Man punches a bear trap! Amazing!

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DHammer : why, just why

FusRoDah : my screen smells testosterone now

MrRiggyRiggs : I like turtles

Arturo Aguila : What ward talent show was this for? I know church gym when I see one

Tyler Boyle : Did this happen at a Mormon church?

Ellis Brown : Me: what are your PC specs? Her: I play on console

DivXMaN : Oh dear god, the last thing we need is another idiotic youtube challenge resulting in people breaking their arms in half. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!!!!

Crystalpilot : Why haven't you watched this in 0.25x speed yet? You know you want to. Scroll back up do that shit.

Brian Wood : Is this at mutual?

HeronOfHeaven : me: "whats your snap?" her: "I'm 15 btw"

Juni : Hold my beer...

ESPN AssignmentDesk : Do you own the rights to the Bear Trap Video?  if so email and let me know if we have permission to show it on all platforms with a courtesy to you.

Liz Dunphy : Hey, great video, where was this filmed? Thanks

Ron Callahan : Hey guys look at What I can do - that badass

Helkem : most nerve racking experience

Essential Craftsman : Is there any way you can set me up to chat with your uncle? that guy is NUTS!

Renee Massie : Does your uncle still do this?! Would love to speak with him about the tv show I am casting

Terry J : cool but very irresponsible... could have ended up with a room full of traumatized children

George Brown : Hey man, George from LADbible here. We think this video is hilarious, wold we be ok to post to our page? We will fully credit you. Thanks!

LinkEX : Even though he gave off the impression that he was pretty familiar with how fast the trap would snap, and how fast he could pull out his hand, you can see the reasonably cautious part in him battling against the move he's about to do before he literally throws his fist into the bear trap.

Elaiden : That's fucking idiotic.

J L : I would like to see a compilation video of different people trying this. C'mon YouTube creators....get to work!

STYLO : The real question is... how did he get on his knees with those massive steel balls?

Ethan Heath : He look like Mike Pence and Mike Pence don't play no shit

Numbingbird : 🅱️adass

꿈을어둠 : No do it with your donger

Joseph Gallope : That's what Jesus died for.

FireLord Obama : do it with your dick next time

Thomy Melendez : who's here cuz of Instagram

Drew Condrey : Was this at Rehoboth? I swear I recognize that piano

Yumico : bet jaime lannister can do that!

groki : man, that was a pretty edgy thing to do

ShadowMaster862 : Yo, I know a Mormon church gym when I see one!

b1uezer : Good thing he also swung his massive balls out of the way or he would have broke a perfectly fine bear trap.

Tony Music : What do you call bears with no ears? B

Jack Thibeau : () . () Why............just....why.

Chuck U Farley : I was expecting him to lose a hand.

madmax2069 : Lmao wow, listen to all those people screaming.

Marvin Slevin : steve jobs is doing weird shit since he faked his death, eh

Rico Lorenz : Hey Reddit!

Vincent Izquierdo : Fuck that old man n fuck ur church bitch

Takayuki Suzuki : His magic Mormon underwear protected him

Pennywise : Got them balls

No Pe : they dont make'm like him anymore. HOLY SHIT!

pnut84 : Balls of steel right there.

Jimmy Gill : reflexes on point cheeeee

Ty Carper : This video got my girlfriend pregnant.

Robust Enigma : Speed at 0.25.... GO!

Sam Me : Mark 16:18 "They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; and whatsoever bear traps they punch, they will remain unharmed."

Demonic Darkness : Very quick hand for sure