Malaysia's Amazing Race: The Impossible GE14 Mission

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chubipower : so proud. thank u to all those that gave it their all :') united, we're strong!

FEI TAI : SPR set the challenge. Malaysian challenged it and proof it wrong! Proud for you all. And thank you all so much!!

lydia sudan : Salute! I'm crying watching this video.

Hazim Zaidani : Proud of you guys. Boleh buat movie ni kisah diorang ni. Sapa setuju?

kep 19 : Tapi ada kertas undi luar negara sampai selepas 9hb...sedihnya rasa...tapi pertukaran kerajaan sekarang memberi petunjuk yang walaupun cuba dihalang, diganggu untuk mengundi, kuasa rakyat mengatasi segalanya...semua dengan izin Allah

God's child : As a Malaysian, we are truly amazing people!!! We put aside racial issue & not asking which party those voters were voting for, the mission of these couriers is only 1 & 1 ie. to have their votes delivered into the hands of the rightful people!!!! Saving our beloved country is their priority!! They put aside their affair to attend to it FIRST!!! BRAVO MY FELLOW MALAYSIANS🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾🎉🎉🎉🎉

Arinah Alias : Proud Malaysian 🇲🇾 #first

fid fdaa : I cried wathing this

David Yap : Truly amazing ... You guys are champs. Full marks. Don't think this is been done before in the history of humanity! Wow!!

joshuatj : Malaysia memang boleh! Why am I tearing? ::happy tears::

ElleAlly : Cried watching this. Thank you to everyone who tried so hard and made all of their efforts!

Yoke LIn Phoon : So glad to be part of the history making, right? Thank you for standing with us and making it happen: a new Malaysia. Next time when you are back, you will breathe the fresh air of our beloved nation. Cheers for our newbirth nation! Thanks again you bunch of wonderful people. Truly Malaysians.

onn keong leong : Should make a movie about this

rost Rust : Beautifull humanity!!..salute to you all brothers and sisters..

kkearthling Gong : Some SPR ppl are neutral actually. Saw a few Msian came to cast their vote themselves at the Saluran with their Postal Votes still in envelopes but received late or without returning address. The Agents in the Saluran nego with SPR ppl in charge, as these voters' names were still listed on the list on 905 at their assigned Saluran, the 'neutral' SPR staffs & great effort by the Polling Agents (the infamous PACA) made it possible. This also showed that the Electoral Roll on Polling Day 905 was questionable but ironically became an advantage to these group of Postal Voters who 'gate-crushed' & tried their luck. Haha. Moving forward, we shall wait for Institutional Reform on SPR.

Naza : Those people are totally the unsung heroes. i never know about this until this moment. Never underestimate us Malaysians. We are the best when it comes to the last minute task. hahhaa

liang jiaen : Proud to be Malaysian! Semangat Bergotong-royong!

N Meng Chong : Thank you! So proud of you guys. And so proud to be Malaysian, once again.

Amalina yaakub : i'm crying :( watching how Malaysia boleh when it comes to this. Proud!

Amutha Jeremiah : Rukun negera pertama Kepercayaan Pada Tuhan memberi semangat United Malaysia untuk dapat berkat mengundi! God blessed Malaysia!

E Lye : From 10May2018 onwards, each day has been like Christmas. A present from the government everyday. This is becoming so addictive that I am afraid that one day we might run out of crooks to schadenfreude.

TuahJebat9800 : Thanks lads, we all made it to save the country.

Darryl Lee : So proud of your guys! Salute!

kykoh500 : Amazing story. So proud of all of you. So proud to be Malaysian.

Shahrin Ezzat : Bersatu teguh

Zhung36 : Can you make a 16:9 version because the black bars is a little bit annoying

ILIVEFORIKON whoops : the impact of this ‘amazing race/gotong-royong’ was amazeball!! im in tears

180MPH In The Wrong Lane : :')

Tony Siew : and just when i thought i couldn't be a PROUDER MALAYSIAN...SYABAS MALAYSIANS !!

lai Lai : U guys are super amazing. Thanks for the effort. It happened because of all of you. Love from Malaysia Kuala Lumpur and Penang !

Jeffrey Lim : Love you all! Heroes!

Baskaran Nair : GE 15 will have to be our first ever electronic voting system. Like, if there is a will, there is always a way. More so if the government of the day truly reflects the will of the Rakyat. Just imagine how much time, money, inconviences ..etc can be saved in addition to it's efficiency in covering all eligible Malaysian voters living in all parts of the world. We are already in the highly advanced era. God has Blessed our Nation and it's people.

Ani Osman : Oh my god.... Why am I crying like this.....!???😭😭😭😭😭

Tizza Abkarim : Thank you all for your votes, fellow Malaysians. May we build a better Malaysia together 😘. Shame on SPR, they should apologize publicly for all their wrongdoings.

Ahmad Afif Isa : Indeed, we are a remarkable race

Wati Gunatara : Good job

Qing Ping LL : "Malaysians from all around the world showed what it meant to be truly united". Love these heartwarming stories of patriotism and serving a belief that is bigger than us all

Mohd Isa Abdul Latif - : Salute you guys

Danny Lee : Proud of u guys and gals. Together we stand to make a difference to install the former glory back. Thank You.

Fahmi Aizuddin : Make it a movie!

Alison Teh : This made me cried like a baby. So wonderful to see people helping each other out. I love my country! Malaysia truly boleh!

arata31 : I’ve always been told since young that my generation is blessed. No war, no hardship, gained independence (31-8-57) etc, by my teachers, parents and grandparents. That i will not understand hardship and the meaning of freedom. But now I know, I understood, I experienced it, I witnessed it, and I am sure this year Merdeka Day will be the most memorable and meaningful.

Sinema Scope : Malaysia Truly Asia !

Jordan Yeoh : every did a great job, just one more thing what the 1st song in this video...... heard em b4 but cant recall

razi ariff : This really gives me a goosebumps. Congrats to all of you.

abg mak panggil : you guys are awesome. this is more than just a story. this is us, malaysian. Lets make Malaysia great and harmony again!

Yucie Hayashi : 9:33 come on, I've watched until the end and I still don't know, is it Do you ever Shine or Do you ever Whine? >< This made me focus less on the video but still touched! We are united Malaysians!

Viv Vie : Yall are amazeballs. Unsung heroes.

walper dreier : impressed

Cheer Ning : Thank you guys for your efforts!! You guys are truly amazing~👍💕💕