Is Google always listening: Live Test

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Mitchollow : This video has largely been debunked. Watch the follow-up video here: The single biggest flaw in this video is that I am live streaming directly to YouTube which is of course recording and processing the microphone's audio the entire time. More generally I agree with many of you that this was a poorly done experiment and I contaminated the results rather quickly by clicking on that first ad. Whether it was Google, Cortana, malicious adware, or something else is entirely debatable and I of course make no conclusive statements about the veracity of my results. For a much more rigorous and scientific test watch this guy's video:

Coding in Flow : Well Google I want a girlfriend

Olenka Biki : Today I said that I wanted to start going to music school and I said a few things about pianos and a few minutes ago i had a advertisement on ig about pianos

Warren Lowe : At least google listens when no one else will 😥😥

Green Eyeshadow : "A billion Asian people" best quote ever

lclone GTA5ONLINE : I said some words in broken french as some kind of a joke and then youtube recomended me a french learning video

Quân Đặng : I love that dog toy speech

hurvel : 5:26 look on the right.

Javito98 : To be honest , I thought It was only coincidence while i was speaking about a Thing , and then the adds comes into YouTube and google adds ......... But now ....

Rodrick HD : i use adblock but omg google is fcking listenning to me

Lo2T0dessy : All of the dislikes are google bots trying to hide it lmao

Tomas Vallejos : Yesterday we were wondering with a friend if Google were listening to our mic and today this video appeared in my recommended list 😂😂😂

Fresh Potential : His face at 8:20 hahaha

Drew J. : A while ago is was taking an online quiz to determine my approximate political leanings and one of the questions in the test was a multiple choice “Protectionism is sometimes necessary in trade” and the responses ranged from strongly agree to strongly disagree. I had no idea what protectionism was so I was talking to myself trying to understand what the word meant. I turned on my phone, opened google and typed ‘what is...’ into the search engine, which immediately auto completed my query to ‘what is protectionism in trade’ I was shook.

DedSecTv : I was talking about me becoming a rapper and a day or two later a ad on IG said become a rapper now. I was like wtf

greenstreet : Nothing creepy there. Nothing is coincidence. Just a bunch of people trying to control everything in our lives. America is nothing but a huge science experiment ran by nazis whos family infiltrated our government. Research operation paperclip

Гид по смыслам : Actualy, dog toys ads was at the first page already

Shiny Magikarp : Uh dude it was on the fark website before you even went to the others sites lol. Look on the right side


Abiscoitado : WOW

épinards & caramel : This is why people believe in mediums. Sigh.

smoking Killer : Well everyone BURN your freaking mic

OnnyGames- E : Did anyone notice there was an Ad of dog toys before he even open new pages in the fark page lol

Peterplayz123 : Welp, I’m gonna go burn my mic now

Benedita Oliveira : He missed the dog ads on fark 5:20

Astro Flame : Dude dogs are color blind

Leigh B : well when he clicked on an ad about dogtoys wouldn't it start giving him more ads about dogtoys?

Nibagg : where did u get that background??

SomeKidOnTheInternet Something : Why dont you peasants get adblocker

Dat360NoScope : That's disturbing.

Dwight Alvin Giovanno Setyawardhana : Im pretty sure Its programmatic banner ads by the tradedesk, not google.

Katie - Reapfield : You think that the more you click on those ads, the more they're gonna give them to you. Also, you can't without a doubt prove that this wasn't purely coincidence either.

Petar Petrov : I've did it again. Twice. With bulgarian words and in english. It does not worked. But the ads are still something that I am talking with my friends. I've started job and I've started to speak in german for 8 hours and 2-3 weeks later - in my newsfeed in Facebook have more german news, more german post from people who i Know that are living or Germany, or more german stories.

It's Ripper : They do keep your recordings.

Al Borland : The worst is the ads on Instagram! They’re spot on every time

logankohn : Fake

Jellify : The truth is right in front of you people.... I’m surprised no one knew about this like it’s been obvious for years now lol.......... and they called me crazy ://

fayenc : Prepared to be scared ??!!?!!?

Nerdling : Just today, me and my bro were arguing over the definition of redundant. Then we typed in “meaning of” into the computer that was on right next to us and it knew we were going to search for redundant

AWSMcube : YouTube didn't delete this video because that would be too suspicious...

dyscea : Mindblown. Doesn't affect my life at the moment, but definitely keeping this in mind. Thx for the vid!

jsmc84 : No lie one time i swear google read my mind

MrMetonicus : Has anyone seen the movie "Branded"?

Buying Feet Pics : There would need to be a syetem process either capturing your microphone data and saving it to a file, or sending it back to a server. So this would mostly likely be quite easy to spot from a cyber security perspective. Nothing of the sort has been spotted, so for now that's just a coincidence. Although this is very freaky and warrants real controlled tests.

Simul8 : He missed the dog ads on Fark too!

Windex : Maybe better test will be if you will open google on incognito

TheMainMan318 : You ruined the test by clicking on the first dog toy ad you saw. It is was a coincidence you clicked the ad

shadow gamer : Te website where he pulled the other websites from olso had a dog toy add

LiveEvil : It's weird because at the start he shows that he hasn't pre made any dog ads, then he see's a breast cancer ad, and one hundred Asian men... was he talking about those as well? I really don't think so. And in the end he kept talking about microphones... weird I didn't see any ads for those....? But what google could do is follow the ads you click on and if you do it might show more of it?? hmmmmmmmmm?

Pen takers : Helpful