Another Dirty Room S2E4 : Bile du Vomette : Cleveland’s Town House Motel

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Uncharted Travel : Why do you always have to use Rick and I’s private pictures for the thumbnail!😂😭

Borginator : Another Dirty Rick!

Juxtapoz : Rick always goes into super serious mode whenever there is any trace of a bed bug

Justin Y. : That's one... interesting thumbnail.

Eily Bergin : "Shitosols: The aerosols from shitting" - Classic T-shirt slogan. :D - Oh, and tell Brennen to stop teasing Rick. HE IS THE MAN IN THE BATHROOM! And nobody else. And you missed the stains on the side of the Box Spring at 22:12. ;)

Ty Pls : i always wonder what the clerk behind the counter is thinking when you guys rent a room out. Are they like "these 2 old bears are gonna do some hot bdsm action with these twinks in my filthy hotel but w.e i guess" lol

YouDummy : Why, after viewing this episode, am I being bombarded with ads from Grindr?

Skandar C : Holy shit. Another great episode in another disgusting room. Feel unclean just watching 😂😂🤮😷😷. Love the chemistry and shenanigans between Rick & Brendawg. And that delish ending 😉😍🤣!

evilash3373 : Ok. This is starting to get a little weird. The thumbnails of Rick and whatever the new kid's name is just keep getting more and more suggestive. At this rate I expect the series to transition to a hardcore gay pornography show in another couple of episodes. Either way, I'm down.

Tim Jones : Came for the daddy/twink porn, stayed for the dirty room

Kazerz : 4 men with cameras book a room in a hotel, what happens next will shock you!

Ya Boi Bob Ross : Just seeing Rick touch the Toilet seat and all the nasty shit. To then put his hands in his mouth, or touching things which he then puts in his mouth. I nearly puke every time. Every video he does it. How is he not dead yet.

sprdvx : This series is getting ever increasingly homoerotic with Brennan and Rick

ernesto sauce : Some people didn't like Brennen at first, but I think he is the best choice. His chemistry with Rick is perfect.

Pugsley tattoos : And yes my friends.... it's time for another 40 minutes of pure disgust pleasure and enough laughter for a lifetime! Dan Bell delivers !

sonnyjlewis : Watched while eating dinner. Lost five pounds. Highly recommended! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Bar Rag : 70 dollars for one night... could stay in a real motel for that.

fastfiatjames t : Couldn't of clicked any faster when i seen the thumbnail! I'm in love with Brennans lean bod and tight American eagle boxers (buldge)😍😍😍😍

Mary Wick : They've got to think your doing porn with all that equipment.

Tyler : Why those this get better (more gay) in every episode? Dan this is a wonderful series

Vittek Antilles : I came for the dirty room and stayed for Rick throwing explosives out of the window

fatdudewh33lchair : I’d pay top dollar for a Dan Bell laugh track ringtone

dleeanns : Can Netflix hop on this already?

AlienFreak69 : I clicked for the thumbnail. * _unzips_ *

PotatoVampireTaco : That thumbnail should be used when Rick runs for president in 2020.

Orii Rae : Idk if they read the comments that much, but those insect casings look like carpet beetle sheds. They start out as tiny fuzzy caterpillar looking bugs, then they shed and turn into tiny multi-colored beetles (almost a calico-like pattern and color). They don't cause any real harm to people like bedbugs do, except that their sheds can irritate allergies. The beetles eat anything and everything and they do tend to congregate around those areas of box springs that you found.

Good-Nightmares : If Rick keeps getting naked you guys are gonna have a different kind of "dirty room" series lmao! Jokes aside, excellent work as always!!

MrMakeDo : *accidentally makes a bomb* 🤣

JoeyBlendsWell : After Watching This Series, I Don't Want To Go To Hotels/Motels Anymore..

carrie3440 : You could start another show by interviewing the people in the motel parking lot.

BadlanderOutsider : In older houses, like the one I'm living in now, they seperated the toilet and the bathroom; which always made a lot more sense for me.

leroy jenkins : Ya'll have to go to the Budget Inn motel in College Park Md. It was recently on the news because a Uber driver drugged and rapped a woman and left her there. It's one of the places that you can get rooms by the hour. Growing up we use to have motel parties there and it was such a shit hole then I guarantee it even worse now. Hope to see it on here soon.

leroy jenkins : I'm still having nightmares of the last video when Rick squatted down in his underwear and seen things no one should ever have too see.

James Blazes : Hahaha oooooh rick...the man that keeps his tooth brush in the medicine cabinet but will touch his face and the inside of his mouth with the gloves he used to open hand flush a pissy toilet

Cody Lehr : Just saw the part where he accidentally made a bomb with aluminum and sulfuric acid oh my God nice

jediknightguy 82 : Hope to see more luminol tests. Always enjoyed that part of season 1.

ernesto sauce : 20:20 Hello... My name is Bob Ross an tonight we are going to use every color on this pillowy palette to create something beautiful.

Nunya Biz : Two Men, One Bar of Soap

DC : The sexual tension between Rick and Brennan is *crazy*

Arianna Paletta : Got an iPhone X today and this video was the first to grace the new screen and speakers ❤️ my phone is now blessed

Jo Davies : Rick, have you lost weight my friend? Looking good

Christy : That's why you should put the lid down on the toilet before you flush! It can fling poo particles (like 20 feet or something). Ewwwww

Raul: Trashlord : so if I support you on patreon, do we get exclusive naked Rick content?

gpelagal1 : Do any of the motels come after you for tearing apart the room or calling them out?

Officer Mark : Dan Bell just figured out he has a HUGE gay male following ... so he's giving them what they want!!!

Jake 12 : i'm watching this from a Detroit hotel and now i'm paranoid

SEspider : Seriously., It seems that every time I start eating, a new episode is uploaded. And you know I have to watch it. Why do you hate me, Dan?

Paige Belo : can we talk about brennen's arms please

Jahreleaseya Heather : This series is the only thing that’s cheering me up during my post-op surgery recovery!!! Thank u so much Dan I love your channel and all the films you produce 💞

Atomflunder : This morning i just thought: ''damn, i wish there would be an another dirty room episode'' and there it is!