I Built a Guitar Out of 1200 Colored Pencils

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Justin Y. : I can draw a guitar using a colored pencil.

M Palmer : Omg!! U are truly talented and so easy n relax not over the top u just amazing! I would love to see u use that same technique and make art pieces n kids furniture the possibilities are endless with your talent , study desk n chair for kids!! Wow I enjoyed this video a ton!!

Valdir Beling : Olá Brasil aqui olhando também perfeito trabalho

Teleostsauce 234 : We seriously need to get him to million subs.

Fernanda Moreno : He said ‘Definitely it’s not perfect’ buuuuuut dude! It is!!!

raksh9 : "I've never made a guitar before" *proceeds to make one of the coolest guitars ever* and plays some damn tasteful music, too

X Tii : If you want to hear the Music that he play skip to 8:10 so you can repeat that soft and beautiful sound

Ignacio Iturri : Can you please make a longer version of the song you played at the end? It was just amazing.

leslie gibson : And who would attempt to dislike this video?

Its_Just_ Red : I finally found someone who is NOT lazy!

Vester : 2019- Building guitar with color pens 9102- building color pens with guitars

Clorox Bleach : *Mr. Beast* wants to: Know your location.

Eva Dollahon : "Its definitely not perfect..." BRUH.

Late Night Sounds : I ran over a million scenario in my head like doctor strange to understand why someone would dislike this video and unlike him I couldnt come up with one that made sense

Its_Just_ Red : Dam....that must have taken you a lot of time....

Fender : This is really incredible! It also sounds really great. Nice work!

amgad osama : Wtf! This channel only had 35k last week!

Sean Hogan : Lets get some guitar only vids haha

Xfxtrashe_boye Rodriguez : I subscribed!!!😊😊😊😀😀😃😄

Theodore The Dude : When YouTube recommends the actual good thimg.

Fabian Van Der Elst : Labeling those as "made in Pencilvania"

Erika Ojeda : Normal guitar: Level 1 crook Color Pencil guitar: Level100 Boss *thats how mafia works* Ok bye

Jaryd The Savage : This was so cool to watch you just earned a new subscriber 😎

The Lightskin Giraffe : Why does he sound the exact same as roadie

S. Shabi : Subbed and i can say i am here before million subscribers❤😁

Music is Win : That’s some colorful tone.

Angel Sanchez : Im supposed to be sleeping..

Sully Razow : This guitar is so beautiful

X Tii : Take my Money 5x !

CremaDelCielo : amazing!!👍🏻👍🏻🎶

David DiMuzio : Would you consider making one we could buy? This is awesome!!

Thays Alexandra : Eu quero ... Ficou linda demais, só que usa muito lápis

Briola Nugent : *_Oh yes_* *_New Artist in the house_* *_This was AMAZING!!_* "I've never made a guitar before" (°^° you did flipping awesome for a *nevers'* work 👏🔥

COOKIE GOODNESS : Man that was some really good music😫😭👌🏾❤️😍👏🏾🙌🏾✨!!!!

Eu só quero um Hamburg Eu só quero um Hamburg : Brasil?

JerryRigEverything : Maybe instead of the white scratch guard, you can get a thin piece of clear acrylic? Looks epic either way.

Jake Rain : The music at 00:40 sounded like a really calm Chun-Li instrumental

Angela Lemos : Lindo trabalho, gostaria de poder da uma dessa guitarra a meu filho

sara draws and animations : Aquí está el comentario en español que buscabas

Krishna Andrada : People always do something weird yet super amazing 😳😳

GEZZ X10 : It has colorful sound

McExxE : Beautiful, both the guitar and the playing, awesome, DROPPING A LIKE! :)

omerde12 yt : You forgot to break all the crayons in half whenever I open a box they’re all broken.

Zadrokit : художник внутри меня плачет(

Night_Owl _Gamer : Merkmusic is going to buy it off him XD

versus beats : you know the vid is perfect when the sound at 3:36 was in tune 😂😂

Hook Life : 10 млнов как из куста, нот бед

LIL Banz : Do you mind if I sample the end?

J Marie : Ok,, do you have any idea making a instrumental company?? Seriously I do know it’s a hard gifted project so it might be hard for you to make one. But I’m pretty sure lots of people want to get that kind of brand..you know.. Crayontar??