Australian Saltwater Crocodile Ranger Tips

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Miles Romo : Thanks for the tutorial will try this today

Diil Avery : I'd saddle it and maybe add a turret.

D Marek : The croc couldn't feel his massive balls?

James Y : "Is that a croc between your legs or are you just happy to see me?"

Dave S : gotta agree with Steve Irwin here - what an absolutely beautiful beast

Say Cheece : Indeed, beautiful and deadly

Mike G : Is this just another day in the life of an Australian? Lol

Gabriel Forlivesi : That would've been a baby croc 95 million years ago

Fahad Alazraqi : That is one fat croc

Ædrick The Paladin : Wow.. Such a magnificent creature...

Maurice Humphrey : He needs to stop getting "cute" playing around with these crocs and just educate people because one day he will make a mistake, and, with crocodiles, that's all it takes, ONE mistake, and, you're a done deal.

Marcos Pinheiro : Impressive and cool video! The saltwater crocodiles are incredible!

maskenmakkan : The guy is probably 80-90 kg and that croc is just dragging him like its nothing

Planet Star : "Is that a 'croc' between ya legs?" Lmao he snapped

Badmaasshh Monu : one mistake will cost him his life...

צאַר האָלי : 1:40 that's the coolest vehicle you will find. Slow but cool.

Lukas Cielocaminante : This guy can stop bullets with his balls

Tiger T : What.. the hell... why?!


Thomas henderson : And then he got bit by the same crocodile😐shows how you can never underestimate and disrespect these amazing animals

Stephen Lane : Putin with a beard.

Freak AF : That croc is thicc

Ryan Davidson : Serious question.. he says he is safe sitting on the back legs. What happens if it does a quick death roll?

Elephants Are Cool : You'll notice that when he whacks the water with the chicken the crocodile jumps for it. What happens if the man is having an off day and the crocodile is slightly more energetic than usual?

Elephants Are Cool : I cannot comprehend the crocodiles absolute apathy to the man.

J Panodet : Bloody AUSSIES!

Sam Stults : Way more dangerous and scary than a Great White

A random crocodile : crocooodile, crocoooodile. i want to ride my crocodile i want to ride my croc

mrzack888 : one of these days, he'll be eaten

T G : The guy could easily have slipped on the mud while walking backwards. Then fini.

Dee the best : I want one

Olivia Smith : But what are salt water crocodiles what do they do to help people why have they made saltwater crocodile they do nothing apart from killing people...

bryan gomez : Excuse me sir, but that is a Dragon.

Monkey D Luffy : Great white or Saltwater Croc? Who will win?

Benzedirk Kozlov : thats a nile croc salt water doesnt look nothing like that!

Eric Washington : Soon as I clicked on this video, all I heard was screaming...

Matthew Ahoy : aborigines has been doing this from the beginning of time look up aboriginal people hunting crocodiles with spears they dive straight into croc infested waters..


Ryan Morony : Well, they only death roll when they.........I have no idea.........i'm voting for that guy in the next federal election.

pipolino : lets sit in a 300 kg cold blooded ancient predator!

JDHD99 : I wanna see this Croc go up against an American Croc.

Jared Elliott : This is fake.

Shinobi Skalper : I forget what his TV show was called. It was on Discovery channel.

Сергей Назарук : Brave crocodile rider. Respect from Ukraine!

Some Other Dude : Doin stuff like that is sooooo not smart

Kennedy Ceroline : Croc obessed

Al Guien : Instructions unclear... now I'm a eunuch

Fastride : Thats Rob Bretl, he has a TV show. There was one called KIller Instinct.

Alan B'Stard M P : a " Croc between me legs " LOL

Xavito ibañez : Damn, i want to go ride a giant saltwater crocodile now :(