Jonah Hill Got Directing Advice From Martin Scorsese

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The Howard Stern Show : Watch Jonah Hill's full Stern Show interview here:

Max Rockatansky : Those glasses. Lmao Jonah is full blown Hollywood.

hawaiidispenser : The glasses, the coat, the beard... that's how I know he's a good director!

Cody Mathes : Is Jonah going into Kubrick mode with his look?

MrGMovieReviews : it looks like my boi jonah bout to pull out a gat

Daniel Villalobos : When he starts rattling off the list of directors he's worked with... geez, that'd be a dream résumé for a lot of young actors in Hollywood.

vambo13257 : he has a beard, wow, now he is a serious artist!!

Themistokles Theodosopoulos : Stern's craft as an interviewer is really stellar these days as well honestly. He was always good but I think he aged very well in the sense that he isn't the shock jock anymore but he is still provocative in how he engages with the guest.

Rinky Dink : Omg let him talk

itsthehouse! : Jonah looking like Kubrick in the flesh.

Bruno Qirim : From trying to get a fake ID to learning how to direct from Scorsese Jonah Hill hold dis W

Drew Ryan : Scorses practices Transcendental Meditation and preaches it. That + experience is what allows him to fix those problems in 30 seconds.

Thaeda - : Dude’s top shelf.

Boomer : I love how Howard hides behind the mic 😄😄 I honestly don't think he looks that bad.. I mean sure I can agree he was kinda funny looking when he was younger, but he got alot better looking as he aged. He's way too harsh on himself... But hey what do I know, only usually see half of his face lol.

Jason Roberts : Martin S has all that experience to pull from, one of the greats.

psychesoulinthehole : I love this dude

23v0lv32 : this was a fantastic interview

Douglas Kalberg : Scorsese is in my top five directors, The Wold of Wall Street looks like a film made by a much younger man, but I still rate the Coen Brothers higher.

A1sausie : Jonah looks a character from American Hustle.

James Marvosa : nice upload!

Giovanni : Good stuff. 👍🏼

nfinitiduck : A mensch