Welding a Propane Tank Gone Wrong

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This is why welding a filled propane tank is a bad idea.

Comments from Youtube

Jose Peixoto : Turn the dam tank around!!!! the ass end is cool!!!! turn it around!! ...too late,the machine is on fire!!!

anonov1 : Mean while...back in Russia !

The Reality : It must of contained a flammable liquid

Oh yeah yeah Oh yeah yeah Oh yeah yeah Oh yeah yeah : poor guy fired

keith poulsom : yep definitely a screw or 2 loose ...would not like to work next to this numpty !

WhiteSeaLeviathan : The guy made it worse TWICE!!!!

Pako Santos : Common sense goes a long way people!!

Chuck : "Ping the hole shut and welding it shut" is they said, "it'll be easy."

hey no : fr

Bill Mitchell : I do not tink the crane vould catch de fire if he not kick it  ??

wcresponder : Guess what bloody moron is getting fired?

smooglepoot : This guy is an idiot