

MrGMovieReviews : it looks like my boi jonah bout to pull out a gat

Cody Mathes : Is Jonah going into Kubrick mode with his look?

vambo13257 : he has a beard, wow, now he is a serious artist!!

Bruno Qirim : From trying to get a fake ID to learning how to direct from Scorsese Jonah Hill hold dis W

Max Rockatansky : Those glasses. Lmao Jonah is full blown Hollywood.

Daniel Villalobos : When he starts rattling off the list of directors he's worked with... geez, that'd be a dream résumé for a lot of young actors in Hollywood.

ARIELLA : Good job Jonah! So proud of you

hawaiidispenser : The glasses, the coat, the beard... that's how I know he's a good director!

sherlocked12 : And we will never know what Scorsese told me

V C : He is such a great actor and funny as hell. I hope he still takes some comedic acting roles along with directing. Prob not but would be great.

Iggy 4 : Martin S has all that experience to pull from, one of the greats.

LONDON MACE : nice to see someone honoring the greats with such respect and humility. MS IS CINEMA! Great interview JS and JH!

A1sausie : Jonah looks a character from American Hustle.

Last Laff : Jonah Hill looks like a 1970's boy band manager.

mommatoldme : mid90s was the best movie that came out that year

Jack D. Ripper : i respect his respect for Scorsese and the craft of filmmaking in general.

Krishna Suryawanshi : so what did you learned.. aahh so many thing. yeah! yeah. okay yeah.

23v0lv32 : this was a fantastic interview

James Marvosa : nice upload!

Giovanni : Good stuff. 👍🏼

Roman Sidenko : Holly crap. That was insightful, with lack of meaningless details) Howard basically cracked him open.

itsthehouse! : Jonah looking like Kubrick in the flesh.

Junior senior : Jonah reaching for that 9

Themistokles Theodosopoulos : Stern's craft as an interviewer is really stellar these days as well honestly. He was always good but I think he aged very well in the sense that he isn't the shock jock anymore but he is still provocative in how he engages with the guest.

Liam Mellon : I Loved Mid90s!

Boomer : I love how Howard hides behind the mic 😄😄 I honestly don't think he looks that bad.. I mean sure I can agree he was kinda funny looking when he was younger, but he got alot better looking as he aged. He's way too harsh on himself... But hey what do I know, only usually see half of his face lol.

Douglas Kalberg : Scorsese is in my top five directors, The Wold of Wall Street looks like a film made by a much younger man, but I still rate the Coen Brothers higher.

psychesoulinthehole : I love this dude

Drew Ryan : Scorses practices Transcendental Meditation and preaches it. That + experience is what allows him to fix those problems in 30 seconds.

Thaeda - : Dude’s top shelf.

giorgi sichinava : Jonah is one of the best actors work ing today

nfinitiduck : A mensch