JAY-Z - Family Feud ft. Beyoncé

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Spirit : 1:11 “Another one”

HUWAII TV : This Black Panther 2 Or Sumn?..It's Dope Though

doogie Five-Four : Chiron and KillMonger cant get along

Naturally Nicole : This video is sick..I’m just in awe ❤️ all these great black actors and actresses

Issa Queen : For those who don’t understand the meaning of the song I went on Genius.com and found this....... “The track is about the separation in the hip-hop culture and community. Hov is witnessing new rappers disrespecting their old heads, while old school artists and fans misunderstand the new generations. “Family Feud” stands as Jay’s call for all rappers and fans to put aside their differences and come together for the good of the culture.”

Eurostep2xmvp : This a movie trailer

b : So what I got from this is the woman in 2050 talking about her father said 'nobody wins when the family feuds' is actually Blue Ivy in the future. Jay-Z takes her in 2018 to confess his wrongdoings in front of the 'priest' her mother Beyonce. Which is why Beyonce is shown listening to him in the confessionals. By doing this in front of their daughter, they are laying down the foundations for her future, teaching her that 'nobody wins when the family feuds'. It is these family values which lead to her becoming one of the founding mothers of a new America, and so the family tree continues to 2444. The president is actually a descendant of this family tree, so when the woman was questioning him, he was speaking of this history that I just explained. The legacy that his ancestors (Jay Z/Beyonce) created. It's basically showing us how our choices can affect the future, our families, our legacies. If Jay-Z didn't make that choice to stand in that church and confess, own up to his faults, would his family have maintained its peace? Would Beyonce still be with him? Would Blue Ivy grow up to be that incredible woman in 2050? And then would all the great things that happened in the future such as the amendment of the constitution to make America great, and the war to uphold the law have happened? That is what the president is talking about in 2444. 'The worst of us does not define us.' Just like how the Carter's were able to move on and look past their issues, why can't the people questioning his family do the same? Its obviously fiction, but this would actually make a great story line for some sort of sci-fi dystopian movie. :)))

Peter Djan : Leave me alone Becky

Clarissematique : Can we get an amen for Beyonce's vocals???

Lawson Hemsworth : Bey with tht amen @6:56

Dru : Creed got his ass whooped

Carlton Jay : Remember "I'm tryna give y'all a million dollars worth of game for just 9.99".

carmen casper : Blue looks adorable on this

MattElmz TV : Michael B Jordan surprised me

Lauren Jauregui : "ANOTHER ONE" DJ Khalid, is that you? 😂

www.GPcarAudio.com : Steve Harvey where you at

Tupac_Senpai : If only Black People (and monorities in general) could learn from this, but most just dont listen like they shoud.

Petty King : Beyoncé and Jay Z always come through with these album visuals

SKINNY LEGEND : This is like Wakanda

West African Diamond : "There's no such thing as an ugly billionaire, I'm cute."😍😄

Beatrice Olivier : Jay z be makin movies now damn

Guilia Liberati : WHAT. A. CAST.

ThatChic Namii : This needs to be an episode on Black Mirror

Manaʻolana Merritt : King Killmonger!!!!!

ItsSimplyME : 6:00 is that even Beyonce

HENRY THE RC CAR : Is this a music video or a movie? 😏

dion mitchell : Jay went all out with this one

Z : Shout out to the Clark sisters for the background

Derek Chapman : J killed this track

Y up : 6:54 is when my mom says amen when the pastor is talking about disobedient kids smh 🤦🏽‍♀️


Αλεξια Nταλλας : What is better than one billionair —two.... here come the illuminati symbol bravo👏🏻👏🏻 @6:44

Gėnuįnė Ouss : Jay-Z how the hell can you cheat on Beyonce? Like seriously she's one of the most beautiful women on earth and you're clearly not the sexiest man alive or the greatest rapper... You are damn lucky to be her husband, and even more if she stay with you...

TheConservative : So he is cursing in the church? Amazing

Faith Smith : I kepted thinking about this when I watched Black Panther...

Dustin Deweerd : It seems like there is a fight between JayZ, Timberlake, and Bruno Mars for that #1 trending spot.

Aphrodite : Omg the cop from scream queens 😂😂😂

Brittanya Hope Milagro : blue gonna be president😏

Evelyn Miles : Beyonce says 2 with her illumati sign...

Cyrina Hunter : This video is mind blowing. I literally rewinded each verse at least five times or more until the end. Yes!!!! preach Jay🙌

JaylynsWorld : Bout time you took it off tidal dang.

ligma : Good to know Kelly from the Office was a Founding Mother

nicole taylor : Satanic

Osvaldo Cintron : Horrible. I guess that’s to be expected when you got all that money. Oh well🤨

jerry alexander : Sheep will follow anybody.

Lyrical Myracle : Soooo when's the season premiere?

paad8888 : WACK

Sidharth Suravarapu : killmonger be in the *F U T U R E*

iWishItWasAJoke : this video is satanic as hell !!

Innocent Shezi Music : Come through Clark Sisters!!! ♥️