I Built a Guitar Out of 1200 Colored Pencils

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I build an electric guitar, Fender Stratocaster, out of 1200 colored pencils. Please subscribe if you'd like to see more! Song I played at the end is a small section of a version of "To God Be The Glory" that Mateus Asato plays, he calls "My Tribute". He is one of my biggest inspirations in terms of playing style. Business inquiries: burlsart@gmail.com Music (third song in order) by Rogue: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCg97yEAjDdLNFNEBjoHUqtA

Comments from Youtube

raksh9 : "I've never made a guitar before" *proceeds to make one of the coolest guitars ever* and plays some damn tasteful music, too

Marsupio Storto : That's the YouTube I want to see: No pranks, no unboxings, no challenges, just someone who shows the world his art, posting something original and really entertaining. Greetings man, good luck with your channel, we really need someone like you in this platform.

CyUnicorn : YouTube really likes to put random crap on my recommended... But this is super cool and impressive I still don't know why it's on my recommended 😂😂

Troy Wood : “It’s definitely not perfect.” Dude come on...

Torisutan Pixel Art : Son: I need a guitar for my guitar lessons.. Dad: wait..i'll make you one..just give me your color pencils

dougdapug123 : Ha! This is nothing. I built a colored pencil from 1200 guitars.

Red Galaxy : “Never made a guitar before” *looks at thumbnail*

Hemnast : 3:36 When the freaking saw is playing perfectly to the song :DD

𝔍𝔦𝔪𝔪𝔶 : This should be worth a million bucks and auctioned off. Put your signature stamp on this!

Hypex legend : Son:Dad I want a guitar Dad:Say no more

Justin Y. : I can draw a guitar using a colored pencil.

Michael Bryant : One time I built a pencil out of 1200 colored guitars.

Rodrigo Alejandro De La Cruz Diaz : 11:59 a.m : Ya me voy a dormir... 12:00 a.m : YOUTUBE (Construyendo una guitarra con colores)

kingnikolavproductions95 : Didn’t look at the username to this video, accidentally thought it was MrBeast.. EDIT: great video btw!

Blupp Jelly : Did anyone else think this was from Bobby duke arts?

Parker plays : "So what color is your guitar?" "Yes"

_td空 ńęMêxïz 空 : Is me or this dude now everything about music even he plays de guitar epic

AllDay Piano : Thanks for using breathing protection! You'll not see this pretty often but its essentially!

Christopher Klein : Brilliant. A one of a kind piece. And that sounds beautiful.

Bitplex : 3:36 that syncronized dremel/router bit and the music was a treat.

Fender : This is really incredible! It also sounds really great. Nice work!

John Romero : Does anybody notice how relaxing it was to hear that guitar solo?

Michael Grace : "can I have your autograph please?" "Sorry don't have a pencil"

Seoul : *has never built a guitar* *makes first guitar out of colored pencils*

Thomas Mader : Awesome! What a talent you are. Keep it up, good stuff man

Nick Olsway : U could prob sell that for thousands

Сергей Кулешов : Burls Art , круто парень , смотрю тебя в России !

melf :P : 5:57 Me gusto que también estuviera en español el aerosol •peligro extremo •

Ella Andrews : “ builds an amazing guitar” Me: how has he not got a splinter

Franky Knighton : That is amazing! If I were a wealthy guitarist, I would purchase your unique guitar along with sponsoring you to start your own line of guitars as long as I get a speacial gutar annually.

Grace G. : I want this guitar

Monica Medina : Only took 10 minutes huh 🤔.. Yesss I have time 😃

TheNocturnal : Children of the world could've drawn with those!!!! ;)

fleurpetals : Son: I need a guitar Dad: honey where are the coloured pencils??

aLOYSiUS productions : I think the sides are my favorite part...good job!

the lawyer doggo : i liked that every time he drilled a hole in the pencils there were bursts of color coming out instead of wood dusts lol

Ray Howard : 👍👍👍👍, Beautiful Job my Brother!! All the Thumbs Down.. SMH 🤔, Maybe they need to make a Video so we can Critique them😉

F THE EM : Now make a pencil out of guitars

M. Morgan : I'd literally buy this from you. Talk about Art.

Mae M : 🖍👉🎸. 👍👍. 🎸👈🖍 " Thanks, Burls Art, for sharing this cool video with your viewers ! " 🎸

ReXeLiTY : Who else watched the whole video?

Kunaloo21 singh : What a waste .... Stupid video Wasting so many pencils just to make a guitar ..😝

It’s ya boi, skinny penuz zunep , iob ay s’tI : I had an electric guitar once *then my dad sold it for drug money*

Crypto Assassin : ”So what’s the color of your Guitar ?” “All Of Them”

KoolM123 : I don’t even know how to play the guitar but I want that!

Blupp Jelly : The colored pencil pigment exploding at 2:46 is So satsifying

Elaine Santos : Perfeito! Um espetáculo seu trabalho!! Parabéns!! 👏👏

CherryBombBettie : How can over 5k dislike this!?!?!?? Great job and so unique. You are very talented.

Fernando Br : E cada coisa q o ser humano inventa q e foda demais parabéns cara 👏👏👏👏👏👏