Is Google always listening: Live Test

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Mitchollow : Watch the follow-up video here for various reasons that explain this outcome: The single biggest flaw in this video is that I am live streaming directly to YouTube which is of course recording and processing the microphone's audio the entire time. More generally I agree with many of you that this was a poorly done experiment and I contaminated the results rather quickly by clicking on that first ad. Whether it was Google, Cortana, malicious adware, or something else is entirely debatable and I of course make no conclusive statements about the veracity of my results. For a much more rigorous and scientific test watch this guy's video:

Coding in Flow : Well Google I want a girlfriend

Annabelle Robertson : One time I was watching tv with my family and we started talking about ps4 and ps4 games cause we were gonna get one, and then almost all the commercials were for ps4 games

Introverted Neutral : Does YouTube do this??!!

Lil Ninja : Sees A Video About Google *Plays Google Home Ad*

Alex301 : Some meta stuff just happened, I was talking to my sister about Google listening through microphones and then this video got suggested... *What. The. Hell.*

Ben Doeseverything : Best part is that when he opened after he talked about dog toys on there was an ad for dog toys and he didn’t even notice Woah... Thanks for 3,000 likes🙂

Daren Lance : Just talk about not having adds.

Noob Army : 8:22 look at his face and the screen XD

NRD Chronix : 5:23 it already shows the advertisements on the right

NoFapPhoenix : This doesn't help me as a paranoid schizophrenic

King Bob ツ : That’s actually creepy dude.

NoFapPhoenix : My friend called me last week with a gun to his head wanting to commit suicide I talked him out of it, luckily I called my mom and she comforted me as we talked for hours The next day I go on YouTube and all these Suicide videos start popping up Anything from George Carlin Suicide jokes to "top ten reasons not to commit suicide" True story

Simon Carlhammar : 2 weeks later Mitchollow was diagnosed with breast cancer :(

NRD Chronix : “Something he can chew on, you know, a dog bed...”

Andrew Chun : 4:38 8:30 a - FORD - able dog toys??

Simul8 : He missed the dog ads on Fark too!

amazing_dude : Maybe Google knows that you are doing a test.

BrendanJ Rice : *opens google* IMMEDIATE PET ADVERTISEMENT

BLUE NIKE : OK google Google assistant:how can I help you Me : are you listening to me always Google assistant : yes I do 👂👂👂😊😊😊😊 Not even safe in my home screen

S G : Wait, so this means Google now knows what my plan is to take over the world? For those who don't know, this was a joke.

whimper_ snapper : Can we talk about how he specifically said "maybe a red or black one, just something to chew on" at 8:07 dog cjewing toys in specifically black and red. Creepy

M Clemons : No wonder I get ads for like animal jam or minecraft, because my mom always asks what I'm doing.... I'm a minor don't make fun of me.

luke buttler : Who else cracked up whenever he said Asian people at 3:56 6:56

Xxclusive Joe : I feel like moving out of America cause all they do is invalid ur privacy

Swago_Waffle : Me: Boy do I ever want a will to live Google: *all ads disappear*

Janek Green : Sometimes ads appear about products that I've only thought about

Ramsay Brewer : Did anyone notice when he went to fark, there was a dog toy add right there

smile. : At 5:20 in the right xd

The Tragic Turtle : (Fake but possible) BREAKING NEWS!!! Google identifys criminal because of the hidden voice recognition service when criminal talks about hostages and eventually gets ads linking to the dark web.

Henk de steen : Maybe you could try If they are listening if you’re offline like no internet connection too.

Check My Playlist : *now the real question is that if they can smell everything you do*

Luka Miles : @8:15 what were you talking about before hand to get those ads then🤔

Simon Says Apple : I don't want to believe this, so I just decided I wont.

Felix Swedish Potato : Does it work with Swedish language too ? I think not :/ I was getting whatever ads since I sang the I’m a banana song out loud. Banana ads did pop up then :/ even products that contain bananas in ... idk

M0rn1n6St4r : A sample size of 1 is "conclusive"? Ok. Here's my conclusion: There is an application event called OnStart(); some application settings are only set at launch, requiring the application to be closed for some CHANGES to take effect... subsequent OnStart() event. He starts the video with an OPEN browser. If he searched for "dog toys", but closed that tab... OPENING new tabs for recently viewed pages, should load the CACHED page, with the CACHED ads for each page. He closes the browser, with ClearCache() active for the OnQuit() event. He opens a the browser, again... OnStart() loads the cookies, including those from the "dog toys" search. Without CACHED pages, "dog toys" ads are loaded in pages using Google's ad services. But, he talks about "dog toys" to create the (potential) illusion that the change in outcome is CAUSAL... speaking made it so. Post hoc ergo propter hoc: after it, therefore because of it. I don't KNOW he did what I described. But, given that he COULD have gotten his results by the method I described, puts them in doubt. Nothing is "conclusive" while doubt exists. Even if he starts by OPENING the browser, he could use video editing to hide the activity I described. He could set a proxy server, and scripts, to return one set of pages for initial requests, and another set of pages for subsequent requests. He could have "Superfish" adware on his Windows machine... especially, if it is an older Lenovo. It is in Google's interest to protect our information, because then advertisers MUST PAY THEM to target us with advertising. If advertisers... or any other ENTITIES... get DIRECT ACCESS to our information... Google's revenue, and position in the market is WEAKENED. They must protect us, to protect themselves. But, that's not to say they do not PROFIT from our data. We pay for access to their products by letting them profit from selling LIMITED ACCESS to our data. Otherwise, we must pay them DIRECTLY. They are not a charity. They not stupid, either.

JeyPeytey : I talked about this very specific subject this afternoon with my cousin (irl) and now this video appears on my suggestions. And I never searched a video of this kind. That's.. Hum, ok.

Perfect Enrager : Well google I want to get all the ads removed from YouTube

im watching youtube : i rlly didnt think this would work agghhh thats terrifying

SupaGoku560 Fart : *burns microphone*

M0rn1n6St4r : My attempts to reproduce his results have failed, but I am not running Microsoft Windows on any of my devices. I am running various distros of Linux and BSD. Despite those discrepancies... my insufficient sample size of SIX (including a Chromebook)... my results are "conclusive": Google DOES NOT slave ANY microphone... on ANY device. Device owners generating click-bait, however, IS REAL! lol

Cassandra Bankson : *This explains all of the adult diaper ads I’ve been getting...* wait what

The Mature people 4real : Note, they aren't. They use cookies

Sugarkoko ! : 5:27 DOG TOYS! And for it to be correct you need to test it multiple times for your answer to be stable. :)

Dre Lex : I’ve never seen an ad for this coffee before and I was at shoprite (grocery store) I didn’t say anything about the coffee I just picked it up looked at it checked price put it back and later that night got a big ad on Facebook about the coffee .

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J-Brazen : What if I talk about getting Bing, imagine Google giving me ads to get Bing instead lmao.

abhishek agrawal : I wonder if this is because you are using CHROME, and google maybe listening to you even if you are on some other website, Cause usually browsers ask for permission to allow microphone usage, Can you use FIREFOX and see if you can reproduce this same result with that. Thanks.

Charlotte Brunner : Welp .. I’m gonna now talk about friends

Fluffy Gamer : I remember I watched a video like this and started noticing YouTube was listening, like when I was watching Zootopia and I said, "Awww, they look so cute." About Nick and Judy, then I opened YouTube and saw a fanmade comic on Nick and Judy getting married. Another time, I was at the pool with friends and we started playing with the sunscreen and while we were drying off, I opened YouTube and saw a video for the science of why we wear sunscreen. Coincidence or not?