4 Secret Habits Of Millionaires (To Achieve Success) | Brian Tracy
4 Secret Habits Of Millionaires To Achieve Success Brian Tracy

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Many successful people have been interviewed over the years and asked the question, “What do you think about, most of the time?” In short, the habits of successful people revolve around positive thinking. They think about what they want, and how to get it. http://bit.ly/2nlr3rK Want a jumpstart to your personal development? Here's a FREE template to help. Click the link above! “Self-actualization and self-fulfillment result when you feel that you are becoming everything that you are capable of becoming.” - Brian Tracy (Click to Tweet: https://ctt.ac/d2b4Z) ___ Learn more: Subscribe to my channel for free offers, tips and more! YouTube: http://ow.ly/ScHSb Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/BrianTracyPage Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/BrianTracy Google+: +BrianTracyOfficialPage Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/BrianTracy Instagram: @TheBrianTracy Blog: http://bit.ly/1rc4hlg habits of successful people, how to become a millionaire, how to become rich, self made millionaire, rich people habits, successful people habits, millionaire habits,


Kuldeep Badana : Love you Brian! You have changed many lives even sitting long distance. May God give you lots of health and long life.

Elisha Batuncang : Positive thinking, consistency, step out of comfort zone, self-concept ☺️

X CaLiBeR : I worked in a grossery store today and i am doing this since past week. To earn some money. Which was in my area and i had some nervousness abut my friends seeing me working in grossery store. But i let that feeling away and got out of ny comfort zone .

Shane C. Colar : Making a consistent effort in becoming more humble. Planning for my future Real Estate Business

Sanj : Opened my very first e Commerce business, complete opposite of what I do for a living. #uncomfortzone

DJ Sharp-Beats : I stepped out of my comfort zone last month and formed my LLC and got my EIN for my trucking company. Just yesterday I stepped out of my comfort zone again and found the truck that I want on Penske used truck website and emailed their financing department. Can't wait to get my first truck so that I can be on my way 2 a successful/prosperous life. You'll see my trucks on the road soon Woolf-Dog Xpress LLC

Words of Motivation and Inspiration : Wonderful! Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us! :)

Keerti Panday : I took step for again a healthy body, started with 15 min workout.

Ojaswi Tiwari : hello sir! i am practising with law of attraction since 8_9 months even i had got many results. in many ways. i had worked upon my self confidence,postivity,thoughts,peace and love i have too much of control on each of them. i want to share some thing __ that during even today i got results. The things that i think with curious power it shows its result even in a day. Although i have planned to write a book on blessings only with your help.i have also attended online seminar type video few days ago in which you gifted us with those slide... i am Thank full for your guiedence and for the knowledge i use to take from your videos or flyers.

Daniel Madrid : I spent my day learning about communication skills. Thanks for the video

ca mez : Yesterday, I hiked the third-tallest peak in Oregon. It wasn't job-related, but it was definitely way outside of my comfort zone. It was extremely difficult, and I am so proud of myself for finishing. It made me feel like I can learn any new skill I set my mind to, and that I should strive to exceed my own expectations as often as possible.

Ekene Obele : Thank you for such great content! ✨ Have a blessed day Brian!

Daniel Bulmez : You are a real fighter Mr Tracey. You are doing a phenomenal job. Thank you for producing such great content. You will inspire many generations to come.

lokesh ghevde : Brain sir ur so cute. Thnks for this vedio😊😊

BigE : Brian, please see Dr. Joel Fuhrman for your health. This video is relevant to that area too.

Frame Place Miami : God bless you Bryan. I brought some of your CDs and watch many of your videos and it is building my personality by taking action. Thank you

JLN : You're truly a legend Sir Brian. Thank you for another tip😁

Sandra Carli : Just this morning I heard one of your presentation on this topic!

Evan Latif : Thanks for sharing 💐

Kristopher Ryan : truly insightful and invaluable points, as always. Thank you, Sir.

サミヤس : God bless you & wish you a merry Christmas 🎄🌿🎊🥳☃️

Mouhcine WAKACH : Mr Tracy, sound is very low. I can't hear you you well.

Monica Odiakose : Thank you Brain Tracy. Yo have been very helpful

Anand Singh : I have sales business and from last three months I have moved from my home location, and I am working one on one. On day one I was thinking that am I able to work , where none knows me, but after three months of working, I am standing in much better position, where I was. It's the result of being out of comfort zone.

Divya Chimnani : You are incredibly amazing I love your videos so much ❤

47Sukhoi : Well said. long time ago, I realized that I'm not fond of my current career, and I need to change my bread and butter. Nevertheless, I was always cursing the situations and circumstances instead of taking a positive action. Recently, almost a couple of months ago, I've decided to get out of this creepy life, and the first step is to: 1. work hard, and to seriously perform my current, undesired, work as it's the only way to get some more money, which I need to spend on my project, which is teaching English. 2. Invest and spend some money, from my earnings from my tedious job now, to boost and steep my English. 3. To stop cursing the hard or difficult situations, and attribute each failure in my life to myself rather than the surrounding circumstances. Thanks a lot Mr. Brian, Regards, Ahmad, ☺

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Anastasiya Charnushyna : Well, I started reading the book called "The Laws of the winners"

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mak13612 : i spent my day avoiding all negativity!!!

XO : Much love mr Tracy

Effervescing Elephant : Every video apreciated :3, Thanks Man! Youre really great, i really apreciate youre work!..

Firdous Ahmed : Thank you for making this video Sir

NODEFICIT : Because I am a positive thinker, I don't like to leave my comfort zone because I enjoy it a lot and it is useless for me to take risks. I am rich and happy enough and I help others

Daniel Bulmez : I stepped out of my comfort zone by choosing to and taking action by taking control of my life.

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teaparty rightwinger : I've been listening to your recordings for many years now. Back when they were on cassette tape actually. Now that I've migrated over to YouTube, one comment I want to make to you is that your recordings are always so low in volume. I put my speakers up all the way, but still the audio is too low.