nathan fielder - buying an mp3 player
nathan fielder buying an mp3 player

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RedHot DogFeet : *look I'm just browsing, I'll be fine*

ClickClack99 : This doesn’t need a laugh track

mellowcoconut : Hey everybody, quick PSA. This video does not use a laugh track. It is the reaction of an audience. Thanks.

TheKinglax94 : Everything about this screams early 2000s. The cars at the beginning are all late 90s early 2000s, the manager's haircut and beard look like smashmouth and all the other brands. The mp3 being new, the capacity on the ipod. This is brilliantly capturing life in like 2003

Marie : thank god nathan for you doesnt have a laugh track

Philipp : Nathan = genius! These poor people ... also 512mb, uuhh yeah... sexy

YarrBr0 : just browsing

Autism Powers : 2gb... bruh

Aditya Bose : How does he not break character?


bonesofanidol : This is so good

Poushal : Nathan, brought to you by Cyberlife

valcaron : witty and original comment about the laugh track that totally nobody else has ever made

Simon Morgan : The salesman does ASMR videos now

Alan J Rubin : When you die you get added to the laugh track

sean johnston : americans may not realize it but this show had a live studio audience like SNL. perhaps the laughs are 'boosted' by an audio engineer but when you watch the full show you can tell there are actual people there, like a late-night talk show. does sound especially 'laugh track'-like in isolation but keep in mind nathan is hilarious and these segments were quite popular on this otherwise very mediocre show (how else do you jump from the CBC to comedy central?)

skylinefilms123 : Laugh track does not work for this humor at all

48956l : when did this air originally?

C : Didnt notice the laugh track, was too busy watching nathan fielder

Mijacogeo : So where can I find one of these M3P players? Radio Shack or something?

noisyturtle : The laugh track made me want to actively not laugh.

HappilyBlue : Honestly i was laughing way harder than these scrub audience members!

letMeSayThatInIrish : Amazingly funny

Joel Davidson : Where. Has this dude been? This is genius

james pond : Wow!! 2 gigabytes?! I've heard the iPod is pretty awesome. Anyone get the new one yet??

Jonathan Alphonzo : Pure genius

Sean Haggard : This looks like the sizzle reel that became Nathan for you.

GoldenBadger : It's actually really amazing how he can "jump-dance" and still have his voice as if he was just standing by.

Shaqstheman000 : Nathan is such an expert at making people uncomfortable

Donair Don : I like the laugh track because it lets me know that what's happening is funny!

The Inept Gamers : Nathan is the best

Kevin Burns : MIght seem old but, I bought my first MP3 player and it had a whopping 32MB of memory. So 512MB to 2GB was a quantum leap from the first players.

Michael Weston : where can i get me one of the empy three players?

charliestravels : Heyy! He copied my Slayer video!

Johnny Savage : What was the name of this show

JokerKnives : I CANT BREATHE

Cody Catena : I nearly pissed myslef

Drunken Master II : This is incredible.

phat cat mouse killer : This man is great

Brainbuster : What a pushy salesman! Take a hint!

Chef BangBang : this works so much better without the laugh track, i dont need to be told when nathan fielder is being funny

africa93 : he's so fresh faced

MartyrLoserKing : Seems like he took a lot of inspiration from Tom Green

CartoonsAndGameShows : I actually find the laugh track funny. A laugh track doesn't always work, but here I thought it was pretty funny.

SongBillong : The canned laughter utterly ruins this

racoonzattack : 512MB!? LOL!!!

OPEN MIND : hilarious

crow one : Retro

Robert Lee, Countertenor : He's so cute