LIghtSaber Theremin, Star Wars Musical Machine.
Making a Theremin out of a light saber

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The #Lightsaber Theremin! This took quite a bit of working out. but now its all working and worked out! you can try! simply using a sparkfun accelerometer. the samples. and sound will be available on my patreon soon! aswell as info prior to it going up on my site:- needless to say patreon is keeping me alive at the minute! thanks very much to all your support, which is giving me the time and funds to keep building silly machines! Links to those sparkfun accelerometers :- how about those nifty voltage displays super cheap!? CHECK OUT MY MUSIC ON SPOTIFY :- Paypal :- Thanks for all the support, as the above is how i keep this project afloat, as i don't think i'd be able to develop projects like the furby organ and gameboy mega machine otherwise so thanks! :D. Patreon :- Facebook :- Website :- Instagram :- Always looking for old gear! to mod or conserve in the "museum of everything else" one day :P always on the hunt for old things to do videos with! :-


foorje : what a beautifully practical instrument

D. D. C. : You deserve a bigger audience!

Adamant Consternation : So would the next step be to build an accelerometer suit? :D

GLTCatman : This is GOD TIER content for my wet eyes to feast upon! I. NEED. MORE.


S.S. Sarah : You mad, mad, brilliant man.

Woochia's Beats & Bobs : This is genius!! These light saber theremin sounds could fit so perfectly in any trap/dubstep/techno song, and it looks like so much fun to play with. Your channel really drives me more and more toward this snap snap chopy chop soldery sorcery. I've already got to step 1: buy a soldering iron. Now I've got to go to step 2: use it.

Its Schwarbage : Some of those star wars joke just didn't land-o

Smooth. : oh mate this would be amazing for some dubstep type music

Cable Vamp : These actually seem useful. When you were doing the wubble with the blue saber it sounded sick as hell.

gunnaralv : This is real Gold!! Damn! One of the best!

Franko : @Sam you're one extremely multitalented chap! :)

Cheapo : i was here before it went viral!

Izsak Ahmed : Sam i think I'm in love with you

Juest Zungo : neat. although a gyroscope could've been useful, it's considered more robust than an accelerometer, plus the latter needs a magnet to define the origin

Paul Lammers : "I didn't say I was good at it." Proceeds to prove incredible aptitude.

OhFishyFish : This is more 90's than all of the 1990's shows combined.

Gubber Dude : 4:00 sounds genuinely like a death grips song

fil k : Did you also make an analog sample cutting, uploading machine? :P Great project! Love it!

Don Workman : This is incredible. Much love. You deserve the world.

Wolfen : Look mum I'm a Jedi now!

Pocket Universe : You should be knighted.

Link 2089 : Would this work just plugged into an regular clean sounding guitar amp

112358miau : I did a theremin with 3 fm radios Guess I should upgrade that thing and learn a bit more.

Jas Van Aarde : this channel is the best

Wagoo : Smashing stuff! That idea.. Vader-good-video (oof)

Romain J. : You just simply rocks !! Greets from France ♥️

Ian Johnstone : I continued to be astounded. This needs to be a stage show!

Alex Benedikt : Damn you remind me of Rick Sanchez!!!👍😂😂

evnov_ : Thanks for the subtitles. I send u love from Chile :3.

HwoarangtheBoomerang : This is SO COOL!!! You could make a lot of money!! Also, you are very hot.

Mark Koetsier : Impressive... Most impressive.

SomethingSomething Dark Side 94 : What’s the point of the bell? Isn’t that what the subscription button was for?

Krmpfpks : I have seen a patch of daylight in your room. Be careful!

povkilla : Sam, your projects are always dope Af man. You're quite the creative gent!!

Dash Glitch : Imperial March was amazing, you sir are true inspiration

Pablo Malatesta : Absolutely amazing! I'd like to see it in real live. You could even make a midi controller with a lava lamp!

Christian Stuck : Could you do a diy ring modulator video? They look pretty simple, but there aren't any really simple instructions out there.

Subsonic - Beatbox Tutorials : This is awesome man :) I need to give this a go and the dubstep wobs at 4:30 are so sick :D I would love to collaborate with you :) I have kp3s :)

John Moriarty : Everything you do is so awesome xD

Testoh Toby : It sounded more like Fart Wars 😂 btw great as usual ❤️👌🎛️🎚️

Robert Hardy : Oh mate you kill me with your genius brilliant video once again!

reggiep75 : Will there be a furby theremin, oscillator or dub siren in the future. There still be loadsa life in them furbys, there - Darth Furby 2018

SternLX : In a galaxy very near by... Some Star Wars geek just creamed his pants.

Jon Rowell : Pretty cool project. Next time you perform live, you should brandish those bad boys.

lordsqueak : That imperial theme sounds like it was farted by Hans Olo . ...I'll get my coat

jeff wackenthal : Sam is really the best!

Bronze Monarch : An elegant instrument, for a more civilized age.

flamtambler : theremin always seemed like a gag rather than an actual instrument you could summon beautiful music with. Today I learned otherwise.