JAY-Z - Family Feud ft. Beyoncé

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Queen Beyoncé : Jay z need to make movies man lol

Byron Messia TV : This Black Panther 2 Or Sumn?..It's Dope Though

West African Diamonds : "There's no such thing as an ugly billionaire, I'm cute."😍😄

matheri Genesis : Michael b Jordan always dying in movies

Mena Angel : Beyonce amen gave me chills

HENRY THE RC CAR : Is this a music video or a movie? 😏

carmen casper : Blue looks adorable on this

Terell Chapman : A man that can’t take care of his family can’t be rich

Ndibe Uzoigwe : So y’all didn’t realize Madam President was Blu ivy 😱

doogie Five-Four : Chiron and KillMonger cant get along

Lyrical Myracle : Soooo when's the season premiere?

daphne sandoval : "LET ME ALONE BECKY" Better call Becky with good hair ♩

Boul Shyte : whats better than 1 billionaire? 2! especially when they're from the same hue as u! 🔥🔥🔥

Guilia Liberati : WHAT. A. CAST.

Michelle Clark : The most talented couple ever.

dayum son : Jay Z needs to start making movies ffs

Lamees Hamdi : This is so underrated.

APURV SINGH : i came to here to hear *BEYONCE* sing 'yaya' and 'amen'. <3 <3 <3

Z : Shout out to the Clark sisters for the background

brittany Amber : blue gonna be president😏


ThatChic Namii : This needs to be an episode on Black Mirror

Leah Gaines : Did she just slap my husband?! 😬💯😩😤🤣

Tiffany Grant : I just wanna know one thing Mr.&Mrs.Jay Z,,, why make a music video using a church set up, i think that was very disrespectful of y'all, yes i'm a broke black female, i'll always remember how i felt before an after church on Sunday's. i'm just saying, MRS.L.COLLINS

James C. Lewis : That AMEN run that Beyonce did at 6:57 sounded EXACTLY like a Young Twinkie Clark!!!

Lani J. : Srry but when he said “anotha one” DJ Khaled immediately popped into my head 😂

G YG : The diversity and representation has me tearin' up...

AamegaBeyonceFan Gillespie : Blue ivy is so pretty? Like if I had her and Beyonces beauty right bow I would die!

EndTime Watchman : JESUS STILL SAVES

Αλεξια Nταλλας : What is better than one billionair —two.... here come the illuminati symbol bravo👏🏻👏🏻 @6:44

UnPhayzable : Beyoncé looks amazing in this... But then again she is Beyoncé

TheConservative : So he is cursing in the church? Amazing

jerry alexander : Sheep will follow anybody.

Shanda Love : The witch does it again flashing her sign of allegiance and her colors. Believers shine for Christ Jesus our Lord who is coming again

iWishItWasAJoke : this video is satanic as hell !!

Lyrical Myracle : Short film music videos are the shit & Jay & Beyoncé know what they doin wit theirs. This ensemble made it so much better

Living Like Jaida : I like this song but my fab part is when Beyonce was singing "amen" and this story that they made in this video is very creative

RishipoopTiwari : Song starts at 5:30,your welcome.

Somon Olivier : A family is the best and most important things that we got in life one love for all my African-america brother and sister....

Evelyn Miles : Beyonce says 2 with her illumati sign...

theokchannel : Black game of thrones?

SKINNY LEGEND : This is like Wakanda

Derek Chapman : J killed this track

Asher Thèroux : I just realized that the “Ha Ya” line is actually a sample from a gospel song by The Clark Sisters called “Ha Ya” 👑

Harmony Rocourt : Ava did great with this video

C 84 : You know it's gonna be 🔥 when Beyonce and Jay are in the same video.

Sarah Lee : This.... was.... just... awkward

RRisBackBitcheZz : Goddamnit Trevante on Jordan yesss lawd !!!

Raymond Rochanhlu : 7 years ago you said Jesus cant save you after church is when life start, now you rap in the church and calld for Allah?? what kind of joke? or what kind of puppet are you?

Lorna Satchwell : This song and video is so politically and socially deep. The country is a family and no one wins when the family feuds.