Another Dirty Room S2E4 : Bile du Vomette : Cleveland’s Town House Motel
Another Dirty Room S2E4 Bile du Vomette Clevelands Town House Motel

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cassorox : "Here at ADR, we remove any dangerous situation that we find as a public service" *Rick throws a bomb out the window*

Juxtapoz : Rick always goes into super serious mode whenever there is any trace of a bed bug

sonnyjlewis : Watched while eating dinner. Lost five pounds. Highly recommended! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

fatdudewh33lchair : I’d pay top dollar for a Dan Bell laugh track ringtone

Phoenix1255 : On a gay site the ending would be title "Twink washes his bear."

Borginator : Another Dirty Rick!

YouDummy : Why, after viewing this episode, am I being bombarded with ads from Grindr?

Branda Davis : Dan Bell just figured out he has a HUGE gay male following ... so he's giving them what they want!!!

Uncharted Travel : Why do you always have to use Rick and I’s private pictures for the thumbnail!😂😭

Bar Rag : 70 dollars for one night... could stay in a real motel for that.

PotatoVampireTaco : That thumbnail should be used when Rick runs for president in 2020.

Cody Lehr : Just saw the part where he accidentally made a bomb with aluminum and sulfuric acid oh my God nice

MrMakeDo : *accidentally makes a bomb* 🤣

Paige Belo : can we talk about brennen's arms please

Arianna Paletta : Got an iPhone X today and this video was the first to grace the new screen and speakers ❤️ my phone is now blessed

Good-Nightmares : If Rick keeps getting naked you guys are gonna have a different kind of "dirty room" series lmao! Jokes aside, excellent work as always!!

Skandar C : Holy shit. Another great episode in another disgusting room. Feel unclean just watching 😂😂🤮😷😷. Love the chemistry and shenanigans between Rick & Brendawg. And that delish ending 😉😍🤣!

evilash3373 : Ok. This is starting to get a little weird. The thumbnails of Rick and whatever the new kid's name is just keep getting more and more suggestive. At this rate I expect the series to transition to a hardcore gay pornography show in another couple of episodes. Either way, I'm down.

Raine Nelson : 😂😂😂😂😂i keep my toothbrush in a case AND in the med cab,plus i close the lid before flushing,and i am still paranoid!😂addendum:shower scene,Brennan looks terrified!😂😂😂😂😂😂i'm dyin

norweeg : Rick has a nice shirt.

Thats Personal : Rick's Yes shirt is great. The room isn't so much.

Russell Jennings : I swear to god at the same exact moment rick spit out the soap and he asked if rick farted I was at that moment farting. I swear lol. Just thought you guys would like to know. 😅

Kazerz : 4 men with cameras book a room in a hotel, what happens next will shock you!

Sassy Cat : Best day ever. I am feeling so shitty today. This helps perk me up.

catalot : Worst room yet! Vomit and pee on the walls and who knows what, AC filter from hell, walls coming apart, garden hose shower, horrible sheets and pillows, exposed needles, louse crunchies. I don't care if there isn't any blood, roaches or bedbugs. No wonder someone threw up on the wall!!! Thanks for always bringing us the best!!!

Lady Cheyne : The new kid is nice and cute, but I came for Rick🤣

IAmGoombaSniper : With NIK tests if the sample is wet it's not going to work as it should

xeleris : I love Rick's Yes shirt, one of the best prog rock bands ever 👊

Smartzenegger : Another Dirty Rick

Michi Piko : With every single episode of ADR I'm constantly surprised to how such disgusting places remain operable...

Mary Turner : I laughed so hard at the shower scene. Lol

Atomflunder : This morning i just thought: ''damn, i wish there would be an another dirty room episode'' and there it is!

Lori Compton-Amegadze : I LOVE this series...I had to open a bottle of wine when I saw a new episode posted in my notifications. You guys make finding filthy, deplorable conditions so much fun to watch!

Anjelina Ramirez : Omg! I love the thumbnail of brennen and rick😆🤗👍best show on youtube😄🙂

speed0spank : That couch is the kind of thing teenagers would rescue from the dump and drag to their outdoor partying hideout. Then use it as fire wood once it gets too gross.

Kermit Sweet Tea : Just subscribed to you guys today after discovering you last night. Your videos are like Lay's potato chips. I can't have just one.

herbprophet : Brennan Evangelista looks like famous evangelist Joel Osteen.

Michael K : I miss when he did urban exploration alone ...some of his best work in my opinion it’s what got me to follow ...hopefully those come back til then good luck with the channel !

btf : these places are health hazards, how do they stay open?

dropdeadalina : I thought the couch was literally swallowing Brennen. Was ready to jump through my laptop to save him cause the world needs those abs.

Kieron Exley : I just love it when Dan cracks up and repeats what Rick said. Its fantastic. 8:40

Lucid : The girl I like thought I was watching gay porn, thanks.

Tyler Morgan : "Look what you made us do." *maniacal laughter* "If you're watching this, help me please."

Jen Birdie : Kind sir...I love all your vids...but Rick is the man, and the decision to put him in ADR makes you a film genius!! Keep it up,sir!

Mary Wick : They've got to think your doing porn with all that equipment.

Kurt Yarish : "My balls are wretched." - Rick Sera 2018

Iva Iva : Love the thumbnail one yet 😄☺🤗

kivrin engle : LMAOOOOOO Brennan's nose in the piss

yeahriight57 : I love the fact that you are uploading these like almost weekly!!!! This show is the best thing since sliced bread! OK now I have to watch it!