The Simpsons: USSR Returns
The Simpsons USSR Returns

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Clip From The Simpsons - Season 9 Episode19 - "Simpson Tide" Where The USSR Returns. In Russia, BasedGod Thanks You.


Agentcoolguy1 : Hmm, The Simpson's predictions usually come true. *Sweats nervously*

Vladimir Lenin : Who's that handsome guy at 1:02?

Diego C. : I love how the Berlin Wall comes out of the ground, complete with guards and dogs. Like they were all underground just waiting 😂

greengeek562 : I love how he had a button just to turn the sign over

Skyflakes101 : Here before the USSR actually reunites

PixelRelatedismyname : I like the fact that the United States rep. asks "I thought you guys broke up?" as if this were a boyfriend and girlfriend relationship.

matteo.parzanese : *According to the Simpsons prophecy, the USSR will returns.*

Sean O'Brien : My favorite bit is how the wall pops up with dudes already on it

Emperor Dank : Who else was here before the USSR actually reunited?

Dmitrij Majboroda : Im From -USSR- Russia and enjoy of this video.

Хлеб : I can’t believe they’d expose us Russians like this. I mean ahaha the funny simpsons make jokes

Daniel Plainview : I love how the guy selling corn on the street is mistaken for the UN. 😅 😅 classic!

Mike I : The Soviet Union will be please to offer amnesty to your wayward vessel. The Soviet Union ? I thought you guys broke up.. YASSS! THAT IS WHAT WE WANTED YOU TO THINK!

Young Turtle : the communist movement got a lot of votes in russia last election... you know that simpsons never wrong thing? yeah.

Der Alte : If no one said already, the song is "Boyar Chorus" from Alexander Borodin's "Prince Igor".


Creator Kid : 2019: Welp, that's crazy. 2021: This is Bad we all gonna die.

GamingProTV : 2011: *new video great* 2012: *not yet* 2013: too early 2014: *wait for it* 2015: *almost there* 2016: *hmmm maybe? Nah not yet* 2017: *Video is old we should put in the reco...* 2018: *Yes?* 2019: *LETS PUT IT ALL OVER THE YOUTUBE RECOMMENDED*

Местный Левак : Ах этот прекрасный мир коммунизма!

10.000 subscribers without any video : Things scientists don't understand: 1. Big Bang 2. YouTube Recommendations

James K. : It's the Soviet Reunion now.

MrRav1247 : Old simpsons truly was the best

Heil Mechui : They protec . . . They attac . . . But most importantly *They're bac*

Connor Andresen : my fellow comrades, this is a victory for us all. we must start by changing youtube to ourtube.

Paul Guillaume : You think it was the russian federation ! But it was me the SOVIET UNION

Adolf Hitler : When the Soviet Union broke up ?

Abraham Zamora : 1:08 Greatest quote from Lenin “Must Crush Capitalism.” Lol

the one and only rusty shakleford : The U.S guy just acts like it’s a casual conversation.

Yan Barros : Who is here after USSR reunites?

Ben Denis : 1:03 me waking up every morning

わいふ世話人 : 0:44 *_Me and the our boys are starting to raid Area 51_*

Anatai : Союз Нерущимый Свободных Республик

SirZapdos : Surely not a coincidence that Lenin used his left hand to punch through the glass.

Maldus Alver : You May Have Won Cold War, but in Soviet Russia Cold War May Have Won You

Efe Erkaç : İmagine putin speaks on united nations and this happened LOL

levbesp : Поздравляю ты нашел русский комментарий. СОЮЮЮЮЮЮЮЮЮЮЮЮЮЮЮЮЗ!

Радомир Столетов : А всё из-за Гомера!!!😂😂🤣😂😂😂🤣

Andrew Farmkid : video posted in 2011 *got* *recommended* *in* *2019* Looking for another possible prediction.

Justin Copus : This is a great video, but I hate that YouTube makes sit through fricking ad to watch it.

the laanie : USA: I thought u guys broke up. Russia: That's what WE wanted u to think. ( Soviet anthem plays)

Doctor Proteus : Back when Americans were all brainwashed into thinking Communism and Socialism = Evil Russians who want to kill everyone. Or hasn't that changed much?

DarkSun : The way the Berlin Wall just pops out of the ground like that gets me every time XD.

Aniks G.К. : Я из России, у нас Ленин Кремль захватил.(Russian language)

Akorn : Abe’s defending of Homer in the beginning there is one of my favorite lines from the show

NBblowyouup : “Yes that’s what we wanted you to think! (Evil laugh)” *Baltic States and Ukraine sweats nervously* *Eastern NATO members sweat nervously* America: Excuse me what

Justin Reyes : I'm not hot about communism but capitalism doesn't exactly blow my skirt up either

Evil Ghandi : I like how the button is only their to flip the sign

Hyrräpää22 : Ahh the good old Simpsons. Back when the humour was great.

Dank Spank : 0:46-049 Top Ten Anime Betrayals