"Hey There Delilah" but it's played in an empty Toys R Us at 2:37 pm with moderate traffic outside

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original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h_m-BjrxmgI (please don't sue me thank you) it's sad to see toy's r us go. rest in peace (this is my first video, a little bit of an experiment if you want to call it that. I plan on uploading a lot more "diverse" content.)


Oxithotten : Everyone: _gets really deep and emotional_ Me: Therapist: empty toys r us isn’t real it can’t hurt you Empty toys r us: *HEY THERE DELILAH*

Hailey Senneker : "I wish there was a way to know your in the good old days before you've actually left them." -Andy Bernard (The Office)

emily : kids nowadays will never under stand the pain while watching this video.

Sal Vulcano : It’s so weird that something this specific can be relatable to so many people

roel f : This gives me Kind of creepy post-apocalyptic vibes...

Nothing Normal : You never realise how much you love something, until it’s gone.

Hailey the swimmer And swiftie : Who else wishes they could be young and care/stress free again😭

TRDogukan61 : Duuuude the moment you realize that time is passing and not waiting for you hits me hard...

The sexier Lee : Nobody: YouTube recommendations: “Hey there Delilah” but it’s played in an empty toys r us at 2:37pm with moderate traffic outside

Sashleigh : Some kids will never experience the magic of toys r us 😭

AskGoverntale : Me: *Clicks video thinking it's gonna be funny* Me: *Fights back tears*

g ia : This reminds me of when it would be a few days after my birthday and me my mom and my sister would go to toys r us to buy toys with my gift cards. I never knew that by closing a store it would impact me so much. Man, I miss that.

Crusty A : I remember always getting excited for my birthday just so I can go there with my friends.

Ana Palij : *_me: not getting affected bc we still have Toys R Us in canada_* *_Americans: **sobbing*_**

Soccba Kobba : I never thought it was sad until I looked in the comment section

Marlona Deutsch : So, this is how it feels to grow up ?

& K : I opened this for a laugh and now I'm crying.

*ღHoran Playzღ* : Mom: “What do you wanna be when you grow up?” Me: “I wanna be a Toys R Us Kid”

Tornado Hedgehog : The cars passing makes it sadder.. Just knowing that those cars passing know this place of wonders is gone; the place that may have built the drivers' childhoods is gone. No longer being able to park in the lots and families to walk in together, enjoying their companies as the children, young and old, go to the sections that appeal most. Farewell, TRU...

Freedom Murcia : This generation has disrespected my childhood I will always love u Toys R Us

Stale Bagelz : one night in your life your parents tucked you into bed for the last time without you knowing it

Nart B. : Mom: Since you’ve been doing good in school and you’ve been behaving yourself I’ll take you to go get a new toy tomorrow Me: oh thank you so much mommy your the best!! Me 15 years later: 😭😭😭😭

Cesar Vargas : Listening to this with headphones on before falling asleep is amazing

Freedøm ski : Me clinking this video: haha Me watching: **intense crying**

Jess Hulme : I will always be a toys r us kid😭😭❤️ RIP my childhood

I Didn'tPretendToFightIn'Nam : You come into MY YouTube feed, and have the audacity to punch through MY ribcage and yank out MY heart, and don't even say sorry? Bruh

Milchverpackung 25 : Me : Haha i've heard the Song an million times i'll surely won't cry Also me : *crying intensifies*

Amber Rose Music : Why am I crying... I miss being a child, I miss being the person without anxiety and depression or fake friends. Life was simple, I’ll do anything to be a child again. Growing up is a curse but a gift.

- amber lisena - : *imagine kids now and in the future who’ll never grow up with toys r us*

StreamerBTW : I remember going whenever i’d get good grades and for every birthday for 3-13 years old ;( The good times

Tori.B : Bro I watched this as a joke but it actually hurts...bad...

Paco Lopez : The imagery and symbolism in this video... the emptiness and departure of my childhood ..

Otaku For life : This is so depressing I loved toys r us, I remember begging my mom to take me to toys r us. I just loved looking around even though I wouldn’t get anything.

CJ : I want to die

Dingle Berry : Emotional progression while watching this video: 😏 😐 😕 😩 😢 😭😭😭

Cheese McGee : “Mommy can I go look at the Lego displays?” “Sure son don’t get lost”

mustache wizard : Man being child brings back painful and cool memories. I'm 18 now and its weird knowing my childhood is gone forever

Sophia Grey : Peter pan! I dont want to grow up! Take me with you and tink! And wendy and her brothers! And the lost boys! I dont wanna grow up! These days are passing by too fast! Please............... I wanna stay here, with my innocence💗

Grace Humphrey : Why is everyone sad 😢 our childhoods aren’t really gone, ToysRUs was just stuff and things, our memories are right here ❤️

Alma Mark : This is the place I bought my first bike, my first board game, my first stuffed animal. It may be gone, but it holds all of our memories.

Depression Session : I'd like to imagine this is what they played when they closed the last store...

Elect0nic Creeper : I remember back in 2015 or in 2016 me and my brother bought a game from here Plants V.S Zombies Garden Warfare...

Dezzy : This actually broke my heart. This place made me so happy and watching this brought back so many memories of picking out my favorite toys.

Narry cherry : this is what happens when everyone rely on internet

Zaylie. Wayyy. : Mabey asking for a phone when I was 10 wasn’t a good idea

Kane Dietz : 2005: I just wanna be grown up!! *2018:*

Michael A Art : Rest in Piece now, you served your purpose, we'll miss you, my friend

Emily Barrera : I remember my uncle bribing me with toys R us for being a good sister to my bro😥😥I also used to play this song over and over when I was younger and my dad would play it just for me after my ballet practice.. I bought a fake pony for $100 and had it for years RIP

abbyy ashbrook : came here for a laugh like everyone but to no avail my memories of coming here with my dad every day to make my days a little more bearable came rushing in.