Samuel Fuller's forty guns - beginning

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Ray Johnson : Barbara did all her own riding in 40 Guns, she also did a very dangerous stunt. That was when her foot was caught in the stirrup and she was dragged along the ground by the horse. No wonder she was an Honorary Stuntwoman, she certainly deserved that accolade.

Phillip Boyd : Forty Guns.... Samual Fuller. Forty Guns now! Forty.

William Gruendler : RARE coincidence: Cinemascope AND Black and White ... shot by the great Joe Biroc!

Steve Paradis : Actually it's the Tombstone story, with Stanwyck as head of the Clantons and Sullivan as Wyatt Earp. And the first fight is exactly Earp's style: he used his fists much more than his guns.

dvolsky914 : Great movie!

grabit1 : @mrgbennet Because as Billy Wilder said, in so many words, "You wouldn't have had a situation." Result: No movie, either. Surely you don't expect great movies to make sense. Or do you?

grabit1 : @JubalCalif Nobody could ever accuse Sam Fuller of cowardice when it came to making a movie. The DVD, especially the wide-screen version on the "flip" side (what were they thinking?) looks great. Go get it.

grabit1 : @grabit1 Fuller's genius was in doing what you weren't progammed for. Unexpected as hell, unless you knew him, and then you still got fooled on the timing.

grabit1 : @doctornoooo That was Stanwyck. She always praised her stunt coaches, but that was her. Age 50.

grabit1 : @mrgbennet Sam Fuller didn't always make the most "sense," at least not what we've been programmed to expect or believe. But at least for him, it was far better movie making than making sense, or what the audience expected.

grabit1 : @mrgbennet That was no double. She did her own stuff as long as she could, and she was only 50 when this was released.

Naked Tongues : barry sullavan was a good choice , strange combo he and gene barry and that sure looks like sullavan right in the thick of things fuller was on the beach at Omaha so violence like this was in his bones I like the blank look on Sullavan here, nothing overdone, just right for a man watching them go, not unafraid but can handle things already you know

Naked Tongues : fairly sure tha she did her own riding, memory serves: she liked to do it and was such a pro that wel nigh insisted on doing her own riding almost down to the dangerous stuff. She lived to act, no question about it, one of the best, always delivered the goods.

hollywoodanimal08 : Yeah, would love to see the whole film. Looks Good.