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Malec : Apres pratiquement 1 an sans video (la 100k ne compte pas), nous revoila avec une nouvelle video sur laquelle on a beaucoup travaillé. On espere que ca vous plaira, on vous oublie pas et on essaie de se revoir cette année, promis! On vous aime et merci pour votre patience. Thank you for watching, we hope you enjoyed the video.We will try to upload more videos in the future, stay tuned! Thank you for waiting, see you soon guys!

FrankieMoto : This was super gay

viajeropeligro : "And kids that´s how I met your Morty"

BrokeBot : Ricku no Morto?

Remember the old times : No age for love””” ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) *Knock knock knock* FBI OPEN UP

Elf Sunmoon : I feel 32,91% more gay now.

A Vsaucy Boi : I’m on the line about this, it looks cool, but the sexual tension found here is weird Edit: hold up, why does the lyrics have “no age for love”, u trying to sneak in something there?

tAnAkA :/ : *n o a g e f o r l o v e*

Elite : *Boku no Pico flashbacks*

Danielle Allen : “What in the hell?” “Sex sells, Morty”

Creepy : Et si South Park était un anime ?

Lovely Lauren : oh geez rick-san

Filip Jeglic : Ok, Rick in this version is seriously too caring. Cares a little bit too much.

Theposséder 78 : c'est la ou y'a que des anglais en commentaire car le concept est tendance chez eux

lokirog 18 : Ok alors je veux 20 saison de 50 épisode de 46min et 10 films de 1h et 38min et là on pourra faire une pose pipi et dodo qui dureront 20 min max PS:j'aimerais bien un et si undertale était un animé stp

Irugel Gumiho : listen it's not about gay it's about grandpa loving his grandson like a family that's all I dare you to ship them

Angel gabriel Mendez chavez : Morty is now gay.

Beyond Birthday : Y'a trop d'anglais c'est abusé 😂😂😂

Emily PeanutButter : I just come back to secretly watch this 30 more times maybe even more 😌

Dying Soul : Am I the only one that actually want’s this as a thing, mostly for the pickle rick fight. No? Okay, I’ll just go in my corner watch some Netflix and eat ramen cause I have no life Also I’m slightly disturbed by some of the lyrics but I’m not going to start.

dabe : me : sees this me : dont think about it, its wrong and creepy dont think about it, its wrong and creepy dont think about it, its wrong and creepy dont think about it, its wrong and creepy dont think about it, its wrong and creepy my brain : so gay

hmm yes interesting. : I turned us into an anime, Morty! _I'm anime RIIIIIICK_

Eli irvine : Go to 0:42 and slow it down to x0.25. Anyone else hear " hail satin "

just a boy a good one : Now I can die in peace ...and with a boner

kilchers Lolo : Les 4 million de vue en 1 mois

RAKA WORLD : Yup........ This thing was *really gayy* But the song tho......hella perfection 😂

TheGugu : Morty: eh...meh Rick: I'm gay now

Sinister Saiyan : Some people are criticizing the gay thing but you gotta give this guy some credit. It's hard to animate guys. Gotta appreciate it

GamingWitJay : this was extremely gay im glad im not the only one that thinks so....

schanino/ سكامينو : This is my fav anime Chan (after narmak sorry 😳)

BlueberryBoy 11 : this is just a dimension where they went to boku no pico and met there BNP version.

Oliver Kirkland : " Japanese Japanese Japanese *no age for love* " WHOA WHOA WHOA HANG ON GO BACK STOP AB O R T

xk4mix : Suddenly morty is gang raped by a horde of goblins.

Doge Anonymo : 1:20 music pls

Taimy Family : J'adore tes vidéos ! Tu pourrais essayer de faire ça avec Undertale ? Merci , et continue comme ça !

135babylika6802 : For those of you wondering if the lyrics are sexual or not, I'll let it up to you to judge: "Before I met you I thought I was a normal kid, now I found a dark and dirty way of living. I thought you hate me, but you always protected me. I understood that if you hurt me it’s to make me stronger. Whether I live or die, would it be fine if I liked you forever? Tell me! No age for love… My insides are burning, do you feel it? There’s a lot of love. I’ll always be next to you, do you feel it? Come on grandpa, let’s go."

AwwwMannn : Why is morty so touchy

Safehell4321 : If this was a real thing I’d totally watch it


chibi fan cake : If this was a real thing I would watch it, if you think about it the lyrics is of him loving morty as family. They're not gay but I bet there is a rick and morty out there that is gay, so think about that. Lol

Gachapoid is the cheese god : Rick’s chiseled chin scares me

Random Guy : I hope the Pickle Rick arc is not filled with filler

Jakub ManGame : 1:13 outro song ?

Magniel lulytos : Song :'v?

Blue the ninja : I don't like the way morty looks, he's giving me that "boku no pico" vibe.

Godji • : Русские, общий сбор! Лепите лайк

KronoMuzik : Whaaaat ?!

Simone 23 : 1:14 name music 🎶????

Hunter X Black Bejita : 00:35 j'aime trop la reference a Hajime no ippo ❤️❤️❤️

DragonStar731 : The anime opening version of Rick and Morty is EPIC!!!!! :D