WITNESS | Short Film | Sheikh Shahnawaz

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A robbery goes wrong and 2 crooks must decide what to do with the witness. A Film by Sheikh Shahnawaz Starring Sam Malley, Nisaro Karim & Liam Millard Help me make more films: https://www.patreon.com/sheikhshahnawaz Find me or get in touch: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cinesheikh Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cinesheikh Twitter: https://twitter.com/cinesheikh Email: sheikh.m.shahnawaz@gmail.com


Ilya Svetkin : Actors are awesome! Really like the acting and directing. Also, i want to note that the color style is close to David Fincher films.

Adam Archer : The kidnapping victim said all of two words, but he made the most of every shot he was in. I felt for the guy, which is pretty good accomplishment for a six minute movie. Kudos.

Sam Malley : A pleasure as always working with Sheikh! We have both developed over the past couple years and he really is a force to be reckoned with.

Louisa : This was a really good film, poor guy thought he was gona die.

Lila Houston : *The weird thing was that they were talking like: “What will we do with him.” Like he wasn’t there.*

Tracey Mcclatchey : Omg your films are amazing

Gurjeet Singh : It just keeps getting better and better. Well done!! dude

PastaRamenIs MySavior : Watched this like 30 times and it’s just so amazing

Thefirehawkman : 11/10 for acting!

Regina Adams : I felt bad for the witness, after getting slapped he just gave up. 🥺

Indrajith M R : nailed it. I really like your camera angles wrt the shots.

Catalina Myrrhpaw : I did not ever see it coming that he'd shoot his partner. A+ for once in a long time being an unpredictable film

Creative Frames Productions Kolkata : Keep up the good work. look forward to many more wonderful films from your end friend.

Jennifer Smith : I LOVE IT 5 stars

PurpleChicken.TV : Good little ideas, So I had to sub ;)

lol idk : This is dope, everything looks so real . Well done,keep it up

Smooth Demon Productions : Nice work guys, excellent tension and atmos throughout, just like the real deal. Looking forward to the next one ✌🏽

Dr Heisenberg : Well since im new here im looking out all your videos. So far everyone one of them a beauty

AL Munir : Your work always amaze me! Such an inspiration 💝

Galaxy Guy 666 : I feel so bad because when a man is kidnapped and tourtured all i care about is his boots

Kaper media : Nice work guys!👌🏻

Aa d : I actually enjoyed this a lot. Great acting and the lack of background score enhances the thrilling aspect as it makes the action more immediate and personal. Well done.

x12 417 : Wow 🔥 !

PurpleLilyLights : This was short, but breathtaking film. I thought that victim was gonna die, and glad that he didn't, all actors made very good job on this. I wish we could see what would be happen next. Please think about making a sequel

dre urb : are all of your videos shot on the sony 6500 as of late?

Ffonnie Fan : This needs more support

Jud Crandall : Can I ask how you got your short film on imdb? your really good btw

KABUKI KAWAII : Another amazing film.

bengizsj2 : Fam this is sick

elzzird23 : Wow what a film . What was this shot on ?

Ishika Ingole : You guys nailed it.

Marcus Raiyat : Nice work nawaz

Tom Pawlik : Great work. Very compelling.

Honest Marketeer : Just came across this channel. Earned a new sub! I review movies and short films and will definitely review one of these! Keep up the great work

Dylan Ahmed : Remember the name!

mercy mercy : fantastic...

Emo Girl : I like these actors in your films keep working with them💙

Lorea Gooden : Brill

ZincElement30 : i would rather work with you guys on kidnapping stories other than anything else. I love the stuff you guys do.

Reaper Gaming : What equipment did you use? (Microphone/Camera and such)

p ma : great job!

Galaxy Guy 666 : 0:13 damn if yall kill him gimme them boots

Ginny Liath : I'd love to see what happened before this

Robert Antonioni : Sheikh I remember you saying somewhere that you find all your actors for free? People that are looking to build a portfolio? What sites do you use for this?

Jennifer Smith : Awesome video