I Built a Guitar Out of 1200 Colored Pencils

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raksh9 : "I've never made a guitar before" *proceeds to make one of the coolest guitars ever* and plays some damn tasteful music, too

Dorian Johnson : These are the types of channels that need millions of subscribers....people with actual talent. Not the talentless loud mouthed vloggers that are everywhere today. Keep up the great work man

Unfortunately Sad : I wanted to take guitar lessons but I couldn’t find time in my schedule to pencil it in.

Eva Dollahon : "Its definitely not perfect..." BRUH.

Theodore The Dude : When YouTube recommends the actual good thing. Edit. Yass Thank you all for liking! Never had this much likes before!

Justin Y. : I can draw a guitar using a colored pencil.

Erika Ojeda : Normal guitar: Level 1 crook Color Pencil guitar: Level100 Boss *thats how mafia works* Ok bye

J Marie : Ok,, do you have any idea making a instrumental company?? Seriously I do know it’s a hard gifted project so it might be hard for you to make one. But I’m pretty sure lots of people want to get that kind of brand..you know.. Crayontar??

sara draws and animations : Aquí está el comentario en español que buscabas

McExxE : Beautiful, both the guitar and the playing, awesome, DROPPING A LIKE! :)

Fender : This is really incredible! It also sounds really great. Nice work!

S. Shabi : Subbed and i can say i am here before million subscribers❤😁

danial : I can't even Draw a guitar using a colour pencil..

Brendan K : Yo man, that was dope. I can only imagine how rewarding that must feel to make your own instrument and then sound so good on it. I'm just thinking now if I tried to make a trumpet and play it, it would probably be a disaster. Phenomenal job man

Sursie Metzger : Talk about a channel exploding. Damn I’ve not seen a video of this quality do THIS good in so long. Congrats! I can’t wait to see what you do next!

Vester : 2019- Building guitar with color pens 9102- building color pens with guitars

amgad osama : Wtf! This channel only had 35k last week!

Victoria Charlesworth : Now that is what you call 'patience' 'skill' 'TALENT' 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Truly Forever : I thought he was gonna make an acoustic pero this came out really good

Krishna Andrada : People always do something weird yet super amazing 😳😳

Vexx : This is such a sick idea! hit me up if you ever want to work on a video together!


Jsoh_ : Imagine if this video went unnoticed

Semo Alsalamy : "It's definitely not perfect.." ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!! THAT'S AMAZING!! IN LOVE ♥🔥

Naomi T : Thank you, YouTube suggestions for bringing us here together. 🙏

JerryRigEverything : Maybe instead of the white scratch guard, you can get a thin piece of clear acrylic? Looks epic either way.

Adame Blogs : The Perfect Guitar For 6ix9ine Don’t you Think 🤔? ...

Elva The Artist : bobby duke arts sounds a bit different today

nxyie xox : hey I watched this at school for fact of the day

Thanos Cadillac : 👌 *I would buy this*

Fabian Van Der Elst : Labeling those as "made in Pencilvania"

Jay Jay Mr. Canada : 8:10 crap! I thought you were about to play daze and confused from Led Zeppelin

Dan Cal : The tone of the guitar is very colorful.

Adam S : Great Vid! Short length so its an easy quick watch. Looks like sanding the cylinder shape of pencil crayons is tricky. Love the music selection your working into it. Your editing is setting it apart from vids like these. Little song at the end was a nice cherry on top. Would be nice to always have that but I doubt you'll make guitars every time!

f brenta : Whats the song name at 0:30??

Celeste Lux : The Algorithms have blessed us on this fine day.

COOKIE GOODNESS : Man that was some really good music😫😭👌🏾❤️😍👏🏾🙌🏾✨!!!!

Justin Duman : How did you gain so many subscribers

ArtisticWizard 101 : We need to get this man a table saw

Yama83 : Absolutely love the finished result but most of all love the music you played at the end... 😰😨

Music is Win : That’s some colorful tone.

Offensive Username : Why couldn't you ask for donations of used pencils? Would have been less wasteful than indulging in consumerism.

MAX : This is amazing 😍🎸 جميل جدااااا

Jo : “A makeshift milling machine” oh em gee you are so creative and talented!!!!

Actually No : I can barely build IKEA furniture without crying this is great

David DiMuzio : Would you consider making one we could buy? This is awesome!!

Denys Takahashi : WOW! Awesome! Enjoyed the entire thing, the really mellow tune at the end was the best part for me. Congrats!

Johnny C : Should do a Jimmy Page style double neck from pencils lol

StucopersEntertainment : I don't even want to know how long that took