3 signs you should see when fighting someone that can't fight (Educational Version)

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The Pkazi Show : Thank you guys for the 1k subs😭😭 I'm really grateful for what y'all did; I'm gonna do my best to give y'all the best content😁

Early Bird : if he wanna slam you you can't get mad and say "oh you trying to wrestle" he's only going to do wat works for him ...ya dig???

ShoutLatios : The way he drones out his voice is so hilarious.

cbro412 : he's just trying not to go to sleeeeeep 😂😂😂💀

JsGoCrazY_Yt : His voice 😅😆😄😭

Cin : "Get him off you and give him one mooooooore." LMAOO

Randy Gutierrez : "Hold on, give me a minute! hold on, i got asthma, HOLD ON!!!! WATCH OUT MA-" *Runs away* LOL XD

M. Will : Sad part is, this tutorial good for nothing. Ain't nobody fighting out here anymore. Most rather just shoot you.

Double O : I really cant fight tho Im 6 ft 7 and my hands fast as hell I just cant fight, like I feel like shit after hitting someone in the face even if I hate them

DonNoDraper : 😂 I'm dead this isn't WWE

NotoriousMoMoney : chances are hes going to sleep

Collins Riva : yall know you reading the comments with the voice from the vid😂😂 facts✔

Nine 5 : so true but NOT the wrestling part only if the dude takes you down fast he got some type of training(real wrestling or jiu-jitusu)

Senpai Le Bastet : Why are people saying wrestling is bad in a street fight? If you know how to wrestle and avoid getting bit then you’re instantly winning. A fighter versus a wrestler isn’t fair because the wrestler has a higher chance to break an arm or leg. Not to mention wrestlers are faster. Besides one slam on the floor means probably instant K.O. For people saying wrestlers are weak are very new to the fighting game and should go take classes. A wrestler is the scariest thing to encounter.

Richard Nelson : Too bad young dudes don’t fight anymore. They just pull out a gun.

WdnUlik2no : Chances are he's going to sleeeeeeeep.

Incognito Jet : "He cant fight he wants to wrestle" (as hes falling towards the pavement upside down) Or when your about to ground and pound and ppl are like "let him get up! Let him get up!" 😂

Young Nino : lmao that narrating funny af 😂

1337ToxicSlayer : I have never seen a fight where they don't go to the ground. I also hear a lot that" its a fight, anything goes." That bullshit pisses me off.

RiseAsOne MiddleClass : Why are you talking like ttttthhhaaaaaaattttttt

TheGSmith1 : 😂😂😂😂going to sleep

Elijah Contreras : After this video,imma beat my meeeeeaaaaattttt😂😂😂

John Doe : Voice is priceless!!

Reginald Johnson : If you cant fight you should stay out of fights and don't start none.

Deric Ayman Antoine Abd-al-Fadi : Lmao and the squeaky basketball court sounds lmao

Open Mynd : Why your voice sound like them European dudes narrating videos..😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 bruhh

leandr0_._ : alright wassup bro 😆

Goldie Andretti : The narrators voice 😂😂

Chief Beef : Y he talking like that?

Cajun Rage : Omfg this was funny ass hell 😂😂😂 I'm up in here lmaooooo

DMike Ford : he's going to sleeeep

Threez n Trees : this was educational/informational 😄😆😂

Jay Faggins : So does RDC know you stoletheir video?

Gabriel Glenn : Wrestling and bjj are effective in street fights. Especially if you wanna take em down.

O. O : your voice is putting me to sleeeeeeeep

AKA PSYKICKZ : High fighting potential 😂😂😂😂😂

Jermaine Long : 😂The dreary voiceover tho...

Young Owens : Can we get a updated version of this LOL!!!!!!!

George Standifur : wrestling proves u cant fight??? have u ever watched any real pro fighters and seen who the champions are? pretty much all champions have some kind of wrestling/clinch/ground skills at the top levels because in real fights it almost always ends up on the ground sooner or later. the truth is the people who are against the wrestling are the ones that dont really understand or know what fighting is.

X X : 0:44 😂😂😂😂

Wauney : Imma wrestle cause my ground game on point

Backyardmech1 : I think the talk part is true, but in a street fight someone who is trained in close quarter combat knows that keeping close can combat hard throws by long swings. Wrapem up and pen them, if not break an arm.

Robert Celaya : Later, im gonna eaaatt

Robert Lee : Look if it’s a street fight or any fight for that matter it’s you or me I,m going to win by any means necessary . BOXING , MMA , BY ANY & I DO MEANS NECESSARY so if you come at me you better take up some kind of contacted sport besides boxing or your going to get railed real quick

canadaguy20081 : This was awesome 😎 on so many levels I cannot quantify

Global Occult : The most dangerous men only fight when it is necessary, not to make a point to someone else for hurting there feelings. Want to become a REAL dangerous fighter, take military classes, krav maga, jujitsu, much more. And make sure your taking solid original classes for a period of time. Not some YMCA karate 45 minute class for a couple weeks.

King Santa Cruz : I hate getting in fights solely because the "Unspoken Rules" are no longer the only rules. Now there's no kicking, elbows, knees, BJJ holds, kidney punches, and choking out. Seriously! If a fight doesn't have eye gouging, biting, or nut taps than it's clean to me. Too many people stop their brothas from getting his bell rung over the most trivial things now. Fight until a submission. Period.

Noc4ball : Everyone has a puncher's chance. Never underestimate anyone... They may not have no defense or proper offensive technique but it doesnt mean they cant you to sleep.

Yukio Mukaibo : 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I laughed SO HARD !!!! Thank You!!!

Brim The Forever Man : I can't box... But I can sure as hell grapple... I be all about testing some wrestling skills... If you can't fight on the ground your in trouble against somebody who can take a punch