Stop Calling Bill O Reilly A Homo

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TheAndrewj96 : I love how he raises his eyebrows right as he says "...and _he_ called me a homo..." To this day, it still baffles me how perfectly these two videos sync up.

connorsoldvideos : Good lord, this is just perfect.

Burni O : Holy shit, why does the body language fit so fucking perfectly?

Vexaton : This syncs up so incredibly well!

itogisch : why does this sync so well. this is scary

Potato : I'm a potato

Tom Brown : You laugh you lose threads are getting better with sound webums

eden : years later and i'm still fuckin amazed at how well the two synch up

shreddinmetal4life : Still the greatest video ever.

Dam Sun : This is edited so well, I think OP went to Hogwarts.

Aaron Tanner : "alot of you guys are making edited versions of my videos" oh if only he knew

onionjamTV : I have never before experienced such perfection

Sam Martin : I love you for making this

Bert Macklin : It's amazing how synced it is.

Severen Divine : *I* *can* *talk* *in* *bold* *letters*

Scotty : great mashup...or GREATEST mashup?

A.J. Vasquez : If YouTube ever ends up obsolete in the future, they should have a flash drive of the most memorable video clips on them and this should be one of them. Other than the grainy video quality and low audio everything about this clip is YouTube gold and deserves to be preserved.

MisterSaIesman : HOMO

YungBoi64 : ...imbeciles. It's not complete without the demeaning nickname at the end.

Professor Fennec : Oldie but goodie.

This is not my name : who else came here from ifunny

TheMostAwesomeMan242 : That mouth! 0_o

Rookie Chang : Anyone here from iFunny? Lol

drjung77 : My God this is epic!

EntrepreneurNet : I'd like to know what the name of this video modification procedure (and what's needed) is so I could do some more of it. Conan used to do a lot of this and it's always hilarious.

cfroi08 : If this was made today Tumblr would have a shit fit.

Aimée Schnipke : Ohhhhhh man, I haven't laughed this hard for a long time. This is GOLD.

monwoo10 : Anyone count how many times he said homo? Lol

Devin Favel : lmao

Hans Javis : Has anyone sent this to Bill O'Reilly? Even if this shit was done with me I would still find it funny as shit. This syncs up too damn well.

バンド : Beautiful

captop12 : Such. Precision.

King Shrimpy : Beautiful. Nothing is greater than this.

Nicky Notorious : Why does it fit so well?

Patrik Tripes : Man, this is comedy gold!

LoveTech : youtube gold right here...LOL

Jose Kno : Just perfect ~

Apples'n Pears : Perfection.

UnlikeTower1 : "And I will NOT HAVE IT!"

Rollo Maughfling : Honestly, every time O'Reilly rears his weird fat head in a feed, I come back to this for comment ammo, and it just keeps giving. Thank you!

Imari Mariel : god's work. god's gift

xxuncexx : That was actually really well executed

Jonathan Mason : I can't stop watching this. Saw it on YLYL, last week and I watch it at least twice a day. It's magic.

LuneyTune72 : This is still one of the best videos on the entire internet.

Will Christopher Corrado : This is brilliant! Thank you for creating it.

Mr. Negi Generation 3000 : wait... how is this vid older than original one ._.

Face Gamer : This is the best video known to mankind.

Lonus Bjonus : i cant believe how well the gestures fit every single word

Danny Booth : this is the best thing ive seen on a video

hunter [unknown : Top ten anime roasts