Is Google always listening: Live Test

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Coding in Flow : Well Google I want a girlfriend

Maniac Magge : Man Zuckerberg, you're digging a deeper hole for yourself

skeleton_love : I'm surprised Google hasn't suggested therapists for me yet.... But I do get a lot of dildo ads

Tealdragon204 : Ever wonder why Google Chrome uses up so much CPU and RAM

TheGreatGamer64 : In Russia *YOU* listen to Google

Cheesy Charlie : That’s actually creepy dude.

Debre Szabolcs Attila : I like how nobody watched the stream, but the video became viral.

Dead Link : That is actually really useful because if I want to buy something online and I can’t find it on eBay or amazon I can just talk about vanilla flavored condoms and bam it’s right there when I read a buzzfeed article

Mike Baker : I believe that this is a thing, but the moment you clicked on the dog ad ( 5:58 ) you likely triggered traditional adsense and cookies so the subsequent dog ads are contaminated results.

iNx : I have ad-block.

Simul8 : He missed the dog ads on Fark too!

Troll : *Reason to use Bing for porn searching*

Idrees Rage : 5:16 there's more dog toy ads on the right

Kieron Kierzo : The reason they get away with it is when asked do you record voice and process it, the answer is no. However the loophole is that's they can match audio patterns to words. Voice is just one of the many many logging things Google do, if you go to a certain shop your GPS will let them know where you have been even if turned off for you. People worry about the big companies processing data but even the small ones do it and because their smaller they can get away with it easier. I've worked at data companies that aggregate Facebook through sending out fake profile friend requests, they harvest your "likes" even visual data in your pictures and cross match them with financial companies, I've personally seen Facebook cross matched data decrease a valuation on a car at a small car company that's hooked up to data hubs, you will be categorised if you have expensive "likes" or if your liking crap then you may be rejected a mortgage, you won't see discounted ads if your deemed you can afford it. Even if you don't carry your phone about with you as I somtimes do, your voice has a unique profile identifier, if your friend has their phone with them and you talk then you can also expect to be "logged". This is just a tip of the iceberg of the capabilities, people need to remember that mining data is worth more than mining gold and it's an endless tap. If you can think of any extremly wild way that your data could be taken then assume that it's already being done. I personally laugh at people who say they have nothing to hide. It's nothing to do with that fact, Google is not a search engine. They are a data company. Their extreme wealth is because you hand your data out for "free" next time you buy something you've been targeted for specifically because of your demand and pay more for then your putting money in their pockets and messing up the middle class eco system. Rant over have a nice day lol.

Tim Ugrin : His face at 8:21 😂😂😂

Janek Green : Sometimes ads appear about products that I've only thought about

Gavin Maik : Have you ever seen a comment and been like I wish I wrote that?

Andres Shamis : Now we know why chrome consumes so much ram

Marshall Finch : This is bullshit. If he wants to provide "conclusive evidence" he should show use Wireshark to monitor traffic out to Google while he's not using a browser, he should identify the application transmitting those packets, and he should provide evidence that it's accessing his microphone. The format he's using is too easy to fake.

Ad Acc : tl;dr Fake af. It is a simple hoax. If you look at the ads he shows before he talks about 'dog toys', they are all over the place. This is what google ads look like when google doesn't know what to pitch you. This means the account is probably a brand new account or one with google adsense disabled. Notice that he uses rather than googling some random websites. He is trying to avoid creating a search history for google to use and customize its ads. Notice that his hands aren't always on screen either. He could have easily logged on to google using his phone and had the google microphone search on while he talked about the dog toys. Then when he opened the browser on his laptop again, the only search history google had to bae its ads on is dog toys.

whimper_ snapper : Can we talk about how he specifically said "maybe a red or black one, just something to chew on" at 8:07 dog cjewing toys in specifically black and red. Creepy

EpicJacoby : 5:16 dog ads already poppin up

Aldo Zulfikar : Listen, im not horny guys but i alyways found a viagra ads on my screen

Sensei Maggi : Omg Google advertisement before the Video started

Swagsy : DedSec where are you when we need you

R M : once my mom was telling me how i should sign up for the ACT exam. i’ve never searched it or talked about at all, and an hour after our conversation i found an ad for the exam on Instagram.

BlankEquinox : *turns on ad-block* *Defense 100*

Cam Cash : I got payday 2 a couple months ago and had never watched a youtube video on it, i was talking with my brother about it and the next day youtube recommended me payday2

max rules : Dogs will conquer the world

Snacklepuss δӆácklépúδδ : You missed one: Twice within 10 secs you said AFFORDABLE DOG TOYS and AFFORDABLE ITEMS: Then A FORD Truck was advertised: BUT to be impartial at 5:55 you should not have clicked the first dog toy ad: Instead you should have independently opened the tabs without clicking ads to rule out `coincidence` because a webpage not seen; can be generated / scripted from the users actions on the other: Note: A page no longer has the full content unless its being observed: As shown by YouTube videos which only load when you observe them: IMO the ads are clearly cached in your `virtual ram` and simply unlock; and pair via a handshake online once the `command` is sent from voice: Over the years I put this down to coincidence; then I put it down to paranoia and now I put it down to logic: Google has become so unnatural that it uses at least triple the ram and CPU that it should: My CPU and hard drive is whirring constantly as we speak: I clean it regularly: Same outcome: CPU + Ram gets chewed up: It even shows in Task Manager: The hidden events arent triggered because "permissions"

Cassandra Bankson : *This explains all of the adult diaper ads I’ve been getting...* wait what

kevin 20 : I see the video I click it and get a Google ad😂😂

Bowen Hou : Go changing another browser bro. Lol

British Jack : You should really disable the advert settings in Windows 10, as that's what's causing it...

Equinox : Guys just download MicMute and setup a shortcut to mute your mic then. You should be all Gucci

Слон GTA5ONLINE : I said some words in broken french as some kind of a joke and then youtube recomended me a french learning video

moon landing fake : Jeez someone get this guy some dog toys lol

Bobert : So looking down a lot after he puts down the paper. Also looks like he picks up something (guessing phone) right after he moves the paper @ 3:56 . Also at 4:06 "So maybe we can find him... uh some really nice... some really nice toys for.. some really nice toys for dogs." THEN AT 4:09 (looking at same place it looked like he moved a phone) he gets very specific, I think he couldn't think of dog toy names so looks down at the phone which he is searching dog toys on and just seen some ads he'd get after he searched and tried saying everything about them. Just a guess you decide for yourself.

iMuhammad Siam : Hey google, succ my Nokia brick, try to spy through that huh

Curtis Patrick : This was interesting and I'll have to try it out. I agree this looks pretty damning. But I don't think this definitively proves Google/Chrome is always listening. The first possibility is that this is a well orchestrated stunt with the intent of generating revenue. Having not knowingly watched any of your videos, I'll assume that you are a stand up guy just testing a theory. Another possibility is that the placement for dog toys on the first page was random. But when you clicked on that ad, you reinforced that selection, which would increase the likelihood that the add would appear in other search results. That the ad space on last page you visited was blank until you opened the tab suggests that your previous clicks on dog toy ads may have moved that ad to the top of the "show next" list. To mitigate the impact of interacting with the add, consider running a similar experiment but avoid interacting with the ad: do not click or even move your mouse over the add. Just change tabs and scroll with the mouse wheel and see if you see the same frequency of hits. Consider using some method of randomly generated the "thing". Maybe from something like this: (of course, there is the risk that the ad engine might use the items displayed to determine which ads to show you.) Yet another possibility is that the ad companies classification algorithms have put you in the dog" category based on previous search results and clicks. You don't actually have to have purchased or search for dog toys; perhaps you've watched a lot of 'hope for paws" videos, upvote 'doge' memes on Imgur, or recently visited sites that are strongly associated with "people that definitely have a dog" classification. Perhaps the only way to test this theory is to: 1. Purchase a new computer so that the MAC address is not associated with past usage/shopping/querying. 2. Only boot it up somewhere where the location would not easily associate you with some category like an airport (ie: maybe 'people who go to starbucks' and 'people that definitely have a dog' classification.) 3. Run your same test 4. Don't move the mouse over or click any ads.

JeyPeytey : I talked about this very specific subject this afternoon with my cousin (irl) and now this video appears on my suggestions. And I never searched a video of this kind. That's.. Hum, ok.

Jaden Webb : YouTube was listening to me and that’s how I found this vid

CoolAlex : Did he not realize on 5:17 that there is a dog toy ad already .

tHe tRoLl : That is messed up.

Anonssr : I know I've got months later to the party, but you ARE streaming in YouTube (Google!) at the time you perform this experiment. You are actively sending your audio through their streaming platform where they perform any sort of processing and might as well take the opportunity to listen and target ads. It might be worth checking out the ToS of streaming via YouTube. That being said, have you tried performing the very same experiment "offline"? Talking to yourself without explicetly opening your mic to google?

J-Brazen : What if I talk about getting Bing, imagine Google giving me ads to get Bing instead lmao.

Saul Dominguez : It was also on the fark website but he didnt see it lol

poop man : next year your camera is always watching

Malkiboii : It's literally at the first page you opened at 05:15

NeoooooGaming : this is actually scary af