How to Apply Tartan Paint

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The Holy Grail of painting has been found. A reference to end apprentice pranks forever - How to apply tartan paint Click here to watch the first video in the series - Visit the Lucas Teamstore for Protools, surface treatments, apparel and merchandise - Visit my website for more home improvement videos - Follow Barry on Twitter - Follow Barry on Instagram - Add Barry as a friend on Facebook for more hints and tips - Like my page Join our FB Group - Proud of what you've have painted A strictly supportive worldwide group dedicated in turning your house into a beautiful home. Open to painters and decorators to share innovation and showcase their work, DIYers who have a passion for home improvements, and a place to support newcomers/apprentices to this wonderful trade. How to Apply Tartan Paint

Comments from Youtube

Stuart McIntosh : Hahahahaha go get some tartan paint apprentice lol

David W. Jones : I'm an artist & art teacher in Ottawa,Ontario, Canada...and a smart alek . Whenever someone asks:"What's your favourite colour?" I always reply:"Plaid". From now on I will also direct them to your YouTube video. With appreciation, David W. Jones.

Campernicus : I am really struggling with this technique.

Docteur Peinture : lol ok wallpaper on door ! good job Barry ;) and, just a question, are you scotish ??? :)

AP Wilson : This is going to confuse our transatlantic cousins...nice one, Barry.

Michael Devereux : Quality haha.

Luke & Dad Productions : Haha. Brill. Gave me a good idea for a video.

Gary Noble : Is it the long legged or the short legged haggis you can smell?

mikeorclem : remarkable.

Niamhmay Power : I had this prank played on me at work, took me ages to work out why they were selling interior paint in a joke shop

Tracey Mele Kelly : love that stencil where is it from

Israel Reyes : Is this available in the States? :p

Skelachi : It WAS FINE

CnPx : Your a muppit if you actually believe this is a real. You can tell it's edited

The Paint On Anon : This is some crazy paint -ThePaintOnDon from IG

K AW : Excellent haha.

jackybaby1999 : I wish!

Thomas Bonnar : Brilliant!

Rick Washek : Wow, that is amazing

Skinny Legend02 : This won’t fool anyone you can see the green screen

Slytherin Reviews : Scam and fraud, also nice use of Green Screen Paint, video has been reported under Scam and Fraud