Stop Calling Bill O Reilly A Homo

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TheAndrewj96 : I love how he raises his eyebrows right as he says "...and _he_ called me a homo..." To this day, it still baffles me how perfectly these two videos sync up.

connorsoldvideos : Good lord, this is just perfect.

Burni O : Holy shit, why does the body language fit so fucking perfectly?

Vexaton : This syncs up so incredibly well!

itogisch : why does this sync so well. this is scary

Potato : I'm a potato

Tom Brown : You laugh you lose threads are getting better with sound webums

eden : years later and i'm still fuckin amazed at how well the two synch up

shreddinmetal4life : Still the greatest video ever.

Dam Sun : This is edited so well, I think OP went to Hogwarts.

onionjamTV : I have never before experienced such perfection

Sam Martin : I love you for making this

Aaron Tanner : "alot of you guys are making edited versions of my videos" oh if only he knew

Scotty : great mashup...or GREATEST mashup?

Severen Divine : *I* *can* *talk* *in* *bold* *letters*

YungBoi64 : ...imbeciles. It's not complete without the demeaning nickname at the end.

This is not my name : who else came here from ifunny

MisterSaIesman : HOMO

drjung77 : My God this is epic!

monwoo10 : Anyone count how many times he said homo? Lol

Patrik Tripes : Man, this is comedy gold!

EntrepreneurNet : I'd like to know what the name of this video modification procedure (and what's needed) is so I could do some more of it. Conan used to do a lot of this and it's always hilarious.

xxuncexx : That was actually really well executed

Jonathan Mason : I can't stop watching this. Saw it on YLYL, last week and I watch it at least twice a day. It's magic.

LuneyTune72 : This is still one of the best videos on the entire internet.

Will Christopher Corrado : This is brilliant! Thank you for creating it.

Mr. Negi Generation 3000 : wait... how is this vid older than original one ._.

Face Gamer : This is the best video known to mankind.

Lonus Bjonus : i cant believe how well the gestures fit every single word

Danny Booth : this is the best thing ive seen on a video

hunter [unknown : Top ten anime roasts

Arachnaman : 232 homos disliked this

LMGbros 772 : This cured my depression

Joshua W : how tf are these so perfectly in sync

RYAN KURZ JAMISON : okay then you HOMO

Paladin Gaming : Just... wow

ChristianU2ber's Ghost : Stop it! I'm not him!!!

galacticvhs : The body language scarily fits

giggy4321 _ : YA HOMO

Dead Vortex : this cheers me up always

Justin Case : brilliant!

Some Random Vlog : G O T I T ?

Smartboy216 : Even the lip smacks go perfectly together

Roy H : This is so well done, fit's perfectly!! XDD

Mohaned Ali : thanks

SXI96 : lmao this is hilarious

Hans Javis : Has anyone sent this to Bill O'Reilly? Even if this shit was done with me I would still find it funny as shit. This syncs up too damn well.

Apples'n Pears : Perfection.

Aimée Schnipke : Ohhhhhh man, I haven't laughed this hard for a long time. This is GOLD.

Matthew O'Shea : Where are they now!?