How I Shot a Gothic Wedding - Alison & Graham - Wedding Photography

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Strawberry Shortcake : Greetings Paul :) A really nice wedding gift for the bride and groom. Weddings are always beautiful in my eyes. The tears tell me so. Waterproof mascara is a must. I enjoyed following you as the day progressed, and everyone became a lot more relaxed. You captured some really lovely photographs, the bride and groom will be so pleased with the results. Thank you so kindly for sharing with the YouTube community. Bravo.

Graeme Cave : Fantastic mate, really enjoyed this video, it might be that i'm all Landscaped out but this is so interesting to see how a Pro works. I would be absolutely delighted with the Photographs you captured of their special day. They must be so pleased, and you should be really proud of yourselves. This video will not do you any harm. would love to see you tackle more of your events. ATB Graeme

Michelle Cox Photography : Nice video!

Rachel Lerch : You got awesome shots!! Thumbs up

Andy Stones : totally enjoyed that Paul, a good insight into wedding photography, good to see your eye to the camera to. what a great couple and group of friends and family, great pics captured, regards Andy

John Haswell Photography : Loved it. Lots of great tips and you got some excellent images. I like that you've added a non Landscape vlog to your channel. Variation is great. Hope to see more events in future :-) Most of all it looked like you had a great time

Bryan` Averill : Classic! Brilliant! Is there no end to your talents? Great set-ups & ideas, and superb pics that captured the day and the fun.

Mark kelly : Some great images and advice, just hope I can pull it off in 2 weeks time.....👍🍻

Robert Ingham : Brilliant just brilliant, top notch.