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Malec : Apres pratiquement 1 an sans video (la 100k ne compte pas), nous revoila avec une nouvelle video sur laquelle on a beaucoup travaillé. On espere que ca vous plaira, on vous oublie pas et on essaie de se revoir cette année, promis! On vous aime et merci pour votre patience. Thank you for watching, we hope you enjoyed the video.We will try to upload more videos in the future, stay tuned! Thank you for waiting, see you soon guys!

FrankieMoto : This was super gay

Miguel Maturino : Somebody freaking put this into google translate.

SCORPION 224 : The fight with the president will never be forgotten

ZWZDOzLtxBEO : *People wanted translation so here it is:* Before I've met you I thought I was a normal kid Now I've learnt how to be dirty I thought that you hate me, but you've always protected me, right? Now I know that if you hurt me I'm going to get stronger If I'm alive, if I'm dead, I want to always love you, can I? Tell me, there's no age for love It's warm inside Do you feel it, there's plenty of love I want to always be close to you Do you feel it, come on grandpa, let's go *Lyrics:* anata o shiru mae wa NORMAL KID da to omotteta ima wa kuraku te DIRTY iki kata o mitsuketa YOU HATE ME, to omotta kedo itsu mo mamotte kureta ne IF YOU HURT ME motto tsuyoku naru tame da to wakatta ikitete mo, shindete mo, zutto anata o. . . suki de ite ī? oshiete, NO AGE FOR LOVE naka wa atatakai yo DO YOU FEEL IT, LOVE ippai aru yo anata no tonari ni zutto iru yo DO YOU FEEL IT, COME ON jijī ikō

[RN] Tobi : Tbh I don't care if this is gay or not. I like it a lot. When the music changes during the President vs Rick animation means a lot. Btw Morty big gay.

Angel gabriel Mendez chavez : Morty is now gay.

Banter Board : Looks like Anime Rick has finally overcome his alcoholism.

Lou Cypher : I'm getting _strooong_ Boku no Pico vibes, here.

AbyssWarrior : That part at 0:48 when Rick punches the president always makes me laugh

Sadly still Alive : I live that people are mad its gay Is also PEDOPHILIA AND INCEST... Just saying

A Vsaucy Boi : I’m on the line about this, it looks cool, but the sexual tension found here is weird Edit: hold up, why does the lyrics have “no age for love”, u trying to sneak in something there?

Virus_ HD : Me watching this in my room... *FBI OPEN UP ! ! !*

TheBonelessBanana : What Hentai song is this?

Dragon Ritterstein : If it wouldn‘t look like Rick and Morty are a couple it would be great

Heidi Monique : sb: it's gay now xD everyone else: it's pedophilia and incest janet

Oliver Kirkland : " Japanese Japanese Japanese *no age for love* " WHOA WHOA WHOA HANG ON GO BACK STOP AB O R T

john smith : 1:11 - literally everyone’s reaction to the video

Orion Smith : Yaoi?

Miguel veliz : I would like to see Rick and morty as an anime but this is to gay 😂😂over here making Rick like a pedo😂

Mystic Trio : Sounds like it could be an intro for assasination classroom

hmm yes interesting. : I turned us into an anime, Morty! _I'm anime RIIIIIICK_

Lukrah Weas : Morty is a gay

KayzOo Eyes : Il y a que des anglais ou quoi ? LES FRANÇAIS PROSTERNEZ-VOUS !

SpacY : Tbh rick and morty looks 100% more handsome in this version

Eli irvine : Go to 0:42 and slow it down to x0.25. Anyone else hear " hail satin "

Lovely Lauren : oh geez rick-san

JudeBV TITTYLICKER : Is it weird that I want this.....

IceBoy Nation : Who else came here because of FBE?

viajeropeligro : "And kids that´s how I met your Morty"

Richard McNeilly : What song is playing?

Angel gabriel Mendez chavez : Boku no morty.

Kami Anime : The manga is better


Airam201 jake : I'm not gonna lie but the time and work for this is impressive I LOVE IT

BLEE ach : 0:31 is that RAPE!!!

TheGugu : Morty: eh...meh Rick: I'm gay now

BrokeBot : Ricku no Morto?

smartPuff 73 : One of the weirdest things I've ever seen, but.. I can't not love that Rick fighting the president animation

Doge Anonymo : 1:20 music pls

FBI : 0:22 FBI OPEN UP!!!!!

KronoMuzik : Whaaaat ?!

Andypanda -3- : When is the firs episode coming xD

Sp00ky Boi. Mp4 : Morty is a trap

T.E.A 2004 : Anybody else thinks that Malec and Narmak should definitely collaborate like just because


AwwwMannn : Why is morty so touchy

Sam Garnett : Is Rick Having an affair with morty?

Connor Kerr : Who else came from FBE?

Lucas Ross : Me: someone had the video to cross rick and Morty and an anime My brain: but unlike you they followed there dreams Me: touché