JAY-Z - Family Feud ft. Beyoncé

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UnPhayzable : Beyoncé looks amazing in this... But then again she is Beyoncé

da gingerbread boi : Jay z: Tries to enlighten y’all with excellent messages Y’all: wHY tHE iNTRo sO LoNG

APURV SINGH : i came to here to hear *BEYONCE* sing 'yaya' and 'amen'. <3 <3 <3

West African Diamonds : "There's no such thing as an ugly billionaire, I'm cute."😍😄

matheri Genesis : Michael b Jordan always dying in movies

Queen Beyoncé : Jay z need to make movies man lol

doogie Five-Four : Chiron and KillMonger cant get along

Terell Chapman : A man that can’t take care of his family can’t be rich

Lamees Hamdi : This is so underrated.

Ndibe Uzoigwe : So y’all didn’t realize Madam President was Blu ivy 😱

Lani J. : Srry but when he said “anotha one” DJ Khaled immediately popped into my head 😂

Mena Angel : Beyonce amen gave me chills

daphne sandoval : "LET ME ALONE BECKY" Better call Becky with good hair ♩

G YG : The diversity and representation has me tearin' up...

Boul Shyte : whats better than 1 billionaire? 2! especially when they're from the same hue as u! 🔥🔥🔥


Nkechi Ndukwe : Only 13 mil views creativity now a days is overlooked and undervalued

ThatChic Namii : This needs to be an episode on Black Mirror

brittany Amber : blue gonna be president😏

Leah Gaines : Did she just slap my husband?! 😬💯😩😤🤣

dayum son : Jay Z needs to start making movies ffs

Living Like Jaida : I like this song but my fab part is when Beyonce was singing "amen" and this story that they made in this video is very creative

Z : Shout out to the Clark sisters for the background

Michelle Clark : The most talented couple ever.

AamegaBeyonceFan Gillespie : Blue ivy is so pretty? Like if I had her and Beyonces beauty right bow I would die!

HENRY THE RC CAR : Is this a music video or a movie? 😏

J. Arnold : Beyoncé always ahead, killed the met gala theme before the met gala even happened

Asher Thèroux : I just realized that the “Ha Ya” line is actually a sample from a gospel song by The Clark Sisters called “Ha Ya” 👑

James C. Lewis : That AMEN run that Beyonce did at 6:57 sounded EXACTLY like a Young Twinkie Clark!!!

EndTime Watchman : JESUS STILL SAVES

Lyrical Myracle : Soooo when's the season premiere?

RishipoopTiwari : Song starts at 5:30,your welcome.

M M : That little look Beyoncé gave at 6:16 .....fuuuuuuckk 🤤

SKINNY LEGEND : This is like Wakanda

TheConservative : So he is cursing in the church? Amazing

theokchannel : Black game of thrones?

Derek Chapman : J killed this track

Meleyeah Amorsita : "NOBODY WINS WHEN THE FAMILY FUEDS" realest thing I heard in a long ass time!! Amen.. props to Jay z I applaud him for accepting and admitting to his mistakes and learning from them.

Chyna Hart : We all screwd cause we never had the tools

Αλεξια Nταλλας : What is better than one billionair —two.... here come the illuminati symbol bravo👏🏻👏🏻 @6:44

Joï P : The Carters don’t make videos, they only make movies!👸🏽🤴🏿

Night Flower : Damn almost a whole year....

Lorna Satchwell : This song and video is so politically and socially deep. The country is a family and no one wins when the family feuds.

nicole taylor : Satanic

DJ MAGICTUNEZ : This is f**king legendary

Beatrice Olivier : Jay z be makin movies now damn

Somon Olivier : A family is the best and most important things that we got in life one love for all my African-america brother and sister....

Himanshu Nawalkar : So I get it, it was shot in Wakanda !!

the b*#%h kiss my ass show : Yall not paying attention pay attention it's a message for everyone

A. Cammy : Why does this only have 13mill views on youtube ??!!!