Is Google always listening: Live Test

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Larry Stylinson Moments : It happens to me all the time with Instagram ads... that's just so creepy

Cassandra Bankson : *This explains all of the adult diaper ads I’ve been getting...* wait what

Rigby : This explains why I keep getting ads for anal cavity stretching dildos. Wow that's amazing

Shane Butler : *Someone talks about dropping a bomb when all they did was take a crap and the FBI shows up*

Xixaooolittleshark : There was a Ford ad because you said "something I can afford"

SHADYBAD1 : I was streaming my gameplay and I started to sing Bob woman no day between all the game videos....a Bob Marley video was there in recommended for you....

ZNTG Gamer : Those 9.3k people who disliked are google workers

I have no creativity : I just saw a man talking to himself about dog toys for like a min

Annie Honeybee : One time I was at Macy’s with my husband. I showed him some pajamas that would be cute for our daughter. I had my phone in my hand. When I got home and logged in to my laptop which is also linked to my google account I had an advertisement from Macy’s with the exact same pajamas. Completely weirded me out.

The Ninja Boss : So one time I was sitting in German class and my teacher called me over because she knows I want to be an actor. She shows me this clip from like forever ago on HER computer at school on YouTube and it was completely different than anything I watch on YouTube on my account. When I come home later that night the video she showed me is in my recommendations.. still was one of the most coolest/scariest moments

biebs problem : i think pinterest does this too. i talk about something and it suddenly comes up on pinterest. scares me all the time

silentshotghost : The problem with this test is that you only minimize google application, what I mean by this is that it still runs in the background of your pc after you close out of the tabs. So if you want to not have google listen you have to close the process to google by opening up task manager and ending the background process

Sasuke Uchiha : Thats why i always saw tentacle hentai ads

MupschiPlayz : Maybe Google can watch through your Webcam 😉

John McManus : Boom that’s why ADBlock is the best guys 😂

whimper_ snapper : Can we talk about how he specifically said "maybe a red or black one, just something to chew on" at 8:07 dog cjewing toys in specifically black and red. Creepy

Madison Mims : If google does always listen, why won't she ever answer me when I say "hey google"

Brandon Beavis Investing : But dogs are colourblind... 🧐🧐🧐

X : 5:22 how didn't you notice the AD on the right...holly shit

Blow Me : No wonder I’ve been getting ads for big black goddesses in my area

O Universo Leitor : George Orwell was right after all. Big Brother is real.

Justin Salters : Technically not illegal because you give permissions to everything when you verify

NelsonBorisYeltsin : It was kinda like a horror movie with something in the backgroud when he didn't notice the first ads

Lof 31 : Omg it's scary

Muhammed : Im gonna say to ma mic: “Im live bomber lets go to W.DC” 10 minutes later: knock knock :D

Uncle Cletus : Facebook has ads for a dream I had last week.

Sulav Acharya : Just be safe online these privacy issues are with every social networking sites not probably Google There was a dog toys add on the first page too and when you open an add more similar adds appear

Love Ranger : 4:22 dogs are colour blind lol

twice soul : this happens cause u visited

J-Brazen : What if I talk about getting Bing, imagine Google giving me ads to get Bing instead lmao.

Eric Ramsey : I've talked about roller coasters and haven't searched them and got six flags ads

_РЕПКА_ : Yanbex the best

Sulav Acharya : *I TRIED THIS* *FAKE NEWS*

onlineamiga : This isnt really a true test considering you were live streaming to Youtube (A google server) so of course it was listening to you :)

Kiera Soames : Me and my brother were walking back from town in Turkey and my brother was talking about how England don't sell Lemon Lipton because he bought Lipton in town, but he was saying that he is probably the only person that buys that and stuff like that. When we stoped talking about it, my brother went onto Instagram and was just scrolling though his photos and a ad for Lemon Lipton came up. That was such a long story with such a obvious ending 😹


Mignificent : Wow. At 10:54 an ad for “Dog Food Dispensor/ Plush toy!!!!!?!!! That’s insane!!!! Because I tricked you. XD

Nuhmb : That's why fortnite ads are everywhere.....

JoelRichardson : What's up from Greensboro NC

Rodrick HD : i use adblock but omg google is fcking listenning to me


BallisticVoid : Google might listen but that first ad you got would be the only proof of that because you clicked on that ad then the other sites had those cookies and they then gave you more dog toy ads. [EDIT] So I saw the dog toy ads at 5:17 before he went to the first site to find ads......... I don't know who to trust anymore :'( I can't trust facebook I can't trust google. what do I do now?

Charlie Lord : I got a banjo ad on YouTube while my dad was listening to banjo music

TR INTERPOL : im gonna take google to cort

Moto Sly : so google is hearing allot of fapping????

Just Fox : Thats creepy AF!!!

Pacific YT : That’s Peaaaaaaaaak!

Victor Julian Perez Perez : Wow

Andreas Köhler : HaHaHaHaHa

Corri Noel : Ive done this test. Ive said I was pregnant aloud with a girlfriend and had never searched anything because I wasn't and got nothing but baby stuff for quite some time