Man punches a bear trap! Amazing!

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DHammer : why, just why

FusRoDah : my screen smells testosterone now

Edward c : Badass

Arturo Aguila : What ward talent show was this for? I know church gym when I see one

FabledSomething : one tenth of a second from being hosted on liveleak.

Juni : Hold my beer...

AspireVelocity : How can that man walk with those big balls of his.

Sam Me : Mark 16:18 "They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; and whatsoever bear traps they punch, they will remain unharmed."

Terry J : cool but very irresponsible... could have ended up with a room full of traumatized children

HeronOfHeaven : me: "whats your snap?" her: "I'm 15 btw"

Brian Wood : Is this at mutual?

b1uezer : Good thing he also swung his massive balls out of the way or he would have broke a perfectly fine bear trap.

Ellis Brown : Me: what are your PC specs? Her: I play on console

Ty Carper : This video got my girlfriend pregnant.

DivXMaN : Oh dear god, the last thing we need is another idiotic youtube challenge resulting in people breaking their arms in half. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!!!!

ShadowMaster862 : Yo, I know a Mormon church gym when I see one!

Ze Car Bin : Couldn’t see anything, his balls are in the way.

Takayuki Suzuki : His magic Mormon underwear protected him

STYLO : The real question is... how did he get on his knees with those massive steel balls?

Superfappio64 : thats a mormon church, i recognise the piano and hard wood floor. Its in every mormon church ive ever been in

Jimmy Gill : reflexes on point cheeeee

Zachery Randall : "Welcome Mat deployed."

Pierre Lsn : Who's here from the fcking instagram shoutout?

Numbingbird : 🅱️adass

Extreme green mockneck : Imagine the shit he used to do in his 20's?

MrRiggyRiggs : I like turtles

Chuck U Farley : I was expecting him to lose a hand.

Demonic Darkness : Very quick hand for sure

Tibb91 : step1: watch it at 0.25 speed step2: thank me later

groki : man, that was a pretty edgy thing to do

Thomy Melendez : who's here cuz of Instagram

emanuel roca : The fap hand has never come so useful.

BigAnimeTiddiesTheFirst : Haters will say its fake

Joseph Gallope : That's what Jesus died for.

Robust Enigma : Speed at 0.25.... GO!

That Fuck Tonnato : Instructions not clear I got my hand choped off.

derp face : Top 10 Saw traps

Rico Lorenz : Hey Reddit!

shades2 : When you avoid that disastrous relationship... but still get to hit it.

Yumico : bet jaime lannister can do that!

Sans Nom : *BEAR TRAP PRANK 2017* *(Went drunk) (Gone Wrong) (Almost died) (Family kicked me) (Kid cried)*

BasicZ 223 : Savage

John Motherfuckin' Coltrane : This was uploaded 2 years ago and it is just now that it's becoming a meme.

Tony Music : What do you call bears with no ears? B

Salty Diarrhea : Please become the new *cinnamon challenge*

Pennywise : Got them balls

Essential Craftsman : Is there any way you can set me up to chat with your uncle? that guy is NUTS!

Faizal Ali : i love how everyone screams even before he does it hahahaha

YoMaN : Who got This video with the san andreas mission passed screen

Myotiplayer 05 : Why people start yelling...??...