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Ethan Davidson : The men complaining about this are ignoring the fact that Portlandia has done a million skits about a feminist bookstore run by an angry, rude lesbian couple. I'm sure some women didn't like those skits (I met one) yet they don't feel the need to complain about it so much in the comments sections..


Chris Rembert : I see that they're mocking the extreme MRAs but males face discrimination when it comes to the Divorce, Healthcare, Adoption, Double Standard of domestic violence, etc...

Ian Tullis : This is so funny hahah!! Portlandia is a very on the nose, brilliant show...i was afraid it wouldn't last more than a few seasons but it has continued to be very relevant and smart

Eureka Sophia : This is the best. A perfect illustration of how privileged men feel victimized (or maybe threatened is the better word) when marginalized people demand equality. It's also telling to see that the men commenters apparently have hurt feelings over it.

Joan Cassie : Why does Carrie look like Justin long.

Kat M : "Where is our joe of ark... i wanna be burned at the stake" lolol

Agustin Rangel : If yoy can't laugh at it you are missing the point. The even bigger point it's comedy and there is a woman cocreating the skit!

Johnny G : Portlandia had to take a break from making fun of batshit crazy feminists and liberal idiots to please the sjw part of the base. After all it's a show based on hipsters

Sean Whitman : That's Dan Deacon at 2:29, right?

Yeah Whatever : So true men need a movement it's a cold world for men

Locokj : This show is run by geniuses.

Kyle T. : This is a actually a really catchy song.

04dram04 : It must be difficult to film in portland. Im guessing they mail all the costumes over from hollywood.

Harley Quinn : This is like completely revolutionary 😭😭😭😂👏👐👐👐

Hinata Hakamada : lol butthurt comments

Sophie N : This is the best thing I've ever SEEN.

CR : Is this the new Linkin Park video?

David Leitman : http://t1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRCeSUZXMF8Qvn1udUTrxPqfMTWBmJd4Ie97dC9QWgFJFeDtID-

Garrett Lynn : Lol

FlyingOverTr0ut : The sketch so nice they uploaded it twice.

emmej : I lost my shit at "WE BUILT THIS TOO!!"

LoveNotLabels : lol reminds me of the MGTOW guys

mossy1 : But this is the point that men have been making against feminists. Privileged white women pretending they are oppressed. We're just pointing out that for every problem women face, men have one that is just as bad if not worse... so stop bitching.

David Wheeler : men? I see a dyke and some ambiguous hipster doubling down on their liberal SJW bullshit. Nothing new, Portlandia was funny the first 2 seasons. Everything is painful to watch now. And Im a gay Mexican, so come at me you liberal bitches, this show is trash, Carrie Brownstein is another angry penis envied dyke and this show isn't funny anymore.

thebatmanover9000 : @0:42 The female population outnumbers the male population in the U.S.A. according to the population demographic studies.

bluemystic7501 : I think this skit highlights the absurdity of all the SJW movements.

Courtney Slaughter : 9 people are wondering "what about men?"

HelikaonIX : When you've had it good for so long that equality feels like oppression.

King Nick : I love how this show makes fun of the men's right movement and feminism, it seems like so many people feel like they can only pick one to tear apart.

Christopher Briscoe : This is extremely offensive.

Abc xyz : This is the anthem of the white supremacists who marched in Charlottesville

Zak Bagans : the war on men is a serious issue, you're making a mockery of it.

PowdaToastFace Killah : This is really about white men more than men in general

itheuser First : Many men have become the very thing they claim to hate. Fragile masculinity is becoming a social illness. This nails it.

Joanna Franks : these are the guys that love telling me how wrong I am about any opinion I express. well done brown and armisen!

Jerd Guillaume-Sam : I've watched several of these Portlandia clips and all I got was a chuckle when they featured John Early. :/

Fista Mamanbush : This show gets worse and worse. A homo with a fake bald cap and a lesbian dressed like a man saying, essentially, "What about me!" making fun of MRAs. Where's the joke? This is exactly why this show is terrible, there's no joke. Yet the sketch goes on for three and a half minutes - yet feels like 10. Just people mocking with no wit, no sarcasm MRAs. The shameless lack of talent in this show is absolutely dumbfounding. This show is just absolute trash, it's basically Buzzfeed the series.

Adeeba Khan : I love that he doesn't shake Carrie's hand at the end. So symbolic lol.

TJ P : Gawd, I love these two characters. "It's ok to have traditions in this country!!"

guth axor : lmao

Alvin Gonzalez : This show is too amazing.

Robert : This is hilarious, but painful to watch because I see this shit on twitter all the time.

Z Channel : The white power Fista guy uses the word totes and calls people fags in the same sentence lol

Charles Hash : lol are men really getting upset about this? poor little insecure beta males :(

Klyde Marmasett : This show, like Portland, has become trash.

Joan Cassie : Antifeminists are such crybabys jfc

Gregregore : Ha ha ha I want to control my own body, too.

B Hud : this is the best song Linkin Park ever did

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