Origin of Taking The Wind From Someones Sails. - Naval History Animated

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Taking the wind from someone's sails is an idiom with its roots in ancient sailing. To take the wind from someone's sails is to block the wind from reaching their sails. This would prevent them from maneuvering, and was a serious hazard to ships in close proximity such as in port as well as potentially a battle tactic. Sources: The Naval Heritage Foundation - United States Navy --------------------------------------------- About me: --------------------------------------------- I'm Imperial Scribe, I make animations about military and naval history as well as war theory. I put out 1-2 major battle videos per month with a number of shorter videos in between. My twitter: Subscribe: http://bit.ly/ISSubLink --------------------------------------------- Suggestions: --------------------------------------------- The Battle Of Rorke's Drift http://bit.ly/BORorkesDrift Why Did Sailors Swab The Deck? http://bit.ly/WhyDidSailorsSwabTheDeck Origin: "8 Bells and All's Well": http://bit.ly/8BellsAndAllsWell --------------------------------------------- Schedule: --------------------------------------------- Upcoming videos: June: The Battle of Isandlawanda [full length] The Battle of Roarks Drift [full length] Ship of the line [Short length] Origin: Three Sheets to the Wind [Short length] Note: Schedule is tentative. --------------------------------------------- Attributions: --------------------------------------------- Music: Tenderness - Bensound https://www.bensound.com/ CCA license Music (outro): FarAway - Copyrightfreemusic http://bit.ly/2KPtigC Stock sound effects: https://freesound.org/ May include miscellaneous licensed stock art. Information is derived from a number of historical sources including websites, historians, and literature. The fog of history is a real thing, even relatively recent events often have sources in disagreement or relying on one another. When possible information is derived from first-hand sources and where not possible information is found by taking multiple second-hand sources. It is not possible for anyone to guarantee perfect historical accuracy, but I do my absolute best to ensure that all information in my videos is well sourced and backed up by historical sources and evidence.

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